"The pMD messaging product has been an incredibly helpful tool for our organization. pMD has helped to streamline our workflow and has significantly cut down on many unnecessary phone calls to and from the hospital scheduling team. I'm really glad we made the choice to go with pMD."
Sandra Collier, Practice Administrator, Bay Area Heart Center, Florida
Dr. Daniel Jaffee, Affiliated Urologists, Arizona

"Before pMD Messaging, our group was forced to be very vague in our messages using regular text systems. It was a pain, and it wasn’t anywhere near as easy as the messaging in pMD. pMD Messaging is very helpful because we can text each other over a secure system and not have to leave out any patient information. It's quick - I find it’s quicker than using regular text messages. It also makes it easy and convenient to communicate because I have the entire list of my practice associates in front of me."

June 2, 2014