"pMD will make my work smooth, easy, and organized! Also, the employees are very professional and knowledgeable to work with."
Hasmik Nazarian, Biller, Southern California Neurology Consultants, California
Dr. Davies Wong, Sharp HealthCare, California
"We have been extremely happy with the service we have received from pMD. The app is extremely user-friendly and has essentially eliminated problems such as missing or inaccurate charges that we used to have. It's very easy now for each doctor to submit accurate and timely charges.

An important feature of pMD is its ability to integrate PQRS claims reporting into the charge capture process. When there is a patient interaction with the combination of ICD-9 and charge codes that matches the criteria for PQRS reporting, the doctor is prompted to enter the appropriate PQRS quality data code. This feature reminds the doctor to report that particular PQRS measure and to take appropriate corrective action if needed to be compliant with the quality measures. We would not be able to do claims-based PQRS reporting without pMD.

Also, we've been using pMD as our PQRS Registry since January of 2016, and it has been fantastic. Not only are we are able to capture our PQRS data at the point of care, which avoids end of year chart review nightmares, but we can also use pMD's reporting tools to have real time visibility into our progress. This allows us to correct problems as they develop, rather than discovering them at the end of the year when there is nothing we can do to address it. I can't imagine doing PQRS without charge capture. For us, pMD has been a practice-changing tool! pMD has also been able to answer my questions about MACRA and MIPS, and I'm really glad we'll be able to continue working with them to report all of our MIPS measures and tackle that new 2017 challenge."

July 14, 2015