"pMD is one of the simplest systems we've had to learn so far! Diagnoses and charge codes are easy to find and having a mobile patient list is so much better than paper."
Melanie Nutter, Nurse Practitioner, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, Louisiana
Dr. Juan A. Dumois, Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, All Children's Hospital, Florida

"pMD is very convenient! I sometimes would take my billing sheet home and forget to bring it in the next day - which delayed submission of the charges. With pMD, I don't have to worry about that anymore. My billing goes out faster, and I'm less likely to misplace charges. I really like having immediate access to my patient list on my phone rather than fumbling with papers. We have also used pMD to check out patients for the weekend call coverage, and I find that it is easy to use and to update these clinical notes."

April 28, 2013