"Having the patients' length of stay surfaced on the pMD census is extremely helpful. It's useful for us to reference when receiving new consults - knowing how long the patient has been here at the hospital prior to our involvement is important to us. It's something we reference during our morning huddle, and we like being able to see it on the pMD list."
Dr. Rosegenee Ellis, Navicent Health Physician Group, Georgia
Dr. Nimra Sarfaraz, Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illinois

"The pMD app is so sleek, simple, and easy to use. I get my billing done easily and within 10 minutes. pMD has an intuitive set up with minimal clutter, and if I have any questions the staff is amazing. They will guide you through the process and answer any silly questions that come up. There's also a web counterpart to the app which allows you to run reports to see how productive you are and how many patients you're seeing in any given timeframe. I would highly recommend pMD to increase your efficiency and reimbursements."

January 22, 2015