Health Care Week in Review: EpiPen Malfunction Investigation, Effects of DACA Reversal, Anti-Vaccinations, Rising Cost of Meds

Image: Jim Bourg/Reuters

Here's The Latest in Health Care:

•  Pfizer is under fire this week by the Food and Drug Administration for failing to properly investigate malfunctioning reports surrounding their EpiPens. Patients have died when the device failed to work. The company reportedly received numerous complaints about problems with the activating device, yet did not conduct a proper investigation.  Read More

•  The American Medical Association (AMA) is calling on congress to come up with alternatives to the reversal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Association (DACA) that will not hinder the health care workforce. On Tuesday, the president announced the decision to end DACA, which protects about 800,000 immigrants, in six months. The AMA is concerned that this reversal could impact patients and the nation's health care system by affecting the health care and tech workforce.  Read More

•  For parents who oppose vaccinations, or anti-vaxxers as they're often known, the personal belief exemption is not recognized in some states. In California, Mississippi, and West Virginia - states that only allow exemptions based on medical concerns - a growing number of families are seeking medical exemptions to get around new state laws requiring vaccinations regardless of religious beliefs.  Read More

•  In a recent health poll, participants divulged their motivations to discontinue taking a prescribed drug. Many reported bad side effects and others responded that cost is a factor. It's important to speak with your health care provider prior to stopping a drug that's been prescribed.  Read More

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