“pMD makes it very easy to enter my charges, the software is great. I find the messaging to be a nice addition! I’m able to quickly communicate about patients securely and I don’t have to log into the hospital computer and get through the firewall. pMD connects me to providers outside of my group that I consult with and makes it easy to discuss the care of our patients.”
Dr. Jolan Walter, University of South Florida
We heard you: you want entering visits to be as intuitive as breathing and as fast as we can make it. Finding referrals and ICD/CPT® codes needs to be a snap; you don't want to enter the same information every time; and you want the visit to be uploaded for review automatically and immediately - like magic.

Well, there's no sorcery required to use pMD for the BlackBerry. As you can see, the Create Visit screen is simple, but we think that's a good thing. And don't let appearances deceive you: there's a lot of power here. For example, if you just start typing into any of these fields, pMD will do the right thing: you'll grab a referral from your list by first or last name, or search the entire name of a diagnosis or procedure as you type. You can see the diagnoses and procedures that you've already added, so it's easy to review them and delete the ones that you don't want with a single click. You can even view and adjust their ordering while you're choosing them.

Once you're a BlackBerry user, some things become easier than they ever were on the Palm: you can type or scroll to choose the visit date, for example. And with the full QWERTY keypad, typing in that visit note is a breeze - some users reach 50-60 words per minute! Finally, because BlackBerries are built for wireless connectivity, there's virtually no lag between when you enter the visit and when it's ready for review.

Our BlackBerry customers have told us unanimously that entering charges is easier on the BlackBerry than they've ever seen it. We've heard "it's really cool," "it's super simple," "terrific," "I can't believe how much faster it is to enter visits" and - most importantly for us - "I love it."

January 25, 2008