"pMD support, everyone I work with, always has a prompt response and is willing to help! It’s like having a breath of fresh air, knowing they're on the other end of the email!"
Kristy Mahone, Hughston Clinic - Trauma, Georgia
Jackie Ward, Office Manager, Baptist Primary Care, Infectious Disease, Florida

"pMD is pretty cool and extremely user-friendly. The program is so simple to use and straightforward. There is a lot of software that we have to use that requires us to click 15 times to accomplish one task, or that has a ton of bells and whistles but not the one thing we really need. With pMD, what you see is what you get, and I love that. If something is too cumbersome to use the physicians just won't do it, but pMD has made it really easy for both doctors and administrators to navigate. It's great!"

December 12, 2012