"We are very happy with the system after a couple months of using pMD. I am certain that the billing from our multiple hospital visits and procedures is more timely and accurate than ever. The monthly fee is a small price to pay for all the papers I no longer have in my car and in my pockets. It also enhances communication with my associate who also sees many consults in the hospital."
Dr. Manuel Padron, EPE, Florida
Mary Denning, Credentialing Coordinator, Nephrology Specialists Medical Group, Inc., California
“pMD’s ICD-10 Converter is fabulous. Initially, we envisioned going through each and every code in our list, but it didn’t take long at all for our entire list to be converted. The ICD-10 transition is a big change, but pMD makes it so straightforward and easy.”
January 29, 2014