"pMD is so neat, I love it! It's much better than our current process. The messaging is all HIPAA compliant and we can easily communicate with the doctors about their consults. It's so great for the doctors - they're more efficient, productive, and have a better piece of mind. It only takes not even 5 seconds to enter in a visit. More people should be using pMD!"
Sandy Marino, Office Manager, Los Angeles County Nephrology Associates, California

"The physicians using pMD are very happy. They very much enjoy it and it's saving them time. I love it and they love it! I've heard nothing negative whatsoever, no complaints at all. They're happy to have it and get their billing done. They can move on forward and don't have to worry about whether they turned in the right papers. It frees them up so they can move on to provide good patient care. It works! We've had very few glitches and very few times that our billing company has needed to send things back to us for clarification."

March 20, 2012