"It's hard to describe how great pMD is. It helped take a job that took 2 people about 6 days total to complete down to 1 person being able to complete in 2 days… That is beyond awesome!!"
Kelly Talley, Biller, Nephrology Associates of Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I just started using pMD, and this system is great. I see a lot of patients every day, and pMD makes it so easy to stay on top of my billing. I used to keep a log in a book, and it was a challenge to manage information for so many patients on paper. I love using the census list as a reference; I can rely on it to show me which patients have already been seen and how many patients need to be seen. I took an intensive Healthcare Finance class during my Nurse Practitioner training, and I know that accurate and timely billing is extremely important. With pMD, I can enter visit charges into my BlackBerry immediately and I'm done. pMD is amazing because it makes sending my visits in accurately, and right away, a simple process for me."

March 20, 2012