"pMD is a great application for billing with many features. It's also very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process which allows us to submit our charges sooner and not delay billing."
Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida
Dr. Pierce Dotherow, Gastrointestinal Associates, P.A., Mississippi

"pMD has been a big help at our practice. Even some initial skeptics, who had tried other products, were quickly converted. From my point of view, pMD has made an impact in 4 key ways.

1. We no longer have to worry about paper. Carrying my charges on a sheet of paper was always uncomfortable, like showing up to class unprepared for a test! Thanks to pMD, I know my charges have reached my billers instantly.

2. Visit History: Being able to pull up details of previous patient encounters is incredibly helpful. I can see any previous encounter for a patient, regardless who saw him, and all relevant encounter details.

3. Sign out has been almost eliminated. Rather than calling my partners and having to deal with missed calls, and missed call backs, we can leave notes about patients-available immediately, right from the phone. This probably saves me a 10-15 minutes every Friday. It may not seem like a lot, but if you add that up, over a year, it can approach 8-12 hours-at least a full work day (and that doesn't include time lost trying to reach the other party).

4. Scheduling: I can see all patient appointments and enter charges for them, right on my phone. Sure this can be done at a computer with a lot of systems, but being able to glance at your phone on Sunday night, and knowing exactly what's on the calendar for Monday is incredibly convenient."

March 20, 2012