"pMD is a great application for billing with many features. It's also very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process which allows us to submit our charges sooner and not delay billing."
Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida
Dr. Ronald Kotfila, Gastrointestinal Associates, P.A., Mississippi

"pMD is a great program that is straight forward and easy to use. I have used 2 other programs for rounding and charge capture, and I have demoed several others. pMD is the first program I have encountered that delivers across the 3 major phone platforms (Blackberry, iPhone and Android) and does exactly what I want it to do.

Unlike the other programs that were cumbersome to use and slowed down my rounding on patients, pMD is quick and simple to use on a daily basis. It actually makes my rounding faster and more efficient. Other programs required me to go into a sync mode to sync with the server. Frequently the sync would give me an error. In some cases this would tie me up for 3-5 minutes, unable to use my phone. With pMD the syncing goes on in the background every few minutes. You don't have to do anything to sync. When my office staff add a new patient to my list on their computer, the patient shows up on my iPhone screen in less than a minute! Other programs required multiple taps on the phone to find a diagnosis or to enter a charge. The search function for diagnoses and charges on pMD works perfectly. The databases can be customized to your specialty. I simply type a few letters of the diagnoses or procedure, tap on the correct one from the list and then tap done. It is all very intuitive.

Support with the program has been superb! The company takes care of customizing databases quickly and even has a phone and email link to them built right into the program! I have not had any problems with pMD, and in fact, it has exceeded my expectations!"

March 20, 2012