"I love that I'm able to enter in my charges in pMD instead of having to use paper billing and carry around patient cards. Since everything updates in real-time, it makes it super easy to know which patients have been seen. I also really like being able to securely message with colleagues about sensitive patient information. The pMD training was simple and straightforward and the goat sound during multidisciplinary rounds was a hit!"
Robin Moreno, Nurse Practitioner, DFW Critical Care, Texas

"One of the biggest things, for me, is the ability to bill as I go. At the end of the day, I know how many visits I've input, it expedites my entire workflow, and I'm aware of my billing at all times with little effort. From a patient care perspective, pMD has also been a big help. If I get a call from a nursing home at night, all I have to do is look up the patient's visit history. It's like carrying around every patient's "mini-chart", all the time. I love your software, I would be miserable without it!"

March 20, 2012