"We've always been pleased with pMD over the last 7 years. It's hard to remember what life was like without it. With pMD, our providers have access to their patient information right at their fingertips which helps make sure we don't miss any billing or patients!"
Marianna Forsythe, Administrator, Delta Convenient Care, Tennessee

"We used to use another charge capture system, and it took a lot of time to input patient information, then we had to wait for the spinning wheel, it would go on for a while. Then when entering charges it would do the same, at least 30 seconds just waiting between each charge! It would take hours to do billing, it became a question of when did I want to waste my time, so charges were never recorded at the point of encounter.

pMD is unbelievable, just awesome. The database is incredible, it takes a couple of clicks to find existing patients, and very little extra effort to create a brand new record. Seeing an archived history of previous patient visits is very helpful. pMD is so much faster, there is no waiting; it's so easy I can enter visits in seconds!

As a result of pMD being so fast and intuitive, we can and do use it in realtime."

March 20, 2012