"I love pMD, it's great! It's so much better than paper. I can easily submit a visit and that's it! The system is self-explanatory and I feel very comfortable with it."
Patricia Lotridge, Nurse Practitioner, Our Lady of Consolation, New York

"My practice was using a competitor's product, which we had all grown accustomed to using. When we saw another practice using pMD and how fast it was, we took a closer look. I have been using pMD for a few weeks now and it saves me about 1-2 minutes per patient over the previous system. I see about 30 patients per day, so I'm saving between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day. In the long run, pMD is giving me back weeks of time - I'll happily take it!

I was a proficient user of the competing product, even connecting via wi-fi to speed things along, so I imagine my partners are seeing even more time savings."

March 20, 2012