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Healthcare software company - awesome people, solving big problems

We help physician practices deliver the best care possible while running efficiently. Our integrated solutions for healthcare combine software and services, such as our popular mobile charge capture and telehealth platform, as well as revenue cycle management services.
With white glove implementations, one-on-one training, 24/7 live support, and ongoing account management, our strategists work with you and your team to identify and implement the solutions that best fit your needs. Let’s talk.
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We’re on a mission to make technology and healthcare seamless and accessible.
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Our Values

We’re here to change healthcare for good!

pMD strives to create positive change in healthcare by improving the patient experience through our innovative and intuitive technologies, services, and our unparalleled commitment to personalized customer service.

Our History

For more than 20 years, pMD has been improving patient care and positively impacting the lives of healthcare professionals and patients.

Founded with the goal to close the gaps in health care, reduce medical errors, and save lives, pMD has developed a set of solutions to support this mission. What started simply with the Palm Pilot evolved into an elegant mobile platform that gives health care teams the necessary tools to provide the best care possible and save lives.

Meet our founder and CEO,  Philippe d’Offay. Watching the video, you’ll learn more about pMD.

What We Do

pMD is on a mission to improve the health care experience for everyone by making it easy for providers to deliver, and patients to receive great care, in any setting. From patient intake to getting paid, we offer all the tools and services needed to run a medical practice in one place.

Careers at pMD

At pMD, you’ll wear many hats, have a lot of responsibility, and be part of a fun, smart, and creative team. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, are debt-free, self-sustaining, profitable, and have extremely happy customers. We love what we do and care about doing good in the world. We strive to work like a beautifully engineered German car: fast, efficient, and fun.

Join Us

Learn more about the great people at pMD:

pMD Sales team meeting

Sales Team

Passionate about technology and helping others, Sales at pMD goes beyond making next quarter's number and focuses on providing cutting edge technology to change the way health care providers run their practices.

Engineering Team

You won't be Engineer #300. pMD engineers are involved in high-level decision making and interaction with customers who love using our product. Not only will the relationships you build with pMD's users become an invaluable source of feedback on your engineering work, they'll also inspire you to wake up each morning and make a difference in health care.

Member of pMD Operations team

Operations Team

The hallmark of pMD's unparalleled customer service. Each member of the Operations team is inspired and driven to go beyond the customer service experience and help grow pMD by improving the current operations and processes.

We’ve been voted one of the best places to work... A LOT.

We’re no strangers to awards and accolades. Our trophy case includes eight consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 list, more than 20 best place to work awards, and a CEO named top 50 by Glassdoor. Simply put, our team loves to win!

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pMD is so easy! I have been dying for an app to do this! It is 5,000 times easier than keeping track of everything in Google Docs. I can't wait to put in my charges!”
Dr Shelly Shand
Charleston, Sc | Oncology
"I love working with pMD because their support is excellent - they have the BEST response times!!"
Dr. Cynthia Roldan, Sinai PICU/Peds Practice, Maryland
“We’ve used a number of different telehealth platforms to connect with doctors and pMD is by far the best and easiest to use! We’d love it if all of our doctors used the same platform and if it was up to us, it would absolutely be pMD.”
Frank Rogala, Patient User Advocate
"pMD is really great for sessions with my counselor. It really works well for my situation, being so far away from her. We're both very happy and pleased with how it works! It has made my life so much easier."
Roberta Philbrook, Patient User
“pMD’s free messaging service has been so helpful for smaller practices to be able to contact their patients, especially during the pandemic. I’ve recommended the app to other providers as well."
Marian Faller, Free Messaging User, Cornerstone Counseling
Behavioral Health
"The pMD app is so much easier to use than what I’ve had to use before. I really like how the secure messaging features are built into the app as well. Being able to communicate information about patients to my colleagues in a way that is HIPAA-compliant makes my job a lot easier!"
Daniela Aguilera, Nurse Practitioner, Texas Centers for Infectious Disease Associates
Infectious Disease
"I don’t use technology like this often and this is my first time using the pMD app for my telehealth appointments with my doctor. The pMD support team walked me through how to do a video call and they helped me a great deal!"
Ulysses, Patient User
"We've been using pMD since 2013 and, even during the pandemic, pMD is helping us in many ways. It's very useful to communicate with other doctors, and now with patients. We have done most of our telehealth visits with pMD and it's a piece of cake!"
Dr. Peter Hoagland, San Diego Cardiac Center Medical Group, Inc, California
“pMD is fantastic! The app is very user-friendly and has helped us streamline our inpatient workflow quite a bit. I especially love the new instant capture feature, which helps speed up billing for follow-ups. It’s really ingenious!"
Dr. Shayla Merry-Afoakwa, Methodist Le Bonheur, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is going to be a huge help for our pediatrics group. I love how easy and simple it is to use and I love having the clinical note accessible for patient handoff. This is awesome!"
Dr. Elizabeth Evans, Facey Medical Group, California
"You guys are great - anytime I need help and call support, you all answer right away to help. Even with our patients, if they are ever having trouble, we feel comfortable having them call pMD for any help with their accounts. Thank you!"
Karen Killeen, Biller, Intermountain Healthcare, Nevada
Primary Care
"It’s like night and day with pMD. Rather than spending countless minutes entering charges into our previous software, I know that using pMD will save me an immense amount of time. I want to thank the pMD team for being able to meet my needs and be so quick to get this implemented!"
Dr. George Melikian, Facey Medical Group, California
Infectious Disease
"Solid piece of software! For the end-user, it couldn’t be any more simple. Really well done application. The pMD application even has 24/7 telephone support. And not to mention, the support team is really good."
James, Patient User
“pMD is very simple, you can type in the diagnoses and the charge code, so you can bill even if you’re not familiar with the billing codes. The whole process is hard to forget because everything is right there in front of you!”
Samantha Giordano, Physician Assistant, Suffolk Cardiac Care PLLC, New York
“I’m new to charge capture but the pMD training really made me feel comfortable with the process. It’s so easy to use; I can see why it is such a convenient tool for rounding.“
Ann Mcfarland, Nurse Practitioner, Dothan Hypertension-Nephrology Associates, P.C., Alabama
"I've had to text my patients directly and it's been very challenging where they can text or call me directly at any time. pMD is so easy to use and now I can have my telehealth calls without sharing my phone number. The patient onboarding process is so easy too. If you can text, you can use pMD."
Karen Foreman-Lamaster, Nurse Practitioner, US Oncology, Arizona
"I had an awesome call today with my mother’s physician who uses pMD and it’s a great service. A pMD support person called me to help me set it up. It was easy to access everything that he sent to me. A great experience. I wish all of my doctors would use telemedicine and especially with pMD."
Katherine, Patient User
"Your team has been great with all of my calls for support! As I mentioned, I have acquired super-user/trainer responsibility for Arizona and had only been using the secure messaging component. Your team helps assure success on our end. Thank you so much!"
Lorraine Lopez, US Oncology - Phoenix, Arizona
"Thank you so much, pMD. We've been working tirelessly to implement telemedicine to start this week because of COVID19. What an ordeal! pMD is always our #1 resource. Y'all are so easy to work with!"
Christina Robertson, Applications & Marketing AdministratorNorth Texas Kidney Disease Associates
"pMD training was so easy that I could do it from the comfort of my own home! I have been using pMD Secure Messaging for patient hand-off and every aspect of the app is very simple and intuitive!"
Dr. Tuan Vu, Healthcare Partners Nevada
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"I want to get everyone on my team on pMD. It's great that I can do my billing for inpatient rounding and scheduled procedures all in one place. pMD connects me to providers outside of my group who I can now securely message with. I want to message everyone so that I can hear the goat text tone!"
Dr. Eihab Akary, 21st Century Oncology - Urology Treatment Center, Florida
"pMD is a very well put together app. It's super easy to use and instantly connects me with referring providers in my area. I wish pMD had designed my EMR!"
Brian Palmer, Nurse Practitioner, Nathan Adelson Hospice, Nevada
Palliative Care
"This is perfect, I really like the pMD app! We use electronic billing for the office on the computer but this is much nicer. Searching billing codes by name is really convenient for quick entry."
Danielle Rivera, Nurse Practitioner, St. Vincent's, Connecticut
"It's awesome to be able to call into pMD and talk to someone you've met before, and get information that's super helpful. You guys are great!"
Amanda Sunnycalb, Billing Manager, Athens Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Georgia
Sleep Medicine
"OMG! The pMD app is super straightforward and so easy to use! The whole time I’m thinking, 'this is crazy, pMD is so cool and easy.' I’m super pumped that I don’t have to do paper billing because paper is such a pain!"
Marie Giustino, Nurse Practitioner, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York
Pediatric Endocrinology
"I like this app! Unlike other billing software I have used, pMD keeps my patients' information up-to-date and lets me communicate with my billing staff and other doctors very easily."
Dr. Claudia Espinosa, University Service Medical Association - University of South Florida
Pediatric Infectious Disease