Client Testimonials

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“The experience working with pMD's RCM service has been such a welcome change from our past billing experiences. In the years prior to working with pMD, we felt that we weren't getting reimbursed fully for the work our providers were performing. When we started working with pMD, we communicated a monthly revenue goal that we hadn't hit in quite some time and working with pMD we were able to hit it only 2 months after transitioning to pMD's Revenue Cycle Management service.”
Dr. Gabrielly Meurer Coatti, Founding Partner, Accountable Inpatient Medicine, Lakewood Ranch, FL
"pMD is really, really easy to use for entering bills for consults. The messaging feature is cool and deactivation of patients from the rounding census is a super simple process!"
Dr. Shanley Sifain, Nashville Practice, Tennesse
"pMD seems really easy and straightforward to use for rounding on patients. Messaging about a patient is a very cool feature!"
Dr. Andrew Holt, Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, Tennessee
Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD is laid out very well, is organized, and easy to use. It's nice that I can send messages and do telehealth visits all from one app. It's so much better than the last app we used."
Laura Vanpatten, Nurse Practitioner, Athens Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Georgia
Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD is super straightforward to use for entering bills for consults. The messaging about a patient and "away" feature for the app is very cool!"
Dr. William Mcguire, Chest Medicine & Critical Care Medical Group, California
Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD is really great! Very clear, concise, user-friendly, and helpful for rounding. It's great that I can take a picture from the app and it does not save to my phone. Having it be HIPAA-compliant is amazing!"
Jennifer Kane, Nurse Practitioner, Telemedico Physicians Illinois
"I love working with pMD because their support is excellent - they have the BEST response times!!"
Dr. Cynthia Roldan, Sinai PICU/Peds Practice, Maryland
"pMD is really convenient and easy to use. I really like how I can message my patients right from my phone. Telehealth visits will be very easy!"
Dr. Wina Yousman, Southwest Kidney Institute, PLC, Arizona
"pMD was very user-friendly. Coming from a paper billing process where charges can be lost, pMD makes it easier to keep track of my charges."
Dr. Thomas Theocharides, MAGELLA Medical Group, California
"pMD is straightforward and easy to use. I've been using it for a few days now and think it will work well for billing."
Dr. Hassan Mahmoud, Maine Nephrology Associates, PA
"pMD is very easy to use, especially for our dialysis patients. We are able to just press and hold and their name, file the limited or comprehensive visit, and we're done just like that."
Dr. Nilay Nahar, Florida Kidney Physicians West
"Just coming out of residency, I am brand new to adding charges and billing. In the span of 10 minutes, I already know how to complete my billing, add and remove patients, and coordinate handoff. It only takes a few steps to do what I need to do, and it's just so user-friendly."
Dr. Daphne Wong, Platinum Hospitalists, LLP, Nevada
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
“We’ve used a number of different telehealth platforms to connect with doctors and pMD is by far the best and easiest to use! We’d love it if all of our doctors used the same platform and if it was up to us, it would absolutely be pMD.”
Frank Rogala, Patient User Advocate
"pMD is super simple to use! It’s a lot easier than the EMR system that we're currently using."
Dr. Todd Mingin, Progressive Care Solutions of NJ, LLC
Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
"pMD is very straightforward and simple to use. It's by far the easiest system Ive used for rounding and charge capture. This will definitely work great!"
Raymond Barlow, Nurse Practitioner, Southwest Medical Associates, Inc., TX
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"I really enjoy the Instant Capture feature. It makes it super easy to enter charges quickly!"
Dr. Tanvir Syed, Baptist (FL) Neurology
“I found pMD extremely easy to use. I had no problem locating the census and do not foresee any issues using pMD for charge capture.”
Sarah Ann Tanton, Nurse Practitioner, TDDC - Beaumont, TX
"The pMD app is super easy to use for my hospital rounds. The training was very comprehensive and helpful to get started."
Dr. Zubin Amarsi, Mednax - St. Rose PICU, NV
Pediatric Critical Care
"pMD is really great for sessions with my counselor. It really works well for my situation, being so far away from her. We're both very happy and pleased with how it works! It has made my life so much easier."
Roberta Philbrook, Patient User
"pMD is very intuitive. I am old school and very much like paper but I feel comfortable using the app to round."
Dr. Keneshia Kirksey, Phys. Medical Mgmt - Dr. Rosemore, Avsar, & Bryant, AL
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is very straightforward for entering visits. It will be great for entering my OB patient charges."
Dr. Dawn Robinson, Mednax - Memorial South Bend OBH, IN
“We love PMD!!! The app is nice and clean for physicians to use. I like the fact that it's well-performing and it's a great way to maintain the patient census."
Dr. Nathan Green, Trios Health - Cardiology, WA
"pMD is very intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use. The "Instant Capture" feature will be super helpful as I’m rounding in the hospital."
Elizabeth Lee Chacon, Nurse Practitioner, Diablo Nephrology Medical Group, CA
"There is an advantage of going with a company that knows the current billing rules. pMD has been very helpful in providing coding education that I didn’t know until now and has helped us get our billing on the right track. Thank you for your good work!"
Dr. Charissa Carag, Kappellini Medical Inc., NV
"I like that pMD is really user-friendly and HIPAA approved. The billing is streamlined and easy to use. I was also able to sync my contacts without any trouble. I appreciate that the trainer followed up with me after our training.”
Nima Shayesteh, ACNP, Medical Center Hospitalist Associates, TX
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine