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At pMD, we’re on a mission to improve the health care experience for everyone by making it easy for providers to deliver great care in any setting - and easy for patients to get the care they need.
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Great patient care begins well before the patient sets foot in the door and continues after they leave. From patient intake to getting paid, pMD has all the software and services you need to run your medical practice. With fewer parties involved there's less room for errors, inefficiencies, and headaches.
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Getting ready for a virtual visit or need to get in touch with your practice? We've got you covered with our easy-to-use mobile app.
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It should be easy to manage every step of your revenue cycle in one place. This means having access to the best tools available, backed by a team of revenue cycle management experts that will help take your business to the next level.
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As your partner, pMD offers integrated practice management software and services to empower you to deliver the best care possible while running an efficient practice. We are not a "one and done" kind of company. With white glove implementation services, training, 24/7 live support, and ongoing account management, our strategists work with you and your team to identify and implement the solutions that best fit your needs.
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We’re on a mission to reduce medical errors and save patient lives.
pMD is so easy! I have been dying for an app to do this! It is 5,000 times easier than keeping track of everything in Google Docs. I can't wait to put in my charges!”
Dr Shelly Shand
Charleston, Sc | Oncology
pMD is so easy! I have been dying for an app to do this! It is 5,000 times easier than keeping track of everything in Google Docs. I can't wait to put in my charges!”
Dr Shelly Shand
Charleston, Sc | Oncology
"Just coming out of residency, I am brand new to adding charges and billing. In the span of 10 minutes, I already know how to complete my billing, add and remove patients, and coordinate handoff. It only takes a few steps to do what I need to do, and it's just so user-friendly."
Dr. Daphne Wong, Platinum Hospitalists, LLP, Nevada
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is very straightforward and simple to use. It's by far the easiest system Ive used for rounding and charge capture. This will definitely work great!"
Raymond Barlow, Nurse Practitioner, Southwest Medical Associates, Inc., TX
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"There is an advantage of going with a company that knows the current billing rules. pMD has been very helpful in providing coding education that I didn’t know until now and has helped us get our billing on the right track. Thank you for your good work!"
Dr. Charissa Carag, Kappellini Medical Inc., NV
"I am very excited to use pMD. I really like the office follow up functionality. There are so many times in the hospital when we have sticky notes all over our page which we have to bring back to the office and this platform eliminates that need."
Dr. Anjana Ranganathan, Alliance Cancer Specialists, Pennsylvania
"pMD is very easy to use on the web and app. It's really good at prompting certain questions and it's great that pMD's support is readily available 24/7. I really appreciate the individualized assistance from support staff."
Terri Forsyth, Nurse Practitioner, Charlotte Practice, North Carolina
"The pMD system is very intuitive and user-friendly. I can even view and print daily reports for my records. I love this system!!"
Priscilla Rieves, Nurse Practitioner, Dallas Developmental, Texas
"pMD support has been a tremendous resource. Having the ability to reach out with questions and getting timely and helpful feedback has been amazing. Thank you!!"
Dr. Vatsala Kesavulu, Sunrise PICU, Nevada
“pMD is awesome! This is the first app I’ve used for patients that is really easy to use! I really like how smoothly I can enter charges and contact my patients directly.”
Danila Portillo, Physician Assistant, Los Angeles County Nephrology Associates, California
“The pMD app is very user friendly, everything is at your fingertips. The app offers Instant Capture, face recognition, visual indicators of the last visit details which are all great! I'm going to share this app with my previous colleagues. You've done a beautiful job!”
Amanda Bailey, Nurse Practitioner, Alaska Heart Institute
“This is why we went with pMD. Having this charge data will allow our business to be properly run. The reports in pMD enable us to make smart decisions and I'm very excited that pMD will take us to the next level. The pMD team has always been very accessible and helpful through the process.”
Dr. Cyril Ovuworie, Kappellini Medical Inc., Nevada
"pMD is SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER than the program we were previously using. To enter all of the information would’ve taken a minimum of 3 hours."
Dr. Thomas Payne, Charlotte Practice, North Carolina
"pMD is much better than the system we had. It's very easy and user-friendly. Runs real smooth without hiccups. Just being able to communicate with you all makes a huge difference."
Dr. Jim Mcbride Jr, Gulf Coast OB Hospital, Texas
"It’s the best medical application I’ve used so far. It’s easy to use and self-explanatory. This might just be the easiest part of my rounding!"
Dr. Sevdalina Dabova-Missova, Baptist Behavioral Health, Florida
Behavioral Health
“pMD is fantastic! The app is very user-friendly and has helped us streamline our inpatient workflow quite a bit. I especially love the new instant capture feature, which helps speed up billing for follow-ups. It’s really ingenious!"
Dr. Shayla Merry-Afoakwa, Methodist Le Bonheur, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"Gosh this is fast - I almost feel guilty for using pMD because it’s so easy!"
Dr. Pamela Colby, Facey Medical Group, California
"pMD is very easy and intuitive. It is much simpler than anything else happening in medicine today."
Dr. Albert Dekker, Facey Medical Group, California
"I deal with so many people on a daily basis, I can’t tell you how nice it is to just hear a pleasant and patient voice over the phone. Besides having a really user-friendly product, the customer service is really what sets pMD apart."
Wendy Knuckles, Medical Business Manager, Florida Kidney Physicians Southeast
"pMD support was quick in response, precise in handling my problem, and provided excellent, top-tier customer service in my time of need. Thank you, pMD! You quickly prevented me from having a long day on my last workday of the week."
Stephen Thomas, Nurse Practitioner, Nephrology Associates Medical Group, California
"Adapting to a new workflow isn't always easy, but pMD has helped us create a more streamlined and efficient process for both our billers and our providers. We're able to capture more hospital charges in less time while simultaneously reducing our charge lag dramatically!"
Maureen Melody, Practice Administrator, Charleston Oncology, PA, South Carolina
"pMD saved my life on my first day of rounding. It’s such a nice tool to be able to jot down quick notes about patients while you are in the hospital. pMD is user-friendly and I can make it work in a way that’s best for me. Plus, the built-in HIPAA-compliant messaging is pretty awesome!"
Dr. Ifeoma Ugonabo, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Tennessee
"pMD is so easy! I have been dying for an app to do this! It is 5,000 times easier than keeping track of everything in Google Docs. I can't wait to put in my charges!"
Dr. Shelly Shand, Charleston Oncology, PA, South Carolina
"I really appreciate how user-friendly the application is. pMD is so easy to use that no matter how tech-savvy you are, it’ll become second nature in no time. Not to mention, the 24/7/365 customer service is a nice benefit available to you, allowing no question left unanswered."
Karina Acevedo, Nurse Practitioner, Kidney Disease Medical Group, California
"pMD is great! I really like having the ability to attach face sheets to the charges I’m entering. I no longer need to carry paper around with me all day to take back to the office."
Dr. Raja Chennupati, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants