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Mobile, real-time rounding and charge capture software. It’s not exactly magic, but it’s close!
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Use pMD® pCharge™ to easily record charges and capture data at the point of care using your phone or tablet. Decrease the time between seeing patients and submitting claims. You’ll free up more time to spend with patients and increase your revenue, too. With our built-in MIPS Registry, conquer CMS clinical quality reporting like a champ.

pMD’s charge capture solution is characterized by Instant Capture on mobile, which reduces charge entry time down to under 2 seconds.

Instant Capture is available on both iOS and Android versions of pCharge™.

Capture a charge for a patient in 2 taps on your phone with pCharge™:

Instant Capture in action!
Easily bill your scheduled appointments...
“Just coming out of residency, I am brand new to adding charges and billing. In the span of 10 minutes, I already know how to complete my billing, add and remove patients, and coordinate handoff. It only takes a few steps to do what I need to do, and it's just so user-friendly.”
Dr. Daphne Wong, Platinum Hospitalists, LLP
Nevada | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
Built-in Transitional Care Management!
pSuite™ Premier
Unparalleled customer service starts with quality 24/7 support that isn't outsourced.

With pSuite™ Premier, we focus on providing exceptional customer service that supports your growing practice. Whether you need a workflow analysis or an integration with your practice management software, it’s included free-of-charge and you'll work with a knowledgeable team of pMD experts. You take care of the patients, we’ll take care of the rest!

Obtain verified patient demographics without lifting a finger.

pDemographics uses proprietary technology and services to obtain verified patient demographics. The automated process gives you and your staff back more time that can now be spent on patient care or other tasks. Start using this add-on service anytime after you've signed up with a pCharge™ subscription.

Ready to save time and reduce your charge lag with pCharge™?

If you add our pRevenue™ RCM medical billing solution, our team of revenue cycle experts will take care of the billing so you can focus on taking care of the patients.

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