Obtain verified patient demographics without lifting a finger.
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pDemographics™ uses proprietary technology and services to obtain verified patient demographics. The automated process gives you and your staff back more time that can now be spent on patient care or other tasks. pDemographics is only available with pMD® Charge Capture or pMD® Billing and RCM Services solutions.

pSuite™ is a unique service built upon layers of exceptional customer support. There are three tiers of benefits:

Find that you're spending too much time trying to collect patient information?

pDemographics™ can help cut down time spent gathering patient demographics for insurance verification and billing. pMD's pDemographics solution harnesses the power of a sophisticated AI system to produce verified patient information through several ways:

  • Reading images of face sheets and extracting demographic and insurance data
  • Verifying patient eligibility
  • Insurance discovery by asking insurance companies if the patient is a subscriber
  • Giving patients several easy ways to update their information

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pDemographics™ does all the work for you!

pDemographics™ is currently included with pMD® pRevenue™ and available for  pMD® pCharge™ as a subscription add-on with an additional fee.

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