Unparalleled customer service starts with quality 24/7 support that isn't outsourced.
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With pSuite™, we’ve placed an emphasis on exceptional service that scales with your practice. Whether you need advice on streamlining a clinical workflow or want to create an integration with your practice management software, you'll work with a knowledgeable team of pMD experts. You take care of the patients, we’ll take care of the rest!

pSuite™ is a unique service built upon layers of exceptional customer support. There are three tiers of benefits:

pSuite™ Core

24/7 Support

pMD chat, phone call, or email - whether it's you or your patients reaching out, you can rest easy knowing that our 24/7 support team is ready to assist. The support team is comprised of knowledgeable in-house team members who are experts on the pMD clinical software solutions. Beyond basic technical questions, every member of our support team is also empowered to assist with workflow enhancements in a way that is unique to pMD.


Whether it's for mobile charge capture software, a telemedicine platform, or our end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions with medical billing and RCM services, pMD implementations are simple and straightforward! We have many years of experience working with practices of all sizes ranging from a single provider up to enterprise level organizations. Take a breath - we've got you covered.

Our goal with every software implementation is the same: provide unparalleled customer service. pMD's onboarding process focuses on identifying workflow enhancements that help maximize your output as a provider and minimize your time spent with unnecessary tasks.

You'll be paired with a pMD expert who will work with both your clinical and administrative staff to ensure process improvements are implemented smooth. Our team is extremely flexible and able to work with your timelines whether the onboarding takes place onsite or remotely.

pSuite™ Core is included with pMD® pChat™

pSuite™ Premier

Workflow Consultation

Working with pMD means starting with a conversation around your current practice and revenue cycle workflow. Our team zeroes in on steps within your existing process that may be time-consuming, prone to mistakes, or both, and creates a proposal to address these issues by leveraging the pMD end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. These workflow enhancements are always results-driven with measurable outcomes.

This doesn’t end at go-live. Partnering with pMD means you have ongoing access to our clinical workflow optimization experts. They will continue working with you to strategize the next big enhancement that saves you time and money.


pMD’s end-to-end healthcare RCM software solutions, as well as our individual tools for mobile charge capture, telemedicine and more, integrate with all major practice EHRs, hospital systems, and billing systems. Did we mention we don't charge for integration services?

pMD was created to improve efficiency, accuracy, and information exchange among caregivers and patients. Since integrations are so critical to achieving this goal, we've never charged our clients for our work creating, testing, and maintaining interfaces between pMD and other systems. We integrate with hospital systems, practice management systems, answering services, practice EHRs, and billing systems.

We’ve been building interfaces for over 15 years, so we have a huge and growing library of known, proven integrations that allow us to complete many integration projects very quickly. We can also develop new interfaces with systems we haven't previously encountered. Because we’ve worked with so many systems, we know how to set them up efficiently and securely.

Custom Software System Integration

Not only do we not charge for integration work, but we flex to suit the needs of the systems we are exchanging data with. Our real-time interfaces can receive new and existing office and hospital patients, as well as appointments scheduled in a practice management system, emergency room encounters, and hospital DRG data. And we can send charges from pMD to a practice management or billing system, customized to its unique requirements. Our approach allows us to make adjustments easily for practices with unique requirements and workflows.

pSuite™ Premier is included with pMD® pCharge™

pSuite™ Ultimate

Account Management

We try to connect with our users and create a relationship. When practices think of pMD, they don't just think of the purple app on their phone; they remember the pMD employees who ask:

“How else can we help?”

Since 1998, our team has prioritized travel to witness the positive impact first-hand. A solid face-to-face meeting is invaluable compared to a 30-minute phone conversation. Traveling to our customers builds trust, inspires positive conversations, and ultimately creates even stronger relationships.

Your Revenue Cycle Partners for Today & the Future

We know our customers are facing some of the biggest challenges yet. We've seen practices implement new processes in 1-2 days, where previously big changes would take anywhere from 6 - 12 months. Our customers are pivoting quickly and need a revenue cycle partner who is dedicated to making sure those needs are met promptly. All pMD employees value customer relationships because when a customer signs with pMD, they automatically gain a partner for today and the future. It is important for us to continuously connect with our current customer base and remain up-to-date with their needs, so we train ourselves to ask a lot of questions since our solutions are very customizable. Two cardiology groups across the street may use our Charge Capture solution with very different workflows, integrations, and feature sets. So asking a multitude of questions is imperative to learning more about any customer and how pMD can be customized for them.

Hearing from our customers who use pMD in their medical practices allows us to gain insight into areas of improvement and innovation. The pieces of feedback they give us are like little nuggets of gold for debugging, making adjustments, and enhancing product features. The relationship we have with our customers is symbiotic: we strive to make a product that creates value for our customers, and in return, we truly value the feedback that we receive from them.

pSuite™ Ultimate is exclusive to pMD® pRevenue™

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