About Us
The pMD team strives to work like a beautifully engineered German car: fast, efficient, and fun. We love what we do and are passionate about changing health care in America. Meet the people (not the hamsters) that keep everything running.
"I love that I'm able to enter in my charges in pMD instead of having to use paper billing and carry around patient cards. Since everything updates in real-time, it makes it super easy to know which patients have been seen. I also really like being able to securely message with colleagues about sensitive patient information. The pMD training was simple and straightforward and the goat sound during multidisciplinary rounds was a hit!"
Robin Moreno, Nurse Practitioner, DFW Critical Care, Texas
Lucas Rickey
Software Engineer
Brooke Satre
Account Executive
Sonya Grado
Billing and Collections Specialist
McGuire Gillan
Account Executive
Noelle Johnson
Operations Coordinator
Kelly Sheaff
Operations Coordinator
Veronica Alfert
Sr. Account Executive
Ryan Sciacca
Director of Sales
Vince Ly
Software Engineer
Philippe D'Offay
Chief Executive Officer
Siavosh Bahrami
Software Engineering Manager
Elise Peck
Sr. Customer Success Manager
Beka Hegenwald
Sr. Technical Project Manager
Jessica Britanik
Recruiting Coordinator
Chris Bui
Account Executive
Anthony Tsang
Lead Software Engineer
Ted Ranney
VP of Business Development
Elizabeth Popovich
Recruiting Manager
Tracy Hensley
Sr. Marketing Strategist
Robert Bayer
Sr. Software Engineer
Scott Huston
Account Executive
Clayton Hoefer
Software Engineering Manager
Adam Kenney
VP of Software Engineering
Mark Janveaux
VP of Product Strategy
Gabrielle Pinder
Sr. Business Operations Manager
Dan Lang
UX Designer
Natalie Gunn
Executive Assistant