Improve information sharing and collaboration between specialists and with external care teams in your medical community using pMD’s care management platform solution, the connected care coordination software tools.

Unified Care Coordination Software System

pMD care coordination software enable caregivers to communicate with each other about their shared patients, even when they don’t belong to the same practice or use the same electronic medical record.

Patient-Centric Care

pMD connects health care teams together onto one patient-centric care coordination platform, so the care team can view a complete picture of the patient’s health and collaborate to improve outcomes.

Instant Communication

Providers can send quick and secure text messages about their patients in real-time with pMD’s HIPAA-compliant messaging system. Conversations are organized by patient and are linked back to the record in pMD.

pMD is your care coordination software solution, providing the technology to track and coordinate the care that patients receive across various health care specialists and transitions of care. Improve information sharing between caregivers in outside organizations with customizable, shareable clinical templates and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging. With pMD’s care coordination tools, the entire health care team can work together more easily and efficiently so patients receive the most appropriate and timely care necessary.

pMD also provides health care data exchange software services that improve the exchange of patient information outside of your team. To learn more about pMD, the leading charge capture, secure messaging, data exchange and care coordination software solution, contact us.

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“One of the biggest things is the fact that pMD has connected what was previously a very siloed medical community.”

“pMD has been essential to getting our Care Management program up and running in our community. It has allowed our participating providers to refer patients to us directly and has streamlined communication of critical patient information through secure texting. The tech support has made bringing new employees and providers online easy and seamless. Our program would not be where it is today without our partnership with pMD.”

“We just began receiving the automated patient discharge alerts from pMD and they’re great! This will be very helpful for us in the office in following up with our patients in a timely manner.”

"With pMD tech support, I've gotten fast, helpful, friendly responses via three different channels (voice, text, and now email). Great support is a rarity, so management needs to understand how critical it is and how lucky they are".
Timothy Deagan, IT Support, Deagan's Violet Crown Therapy, Texas
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In order to use pMD you'll need to be set up by your health care provider. Please contact your doctor's office and let them know you'd like to get started! If you have already received an invitation to pMD® Secure MessagingTM and need assistance getting started, please check out our Patient FAQ page.