"I’m so excited about using pMD to track environmental exposure clinical information! Before, we were planning on using a spreadsheet system to track this data, but with pMD we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary overhead and prevent having to task an individual with manually compiling the figures. I’m sure I’ll calling back soon to track additional data points soon!"
Dr. Amy Brown, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York
Account Executive
The medical software industry is experiencing a revolution, and pMD is looking for an Account Executive who is bright, energetic, and driven. We need a salesperson who can be more than just a salesperson. You'll not only help bring cutting-edge technology to doctors, you will build long-lasting relationships with them and help them change the way they practice medicine.

At pMD, you’ll wear many hats, have a lot of responsibility, and be part of a fun, smart, and creative team. We are bootstrapped and profitable, have extremely happy customers, and make up a team of people as talented and passionate as you are. We love what we do and care about doing good in the world. We strive to work like a beautifully engineered German car: fast, efficient, and fun.

• love selling and technology
• have intelligence, energy, and integrity
• communicate fluidly in a team environment
• want to grow your career quickly, to learn, and to take responsibility
• care about the quality of the product you're selling
• like large checks, big contracts, and money in the bank
• could explain GSM and CDMA to your grandmother
• want the challenge of riding the waves of change in health care
• are not agoraphobic - travel is fun!

• never set foot in a cubicle farm
• will give you a beautiful computer that you're not ashamed to use in a sales call
• like to play with sleek machines named after fruits and robots
• inhabit a beautiful building in the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco
• love our work
• stock beer, tea, and snacks in the break room
• take your product ideas seriously and want to make them happen
• work hard and play hard

At pMD, you can grow as quickly as you want to - our startup environment means nothing is holding you back from doing your best work. You'll be able to see the impact of your work immediately, experience aspects of the business beyond sales, and you'll hear from our clients how your efforts have improved their lives.

If you are interested in a career with pMD, please e-mail your resume to