"I’ve worked with lots of vendors in the market. And I have to say… when it comes to building interfaces, pMD stands out a tier above the others."
Noel Sabandith, Manager, Interfaces, athenahealth
Account Manager
The medical software industry is experiencing a revolution. pMD is looking for an Account Manager who will build and maintain positive and productive relationships with our customers to help us change the industry forever. You'll have a huge impact on health care in America by helping our growing customer base thrive with the use of our software.

We are looking for an Account Manager who will exemplify our company mission of providing unparalleled customer service. You'll navigate large and complex organizations, use your curiosity and perceptiveness to understand complicated workflows, and build a network of contacts with our customers located all around the U.S. You'll help our customers utilize our software to maintain success in an rapidly-changing industry and communicate important product feedback to the pMD team.

At pMD, you'll wear many hats, have a lot of responsibility, and be a part of a truly amazing team. We are bootstrapped and profitable with extremely happy customers. We love what we do and care about doing good in the world. We strive to work like a beautifully engineered German car: fast, efficient, and fun.

• recognize the value in getting ahead of a problem. Proactive is your middle name.
• leave no customer behind and know how to effectively re-engage contacts.
• build trust by following through on your commitments.
• are always asking 'Why?' It might have annoyed your elementary school teachers, but you've got a natural curiosity that helps you understand complex ideas.
• are a creative problem solver. You don’t just listen, you formulate a plan and take action.
• feel a sense of satisfaction when the customer is happy. If they're smiling, you're smiling.
• are not agoraphobic – travel is fun!

• never set foot in a cubicle farm
• are a small, fast-growing private company with a track record of success
• take each other’s ideas seriously and want to make them happen
• like to play with sleek machines named after fruits and robots
• inhabit a beautiful building in the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco
• stock beer, tea, and snacks in the break room
• love our work!

At pMD, you can grow as quickly as you want to – our startup environment means nothing is holding you back from doing your best work. You’ll be able to see the impact of your work immediately, experience aspects of the business beyond account management, and you’ll hear from our clients how your efforts have improved their lives.

If you are interested in a career with pMD, please email your resume to