pMD® Clinical Communication Software, Hand-Off Tools

Human error is the worst. The good news is that the humans at pMD have worked hard to build you an interoperable, highly automated patient hand-off and clinical communication software tools to help you securely communicate and hand off patients with easier continuity, fewer errors, and less wasted time. So you’ll close those human-error gaps in care, reduce readmissions, and maybe even qualify for some financial incentives.

Mobile Patient Hand-off

Less “whoops.” Reduce medical errors and save time with our structured, customizable patient hand-off communication tool. It works great within your practice and with other practices in your enterprise.

Ease Those Care Transitions

How about fewer readmissions and a bonus from Medicare? We thought so. All these riches can be yours when you automate communication to your scheduler as patients are discharged from the hospital.

Keep the Conversation Going

Everyone’s happier when communication across their practice or enterprise is streamlined, secure, and easy. Our text message system and activity feeds are organized by patient, so you can keep it all going in one place. Let's not forget voice and video calling too!

It’s hard enough to provide excellent care to your patients – it shouldn’t be hard to communicate about care with your colleagues. (Let’s leave those vague text messages for your personal life.) With pMD® Clinical CommunicationTM, we take all the guesswork out of improving hand-offs between specialists in your enterprise, managing transitions of care, and getting control and visibility over the clinical communication happening between your providers and those in outside organizations.

We take the “argh” out of your after-hours practice by integrating your answering service or switchboard with our secure messaging system. And we think you’ll be pretty impressed with our advanced tools, like a shared mobile rounding list, hospital patient hand-off and sign-out, telemedicine capabilities, and categorization and tagging of specific patients.

Don’t forget: pMD® Secure MessagingTM is included with pMD® Clinical CommunicationTM. Want some more details? We’re ready. Let’s talk.

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Doctors & Nurse Practitioners Love pMD’s Patient Hand-Off Communication Tool


"pMD saves us, on average, 2-3 hours a week just on sign-offs. We used to hand off by phone and it would take at least 1.5 hours with each physician. I also love being able to log in via Touch ID too!"


“Every medical software company should emulate pMD’s program. The software is smart and simple. I hope that the medical community begins to embrace the use of technology in the health care industry. Not only myself but also my partners have embraced pMD so well and are very happy to use it for so many reasons.”


"pMD is so wonderful! It has made my work life much better and easier. It is hands down the best billing and patient hand-off tool imaginable!"

"I really like the pMD system. The workflow is simple and straightforward. I like that it isn't as complicated as our current EMR system and that it's linked to the NPI registry! I know when the doctor's assistant gets back, pMD is going to make her job much easier and save her a lot of time and paperwork."
Thuni Xayasengchanh, Biller, Peak Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Alaska
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In order to use pMD you'll need to be set up by your health care provider. Please contact your doctor's office and let them know you'd like to get started! If you have already received an invitation to pMD® Secure MessagingTM and need assistance getting started, please check out our Patient FAQ page.