"pMD has made my billing so much easier and a lot faster. The customer service has always consistently been prompt, knowledgable and very helpful."
Dr. Ernesto Ruas, All Children's Hospital, Florida
Why should I work with pMD?
We’ve been making doctors happy for a long time. We have an extremely high customer retention rate and over 600 testimonials from our happy customers.
Who supports pMD?
The office robot lost phone-answering privileges years ago. That means real-life pMD employees answer all support calls - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All doctor trainings are one-on-one.
Can I use pMD in my office?
Yes - and also in a cath lab, a dialysis clinic, your home, an elevator, or on a Virgin Galactic personal space shuttle. It's a native app so it works well even without any kind of wireless signal.
Is pMD as easy to implement as my EMR was? Just kidding!
pMD implementations are like a miraculous shampoo that removes the gray hairs your EMR implementation gave you.
Does pMD have reports that are completely, totally amazing?
Yes. They're completely, totally amazing.
No really, what kind of reports do you have?
Completely, totally amazing ones. Our reports will give you full transparency into your group. Some of our specialized reports include an ESRD dialysis dashboard for nephrologists; a length of stay report for hospitalists; an auditing report for hospital rounding that finds missing charges; a charge lag and productivity statistics report, and more.
Does pMD have HIPAA-compliant, secure text messaging so that our practice doesn’t get fined $50,000 for texting nonsecure PHI? Asking for a friend…
Don't worry, we've got you covered. Secure messaging is just one of the ways pMD supports patient handoff. pMD improves healthcare communication, and compliance.
What's the worst thing that's ever happened at an implementation?
One of our developers fell up a flight of stairs. Twice.
Will pMD help me with MIPS compliance?
Yes. pMD is a qualified MIPS Registry! According to Traci Stewart, Director of Practice Management at Marshall Medical Centers, "You guys are head and shoulders above the other PQRS vendors - so much that we anticipate working with pMD next year for MIPS reporting for all our providers who do not have an EMR that is MIPS-compliant for reporting..."
I round at multiple hospitals with different systems. I need my rounding list to arrive in pMD automatically from all of them. I also would like appointments to come in from my EMR. Then I want to enter charges on both and send everything, including demographics and insurance information, to my billing system electronically. I'd need you to manage the project since my IT people don't have the bandwidth. Can pMD do it?