pMD’s health care data exchange software solution is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to your interface needs. Improve compliance, reduce risk, and save time for busy IT teams.

Efficient And Reliable Data Exchange

pMD’s health care data exchange solution is reliable and eliminates inefficient systems, connecting separate organizations and information systems within a community.

Interface Experts

Electronically gather and route patient demographics, lab results, med lists, and more. pMD's software system works with most major electronic medical records, hospital and medical billing systems.

Universal Access

Health care professionals and patients can securely access and share pertinent medical information in real-time, reducing data entry and improving provider workflows.

pMD excels in interoperability. pMD’s health data exchange software filters and delivers patient demographics, lab results, medication lists, imaging interpretations, discharge summaries, and more in order to improve compliance and save time for busy IT teams. pMD's software system supports health information exchange among the organizations in your medical community so providers can access more up-to-date information to improve patient outcomes.

pMD also provides care coordination software services for the management and collaboration around patient care. To learn more about pMD, the leading charge capture, secure messaging, data exchange and care communities software solution, contact us.

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“Several years ago while in private practice, I started using pMD after investigating several apps. This company went out of their way to add my EMR to their database as I was the first person who joined that used it. It proved to be an excellent choice for us over the years as they have been very supportive.”

“pMD has built demographics, appointment and charge interfaces with our in-house practice management software for our shared clients. Even when the customer's needs were complicated, the interfaces have worked exceptionally well. Not every software company is the same when it comes to interfacing, and I've found pMD to be easy to work with and quick to get results.”

“I’ve worked with lots of vendors in the market. And I have to say… when it comes to building interfaces, pMD stands out a tier above the others.”

"pMD is super easy! At first I was concerned the software would be complicated, but was pleasantly surprised to find that’s not the case. It reduces the load on me when I’m seeing patients at the psychiatric facility, so I can focus on them and not have to worry about the billing as much.”
Jeannie Carlton, Nurse Practitioner, NHC Reliant Psychiatric Services, Massachussetts

What is a Health Information Exchange?

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is used to facilitate the electronic exchange of health care information among separate organizations and health information systems within a community. When a patient moves between different care facilities, the HIE ensures that their health information follows them. This system gives providers a complete view of a patient’s medical history and current state of health.

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In order to use pMD you'll need to be set up by your health care provider. Please contact your doctor's office and let them know you'd like to get started! If you have already received an invitation to pMD® Secure MessagingTM and need assistance getting started, please check out our Patient FAQ page.