Leadership Principles

Provide unparalleled service

Leaders have deep empathy for those they serve. This allows them to understand, anticipate, and serve the needs of their customers and colleagues.

Solve impossible problems

Leaders want to dramatically improve the world. They know the only way to do this is to embrace ambiguity and have the courage to tackle problems that others may consider impossible.

Take ownership

Leaders check their egos, and embrace the ownership mindset. They never say “that’s not my job”, make excuses, blame others, or complain about problems – they offer solutions instead.

Communicate courageously

Honest yet courteous communication is most important when it’s the hardest. Leaders embrace this with courage and humility.

Are great mentors

Leaders invest significant resources to mentor their teammates. Having an outsized impact is only possible through developing future leaders and earning their loyalty.

Lead by example

Everything a leader does has a disproportionate impact on those around them. What they do, and the attitude they do it with is contagious and can profoundly affect outcomes.

Produce results

Leaders plan, execute, and produce measurable results quickly. By embracing urgency, a leader works hard and is always searching for ways to be more efficient.

Have high standards

Every decision and interaction is an opportunity to raise standards and make things better. We don’t compromise quality because it’s faster, easier, or cheaper.


Leaders understand that leaving one’s comfort zone is often required to reach goals. Working through setbacks is often part of achieving great things.