Reliable and incredibly easy-to-use MIPS reporting with unparalleled customer support and guidance.


As a certified MIPS registry, pMD gives medical practices a simplified solution to meet CMS’ MIPS requirements with easy-to-use online reporting services.


Groups can add their data to pMD at any point in the year and receive data validation and real-time feedback on their progress.


Monitor your performance metrics using pMD’s dynamic MIPS dashboard and advanced reporting tools. pMD can support any official CMS MIPS measures.

pMD’s MIPS Qualified Registry Reporting

pMD’s friendly and knowledgeable support team provides assistance with selecting the most applicable MIPS quality measures for your practice or specialty and helps you stay informed on new measures and regulations.

  • Dynamic MIPS Dashboard allows you to drill down into each measure per provider to manage and track performance
  • Dedicated customer support team to personally provide measure guidance and answer questions
  • Automatic detection of qualifying patients for each measure based on billing and demographic data

Pricing is per provider and volume discounts are available for practices with more than 5 providers. If you have questions about MIPS reporting for your group, contact us by clicking the Get Started button.

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“Using pMD for PQRS reporting was so much easier than other companies I’ve tried in the past, and also so much more informative. Other reporting companies I’ve used were wearisome… pMD was so helpful in fielding and answering my questions. I have had timely responses to e-mails and numerous conversations with the staff. Everyone had an amazing grasp on the PQRS program, I felt like I could really start to understand how PQRS worked by talking it through with pMD. Doing PQRS at all is painful, but using pMD for PQRS was less painful than I thought it would be - and a lot less painful than reporting through other companies!”

“We’ve been using pMD as our PQRS Registry since January of 2016, and it has been fantastic. Not only are we able to capture our PQRS data at the point of care, which avoids end of year chart review nightmares, but we can also use pMD’s reporting tools to have real time visibility into our progress. This allows us to correct problems as they develop, rather than discovering them at the end of the year when there is nothing we can do to address it. I can’t imagine doing PQRS without charge capture; for us, pMD has been a practice-changing tool! pMD has also been able to answer my questions about MACRA and MIPS, and I’m really glad we’ll be able to continue working with them to report all of our MIPS measures and tackle that new 2017 challenge.”

"Prior to using pMD for capturing PQRS data, everything was done manually in spreadsheets. Not only was this time-consuming but also frustrating. The process is much more efficient now and a whole lot better than anything I’ve done, ever. It took a while to get our group up and running with PQRS in pMD but once we did, it became much easier to keep up with everything PQRS-related. The ability to see in real-time the measures being met and whether they are low-quality or not is amazing. We are able to take immediate action based on this information. pMD is the only company I recommend to everyone!"

"This is the easiest program ever! It’s super user-friendly. pMD is awesome."
Charity Kostelac, Nurse Practitioner, TeleMedico LLC, Illinois


The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, or MIPS, is a new program that will determine payment adjustments for Medicare. Eligible professionals may receive a payment bonus, a payment penalty, or no payment adjustment based on composite performance score. MIPS performance began on January 1, 2017 and measures eligible providers annually in four performance categories to derive a “MIPS score.” The MIPS score can significantly impact a provider’s Medicare reimbursement in each payment year from -9% to +27% by 2022.

pMD Analysis of Measure Selection for the Following Specialties:

Allergy/Immunology • Anesthesiology • Behavioral Health • Cardiology & Cardiac Specialists • Chiropractic • Colon & Rectal Surgery • Critical Care • Dermatology • Emergency Medicine • Endocrinology • Family Medicine • Gastroenterology • General Practice • General Surgery • Geriatrics • Gynecology • Hospitalists • Infectious Disease • Internal Medicine • Interventional Radiology • Mental Health • Nephrology • Neurology • Obstetrics/Gynecology • Occupational Therapy • Oncology • Ophthalmology • Orthopedic Surgery • Osteopathic Medicine • Otolaryngology/ENT • Pain Management • Palliative Care • Pathology • Pediatrics • Physical Medicine • Plastic Surgery • Podiatry • Psychiatry • Psychology • Radiation Oncology • Radiology • Rheumatology • Sleep Medicine • Speech Therapy • Thoracic Surgery • Urology • Vascular Surgery • And More!