pMD®️ Unveils New Branding To Improve Transparency And Value For Customers

Streamlined product offerings reinforce pMD's dedication to customer service

pMD®, a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare solutions, is excited to announce a comprehensive rebranding of its product lineup. This transformation underscores its dedication to streamlined, user-centric offerings that ensure customers are maximizing functionality and value with pMD.

The new branding in pMD’s offerings is also designed to better reflect the company’s ethos and vision for the future of healthcare technology. Central to the rebrand:

  • pChat – A reliable communications platform that delivers HIPAA compliant secure messaging and telehealth functionality.
  • pCharge – The comprehensive charge capture solution that enables streamlined billing and communications for practices.
  • pRevenue – An end-to-end solution and service focused on revenue management and workflow optimization.

Furthermore, in a strategic move to simplify and enhance user experience, all existing customer support services have been unified under one umbrella – pSuite. This consolidated offering is available in various tiers, making it easier for customers to identify services that align with their needs without compromising on functionality or quality.

Two add-on services are available alongside the new pSuite™:

  • pDemographics: An advanced AI-driven service that streamlines accurate patient demographics collection and verification for medical billing.
  • pPrescribe: A built-in prescription service that integrates seamlessly with your revenue cycle.

In these challenging economic times, pMD® recognizes the need for businesses to maximize their ROI. By consolidating services and refining product names, pMD® acknowledges the importance of ensuring that new and existing customers have a clear understanding of their service portfolio, enabling them to extract maximum value from their subscriptions.

While product names are evolving, the underlying functionality, value, and experience remain unchanged. Existing subscriptions will transition seamlessly to the new branding without any disruption or alteration in service. This ensures that while the face of the products may wear a fresh new look, the heart – consistent, reliable, top-tier service – remains the same.

About pMD

For over 20 years, pMD® has developed diverse products and services in its mission to reduce medical errors and save patient lives. With pMD's HIPAA-compliant pChat™, pCharge™, and pRevenue™ solutions, healthcare teams have a reliable partner to help them maximize efficiency, collaboration, and revenue. pMD® interfaces with all major electronic medical records, hospital systems, and medical billing systems, enabling the efficient sharing of data and cutting down on medical errors. pMD® is committed to providing innovation and exceptional customer service. For more information, contact pMD® or visit

To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our charge capture and MIPS registry, billing services, telehealth, and secure communication software and services, please contact pMD.

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