pMD Showcases Continued Commitment to Advanced Security with 2021 SOC 2® and HIPAA Certifications

Ari Brosowsky

pMD®,  the innovation leader in health care technology, announced the successful completion of its annual voluntary SOC 2® Type II and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) security audits.

More than 29 million patient records were breached in 2020, a 25 percent increase in the number of breaches from the previous year. In fact, the average cost per record breached also increased, from $429 in 2019 to $499 in 2020, costing healthcare organizations around $13.2 billion in 2020."The pMD team understands the responsibility and privilege of handling Protected Health Information (PHI) on a daily basis, says Clayton Hoefer, Software Engineering Manager at pMD. “While investing in advanced third party security certifications is not required, we place a high value on seeking objective, in-depth analysis of our systems and processes. These certifications reaffirm the emphasis we place on the highest levels of security and reliability of our product, and gives our customers confidence that we're working in accordance with industry best practices as we continue to innovate in the health care industry."SOC reports provide an analysis of a service organization's internal controls so users can better understand the risks associated with sharing sensitive information with an external organization. The final reports provide pMD customers with the assurance of strict information security policies and procedures. These include the security, availability, processing, integrity, and confidentiality of customer data. The HIPAA report determined pMD is in compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule requirements, HIPAA Breach Notification Rule requirements, and  Minimum Necessary requirements of the Privacy Rule.The audits were completed by Linford & Company LLP, a highly regarded certified public accounting and information security firm. While the set of procedures and controls tested by a SOC 2 Type I and a SOC 2 Type II assessments are the same, a Type I report is an attestation only at a specific point in time, whereas a Type II covers a period of time. For pMD, the Type II report describes the company's control environment over the course of 12 continuous months.

About pMD
pMD was founded more than 20 years ago with the mission to reduce medical errors and save patient lives and has developed a set of products and services to support this mission. pMD’s HIPAA-compliant software arms health care professionals with powerful, intuitive mobile tools that improve patient care. The company is dedicated to providing technology that makes it easy for doctors to provide, and patients to receive, great care, whether it’s in-person or virtual. From patient intake to getting paid, pMD has everything you need to run a medical practice in one place. With pMD’s end-to-end platform, health care teams finally have an elegant and simple technology to efficiently run a practice, maximize revenue, and deliver an amazing patient experience. pMD is committed to developing the best solution and providing superior customer service. For more information, contact pMD or visit

To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our charge capture and MIPS registry, billing services, telehealth, and secure communication software and services, please contact pMD.

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