Thanksgiving Cornucopia: Turkey, Stuffing, and ICD-10s


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we often associate this special holiday with giving thanks, being with family, and eating far past what's considered comfortable. For many hospitals and providers across the country, this day represents a smorgasbord of possible turkey-related hazards that can ultimately result in one of the following bizarre ICD-10 codes. Let's have a look!

Fancy yourself the deep-frying kind? Take caution when submerging that hefty turkey or you'll end up in the emergency department with one of the following codes:

X10.2 contacts with fats and cooking oils
Codes T20-T25 burns and corrosions of external body surface, specified by site

The overindulging type? Gravy piled on top of mashed potatoes piled on top of turkey piled on top of stuffing with 5 dinner rolls and 3 pieces of pie can likely result in:

R14.0 abdominal distension
R14.2 eructation (belch)
R14.3 flatulence
K30 functional dyspepsia (indigestion)
R12 heartburn
Z72.820 sleep deprivation

You've been given the distinct honor of carving the turkey this year! Just be sure to lay off the wine, lest you desire an injury relating to:

W26.0XXA contact with knife
W29.1 contact with electric knife

You've opted for a vegetarian Thanksgiving and have the opportunity to visit with the turkey whose life you've spared. While your efforts are noble, the turkey, who you've dubbed Liberty Gobblestein, is none-the-wiser and without hesitation, turns on you. The following ICD-10s would likely be reported:

W61.43 pecked by a turkey
W61.49 (other contact with a turkey)

The non-billable turkey codes mentioned above are required to be reported alongside the place of occurrence:

Y92.7 farm as the place of occurrence
Y92.71 barn as the place of occurrence
Y92.72 chicken coup as the place of occurrence
Y92.74 orchard as the place of occurrence

So this year, remember to enjoy the festivities with some level of caution. When in doubt, steer clear of hot oils, sharp objects, and live turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us here at pMD!

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