When Work Gets Personal: A New Father's Motivation to Help Providers

Chris Bui

2020 was a difficult year across the globe and it affected everyone in dramatically different ways. My wife and I sold our home and moved across the country the day lockdowns started. We did so in preparation for our twins who were scheduled to arrive in mid-2020. Any parent will tell you how stressful and exciting it is to deliver your first child, but throw a pandemic into the mix and everything becomes a little bit more daunting due to health risks and restrictions. Despite being a high-risk pregnancy and hitting a few bumps along the road, my wife was able to carry our twins to almost 37 weeks and no issues were expected.

On July 15, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl and boy into our lives. Tiny but mighty, we felt a sense of relief to have such a smooth delivery, but after their first day in the hospital, both of our kids were whisked away to the NICU in the middle of the night with unexpected complications. Luckily, we were blessed to have an amazing team of neonatologists and nurses who made a very stressful time a little bit easier. We feel very fortunate that we were able to have both our children back at home before the end of July due to the amazing care they received.

During my years at pMD, I’ve certainly worked with my fair share of neonatology providers, but I now have a newfound appreciation and understanding of the incredibly difficult job they have. One that can only come from placing your newborn’s life in someone else’s hands.

As 2020 progressed and our days were filled with balancing the “new normal” of childcare, work, and endless video calls, I had the opportunity to help get nearly 4,000 pediatric and neonatology providers up and running on pMD. As I was learning daily how to be a dad of twins, I was simultaneously finding a new connection to my work as I now had a profound appreciation for neonatologists and the impact they had on our family. I approached each call and meeting with greetings of my personal story including the sleepless nights with the occasional addition of crying in the background. Not only that, but each call gave me the opportunity to personally thank the providers for the work that they do - work that is so impactful.

I have walked into 2021 with a new motivation to help ensure our providers aren’t being bogged down with complicated systems and processes that divert their attention away from patient care. If pMD can make the business side of medicine as easy as possible for physicians and allow them to focus on what matters most, like taking care of our families and friends, it ultimately leads to the best possible experience and outcomes for others like us. I realize that I am no longer “just” selling or implementing software, I am supporting the health and wellness of our loved ones.

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