"Things with pMD have been going great since I started. I've found it to be very easy & way less burdensome than my last place's billing!"

Dr. Tiffany Turner, Indiana University | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I really like pMD! Not only has it saved me time but it has significantly lowered the amount of hand writing I have to do on a daily basis. I used to experience much pain because I have arthritis in my hands. With pMD, I don't have any pain in my hands!"

Belinda Ray, Certified Professional Coder, Tennessee Valley Cardiovascular Center | Cardiovascular

“pMD has been such a great product to work with for our billing team! I wish all of our provider groups used pMD as it truly makes our lives more efficient. I just discovered the reporting functionalities and am excited to be able to pull customized reports that will allow us to accurately compare, side-by-side, the charges that are in the practice management system. The ability to send secure, HIPAA-compliant messages is also a huge win because our billers will now be able to directly and promptly communicate with the providers should they have any questions. The pMD team has been very helpful!”

Mitzi Ambrose, Coding Manager, St. David’s Healthcare, Texas | Cardiology

"I love meeting with pMD! I always leave every meeting with a feeling of excitement and hope. pMD constantly brings us new ideas to help our practice thrive."

Jamie Cassella, Billing Manager, Huntington Heart Center, New York | Cardiology

"I'm receiving unanimous support from our nine doctors since our pMD charge capture implementation. Having spent 16 years working with physicians I can say unequivocally that 'unanimous support' for a new project is a rarity, especially one that requires some wholesale changes in 'the way we've always done it' and some degree of IT proficiency from the physicians."

Donald G. Knox, Practice Administrator, Pulmonary Clinics of Southern Michigan | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD has excellent customer service and I always feel comfortable communicating with their staff. The practice I work with is always very complimentary!"

Amanda Porter, NP, Nephrology Associates, Tennessee | Nephrology

"pMD is super easy! It's a breeze when we attach face sheets onto visits. Our biller has all the information, and if we need to update, the biller can update it right there."

Heather A. Hamell, Family Nurse Practitioner, TeleMedico LLC, Illinois | Family Medicine

"pMD is simple to use and eliminates a great deal of traditional paperwork. The support staff has been very knowledgeable, and they are quick to respond and take care of any issues or modifications we need." 

Dr. Jeff Wu, Foot and Ankle, Ohio | Podiatry

"This will be a significant benefit and time-saving service for me. pMD has been very helpful to me. I really appreciate the excellent support from the friendly and helpful staff."

Dr. Richard Nusser, Berkeley Pulmonary and Critical Care Medical Corp, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"The ease and transparency of pMD charge capture allows for quick and clean claim submission. Communication between staff and physician is easy and straight forward, which also allows us to process and submit claims cleanly and quickly."

Mary Denning, Credentialing Coordinator, Nephrology Specialists Medical Group, Inc., California | Nephrology

"I love pMD!  It's user friendly and very easy to learn.  Things get lost on paper so it's just nice to have charges right there on my phone.  I have colleagues who are still using index cards to do billing and I am recommending pMD to them!"

Hanån Soliman-Lee, PA, Huntington Hospital, New York | Surgery

"From what I used to do from having sticky notes, writing down codes and faxing my charges somewhere to being able to quickly go into my phone and bill, it is AMAZING! I took it me all of 5 minutes to do my billing today, and I can do it from anywhere. pMD has made my life so much easier, and I absolutely love it!"

Dr. Faithlore Gardner, Baptist Primary Care, Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I really like the new functionality in pMD secure messaging that allows me to message about a patient, tying a conversation thread to a patient profile so that I don't have to constantly type the patient's name. It's great how the conversations stay with the patient profile for transparency to other providers.”

Dr. Srujana Chakilam, Heart Center of North Texas | Cardiology

"I have been a pMD mobile charge capture user for over four years. The ease with which I am able to maintain my patient census and keep my billing up to date is extremely important to my practice. It makes me significantly more efficient. When working with a group, the clinical notes feature in pMD helps us in communicating important information regarding our patients and makes cross coverage smoother as well."

Dr. MonaLisa Mitra, ExcelMed, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

“pMD's mobile app is very sleek, convenient and easy to use. I am looking forward to ditching our paper process! pMD even built a category and CPT for me - now I can easily track & report when I’m on call!”

Keith Desonier, Physician Assistant, Texas Center for Urology | Urology
“The pMD app works quickly and smoothly. It also saves me a lot of time.”
Brent Reilly, Physician Assistant, Huntington Hospital, New York | Surgery

"We have been using pMD for 11 years, and I just love the program!"

Dr. Brian Strizik, North Shore Cardiopulmonary Associates, New York | Cardiology

"Our doctors are very happy with pMD. It has definitely helped smooth the process of capturing hospital charges. The doctors really appreciate the crosswalks for the ICD-10 codes and they are using the messaging function more and more."

Janet Hake, Chief Administrative Officer, San Diego Cardiac Center, California | Cardiology

"The pMD training today was great and I think this app is amazing! It was an extremely easy app and everything was easy to process. The pMD trainer was really easy going and made everything easy to understand. I had a lot of fun learning and using pMD today!" 

Christina Ross, Nurse Practitioner, Ironwood Physicians, Arizona | Radiology

"Everything is going smoothly with pMD and the hospital inpatient/outpatient charges. I send all charges electronically from pMD to our billing system within a day of receiving them from the doctors. The process is simple and efficient for me."

Shannon Weaver, Billing Supervisor, ITMDS, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"We are very happy, and everybody loves pMD. It has decreased the time that we have to spend on billing, and we have a lot more visibility into what we are doing."

Dr. Mara E. Nitu, IU Health Pediatric Critical Care, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD has proven to be a great tool, as it facilitates getting the hospital rounds together for the Doctors. All the information is gathered for billing, making this a much easier and successful process."

Delia Maldonado, Medicare AR Specialist, CCN / HealthCare Partners - Cardiology, Nevada | Cardiology

"I really like pMD. The platform is very nice and user-friendly."

Dr. Zeeshan Qureshi, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"I love this software! It's so easy to use and it makes my life a million times easier. pMD helps take out so many middle men of secretaries, admin staff, and billers who had to help us figure out all the nuances of our billing. It's great that we can now see what everyone else is doing in real-time."

Dr. Melissa Shah, The Vascular Group, New York | Cardiology
"Everything is going well and we are very happy with pMD! pMD's customer support has been very helpful and we can't thank you all enough."
Sheri Marsden, Practice Administrator, TeleMedico LLC, Illinois | Cardiology

"pMD makes it easy for me to update patient information. The software is dependable and very user-friendly to manage. Their service is excellent - they're the most courteous group of people to work with!"

Brenda Allen, Office Manager, Tarrant County Infectious Disease Associates, Texas | Infectious Disease
"I have been using pMD for almost a year now to capture our inpatient and catheterization billing at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. pMD has made my billing process considerably easy, efficient, and comprehensive. My billing has become completely paperless. I no longer have to struggle to track down names of patients, dates of birth, billing codes, medical record numbers, etc. The information is readily available with the use of pMD's smart phone application and markedly accessible. One of the highlights of the program is pMD’s support staff, who can easily be contacted from the smart phone application with a touch of a button, through email or phone. pMD support has always been prompt, precise, and helpful with my every encounter. I continue to highly recommend pMD to all my colleagues as a superior billing program in the modern era."
Dr. Joe Giamelli, CWPW Pediatric Cardiology, New York | Cardiology

"From a biller's perspective, the process is very quick and easy. pMD itself is very user-friendly. I've been able to learn and use the system with pMD's help, of course. pMD's customer service is awesome and everyone is very knowledgeable about the product. I am always informed of any changes or updates to the system. As a supervisor, if my billers and providers are happy , so am I."

Vicki Ferrias, Supervisor, Healix Billing, Texas | Multi-Specialty

"The new messaging about a patient feature is really useful. Instead of writing the patient's name in the message and telling them to look at the patient's record, writing a message from the patient itself takes away some of the extra steps. It's been a really good addition!"

Dr. Hani Khair, Infectious Disease Specialist, Texas | Infectious Disease

“The pMD app is really impressive. It’s incredibly intuitive and I like that its design is simple and familiar to iPhone users.”

Jordyn Griffin, Fellow, Indiana University | Oncology

"My pMD instructor was the best instructor I have ever had for any computer program in my life! It was such a pleasure to have him teach me pMD software. I feel like an expert with this program because of my instructor. This program seems easy and great to use."

Dr. Rajeev Mehta, Huntington Hospital, New York  | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is fantastic! It's very easy and simple to use. I'm excited to get the rest of our group on so that we can maximize the benefits."

Dr. Rani Sebti, Center for Infectious Diseases, New Jersey | Infectious Disease

"pMD has been working well for me. I'm not hoarding paper or working on my hospital charges at the end of the day at home anymore. I put my charges into pMD, and I'm done. It's much more convenient for me. The staff at pMD is truly knowledgable and very helpful."

Dr. Leo Kassabian, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, Van Nuys, California | Cardiology

"This product is efficient, intuitive, and easy to use. The layout and overall functionality of pMD will make billing much easier."

Dr. Steven Kim, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD has been going really well so far. The new deactivation alerts have been extremely helpful to keep track of patients and help schedule any follow-ups after they're discharged."

Ericka Williams-Hayes, Physician Assistant, Radiology Associates of South Florida | Radiology

"pMD is straightforward and intuitive. The app and website are streamlined so I can enter all my billing as efficiently as possible."

Dr. David Boyle, Indiana University | Neonatology

"pMD is simply over the top awesome!"

Dr. Nick Viner, Urological Associates of Bridgeport, Connecticut | Urology

"pMD has been flawless. I am very pleased with the software."

Dr. Gregory Zakas, Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illinois | Rehab

"pMD is so user-friendly! The website is intuitive, the layout is straightforward, and it delivers all of the necessary information. I work with many EHRs and Practice Management systems, and pMD is a welcome change. From my perspective, pMD is an uncomplicated and powerful tool. “Making doctors happy!" is an accurate statement."

Elleen Laughlin, Practice Manager, IU Health Neonatology, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD sure works well and is such of a time saver."

Dr. Lou Lancero, Pima Heart Physicians, Arizona | Cardiology

"I didn't think we could  possibly improve on the sign-out system developed by my previous practice. I was surprised to find that pMD sign-outs are more user friendly, interactive and efficient!"

Dr. Supriya Khan, Oregon Kidney and Hypertension Clinic | Nephrology

“pMD is easy peezy! I really like the ability to dictate for clinical notes and secure messaging. It’s a great app that’s very intuitive to use."

Dr. Staci Smith, Thomas Health Systems, West Virginia | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Things have been great. Billing has been easy and quick with pMD."

Lindsay Kellogg, Advanced Practice Nurse, ID Care, New Jersey | Infectious Disease

"pMD is an excellent app! Wish EMR companies paid attention to physician workflow and needs like these guys!!"

Dr. Sreenivas Gudimetla, Consultants in Cardiology, Texas | Cardiology

"The physicians using pMD are very happy. They very much enjoy it and it's saving them time. I love it and they love it! I've heard nothing negative whatsoever, no complaints at all. They're happy to have it and get their billing done. They can move on forward and don't have to worry about whether they turned in the right papers. It frees them up so they can move on to provide good patient care. It works! We've had very few glitches and very few times that our billing company has needed to send things back to us for clarification."

Terri Renier, Administrator, Associated Internists of Tucson, Arizona | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"In our previous workflow, we had to cram all of our charges, codes, and everything on a piece of paper to fax in to the billers. With pMD, I trust that everything is going through to the right people. The billing process is much more streamlined and the software is very easy to use."

Scott Gilbert, PA, 21st Century Oncology, Florida | Oncology
"The new visit attachment is a very useful functional improvement. Previously, I would have to email pics to myself (unsecure) or pChat them to a coworker so that I could then later add them to a chart when I was in front of a desktop. Now it is attached to a visit and if I don't finish the visit immediately, I'm reminded later that I'm slacking! Very helpful. I should also note that pMD has been essential to getting our Care Management program up and running in our community. It has allowed our participating providers to refer patients to us directly and has streamlined communication of critical patient information through secure texting. The tech support has made bringing new employees and providers online easy and seamless. Our program would not be where it is today without our partnership with pMD.
Ted Paprocki, RN, BNSC, Alaska Innovative Medicine | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is very intuitive, simple, and fast to use. It's so easy to create visits, find codes I am looking for and leave sign off notes for my colleagues. The billers are also happy because they can view charges immediately when I enter them in pMD. I used to carry around a charge capture device that had too many steps to create a visit and I would also have to go back to the office to sync it. pMD is at least 20 times better than the other charge capture solution we were using."

Dr. Demetrio R. Hechanova, Foothill Cardiology, California | Cardiology
"Things are going well with pMD. Our billing is more timely and we are all getting used to the software as time goes by. It has been a good addition to our practice and there are no more patient cards or papers. Good support system from pMD to our physicians and our office staff."
Dr. Simon Edelstein, Edelstein & Bustamante, Florida | Infectious Disease

"It is very easy to manage our Hospitalist and Surgery groups' charge capture with pMD. Physicians used to turn in their hand written notes and charges on a billing sheet a month after the visit. With pMD, I immediately get a clean, easy to read report with the visit charges so I am no longer a month behind. Also, I can easily let doctors know if they need to make any changes to codes by leaving a note in pMD. We are all very, very, very happy with the system!"

Meredith Stahl, Physician Billing Manager, Peconic Bay Medical Center, New York | Surgery

"pMD is the easiest billing app I've ever used. I'm super psyched about it!"

Dr. Britt Tonnessen, The Vascular Group, New York | Cardiology

"I love pMD! It's so convenient to have all of the billing sent to me efficiently through the computer, and I no longer have any issues reading physician handwriting. The software has been very easy to use for myself and the physicians. Our first month of dialysis billing went very smoothly!"

Debbie Brion, Biller, Dothan Hyptertension-Nephrology Associates, Alabama | Nephrology
"Best training walk-through ever."
Dr. Jeffrey Blake Burnette, Hughston Clinic, Georgia | Orthopedics

"pMD is amazing. Even if you are computer illiterate and have never used a mobile charge capture system before, it is incredibly easy to understand and use! The support staff are superb!"

Dr. Bennett Lee, The Alaska Hospitalist Group | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is very straightforward and super easy to use. Also, the ability to secure message other specialities at Indiana University Health Peds is great!"

Dr. Matthew Lewis, Indiana University | Neonatology

"It's a really wonderful program - it works really well. Everyone who touches it loves it. Some people actually giggle the first time that they use it."

Dr. Howard Eigen, IU Health Pediatrics, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD is wonderful. I could never imagine going back to paper! In addition, the support I receive every time I have called has been exceptional. You guys always take care of my issue immediately and are so pleasant to talk to. It gives me the impression that your company is a great place to work."

Cherie Forster, Physician’s Services Coder, St. Luke's Internal Medicine, Idaho | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

“pMD is so clear cut and easy! I already love the program and the support staff."

Dr. Radhika Ranganathan, Florida Pediatrics Associates | Pediatrics

“pMD is going really well, we are able to get a hold of support whenever we need to!” 

Felicia Owens, Auditing Supervisor, Baptist Primary Care, Florida | Primary Care

"pMD has been worth every penny! The physicians used to have to call each other at all hours to stay on the same page, but we are able to do all of that automatically and electronically using pMD. Our billing staff no longer has to hunt for face sheets and our billing is now out the door within 24 hours. Of all the software we have used over the years, pMD has been the easiest to use and implement. We love it!"

Dr. Stephen Britt, Surgical Associates of Marshall County, Alabama | Surgery

"pMD has facilitated our goal to have a paperless environment. Before pMD, our billing Dept did not look forward to their morning routine. We would download and print all charges submitted by our 21 physicians from a designated web site. pMD has made that process so much easier. What used to take 45 minutes, presently takes 2 minutes. Their Web site is always up and running. Our billing Dept is happy and the work shows it. Here are their comments.

Kenya: pMD has made it easier for the staff to detect instantaneously if there are physicians missing charges. The homepage displays clearly what physicians has entered and approved charges. This process has cut the staff time in half we no longer have list and sheets of paper to compare to figure out who worked and who did not. It is very user friendly and with all the information displayed through out the program, less human errors occur.

Carmela: I find pMD to be very user friendly. When putting charges in, the easy to follow format makes it a breeze to enter charges into our system.

Reggie: I like the ease of maneuvering in the system to see the charges and printing them out. Also I like very much the referring physicians look up. The patient history is an excellent tool when you may need to look up a patient.

Dorota: Good things about pMD include ready to enter ICD-9 codes, easy to read and follow up on charges, can bill by facility or by physician, NPI is attached to the referring physician, and can reject wrong charge code."

Wanda Torres, Director of Physician Billing, ID Care, Inc., New Jersey | Infectious Disease

"The pMD customer support is fabulous, and pleasant to work with!"

Jeanine Davies, NP, Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illinois | Rehab
"pMD is working great! It's so much better than past workflows. I'm able to bill for 20 patients in 5 minutes!"
Sarah Strahm, Nurse Practitioner, Midwest Neurology Associates, Indiana | Neurology

"This is very, very cool!  The application is really nice and it's so easy!  Working with pMD has been a very positive experience.  The response time of the team has been so fast!  We have worked with a lot of different companies in the past and have never experienced this level of responsiveness."

Linda Johnson, Practice Administrator, Minnesota Oncology | Oncology

"We have used pMD for years and with the outstanding customer service, have really come to like it a lot."

Wendi Weems, MSM, CPC Pivotal Consultants | Family Medicine

"I like this program very much. I save about half the time I used to spend on administrative, non-value added tasks! I no longer have to chase providers for their charges, they are capturing charges at the point of care, and they're choosing the correct ICDs and charge codes! The doctors like pMD because the software is user-friendly, and they don't have to carry around cards."

Lino Carrasco, Office Manager, Arizona Oncology | Oncology

"pMD is saving us a lot of time, and it's amazing not to be cutting down as many trees. The doctors love it!"

Pat Smith, Practice Supervisor, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD is a user-friendly program and it's definitely going to be better than our current system!"

Dr. Marci Troxell, Peak Neurology & Sleep Medicine, Alaska | Neurology
"pMD has made our lives so much easier. The amount of paper work is almost down to zero. We started using pMD with our most difficult doctor who is not tech savvy at all and we got him on board to use it daily! Best thing since almost Wonder Bread."
Yaakov Garfinkel, Supervisor, TeleMedico LLC, Illinois | Cardiology

"pMD is one of the easiest software implementations I've had. The application is clean and easy to use...even for the most technically challenged user. Customer service is excellent. All my physicians love it and will never go back to paper cards!"

Jose Villa, Manager of Desktop Services, CCN / HealthCare Partners - Cardiology, Nevada | Cardiology

"We used to use another charge capture system, and it took a lot of time to input patient information, then we had to wait for the spinning wheel, it would go on for a while. Then when entering charges it would do the same, at least 30 seconds just waiting between each charge! It would take hours to do billing, it became a question of when did I want to waste my time, so charges were never recorded at the point of encounter.

pMD is unbelievable, just awesome. The database is incredible, it takes a couple of clicks to find existing patients, and very little extra effort to create a brand new record. Seeing an archived history of previous patient visits is very helpful. pMD is so much faster, there is no waiting; it's so easy I can enter visits in seconds!

As a result of pMD being so fast and intuitive, we can and do use it in realtime."

Dr. Richard Goodman, Infectious Diseases Consultants of Cincinnati, Ohio | Infectious Disease

"Our pMD expert was an excellent teacher and representative of pMD. I look forward to working with pMD to enhance our practice and the functionality of the software."

Dr. Ronald Jacobson, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York | Pediatrics

"pMD is much faster than the previous system. I just click, click, click. There have been no problems so far."

Dr. Roy C. Fox, Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, Tennessee | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"My previous process was writing in a notebook, loading into an excel file and then uploading into Dropbox for our billing team to download. pMD is allowing me to save a lot of time! Thank you for making the training enjoyable and running smoothly. Keep doing business this way and you will go far!"

Dr. Geoffrey Smith, Infectious Disease of Arizona | Infectious Disease

"pMD has been a tremendous aid to the practice. I'm one of these 'old guys' who didn't want to do it, but now I'll be the first in line to say that I'm very happy with the program."

Dr. Steven Mischel, Nephrology Specialists, Indiana | Nephrology

"From the minute I contacted pMD to learn more about their product, I felt immediately valued - and I wasn't even a customer yet! Their charge capture solution has saved our billing office a great deal of time and our cash flow has increased dramatically! Our doctors love this product and would never go back to paper billing. What really makes this fantastic product even better is the support staff at pMD. To say their team offers exceptional customer service is an understatement! They truly make you feel important and do anything they can to help improve your experience with pMD. I recommend this product any chance I get! Thanks Luis and Siavosh for always exceeding my expectations!"

Darlene Merrill, Practice Manager, Florida Wound Care Doctors | Surgery

"We are so happy with the system. pMD has simplified so many things we do. Our doctors love it!"

Milena Romano, Assistant Manager, Vilmed, Florida | Infectious Disease

"I love pMD! I am able to close out every month a few days faster than I could before. Prior to pMD, I always had to remind our physicians to bring their billing sheets in and track physicians down at the end of the month. With pMD, I don't have to wait a couple days or weeks for the doctors to bring in hand written billing sheets, I get charges immediately. Before pMD, I received billing sheets after a patient was discharged and if I needed medical records to conduct an audit, I would have to wait two or more weeks for the hospital to send them. With pMD, I am following the patient's charges in real time so I know the patient is still in the hospital and can have the doctor fax me the medical records that day. Also, I can see if a patient is missing charges easily because I have access to all of the patient's charges for the entire hospital stay in one screen.

Many of our patients will visit the clinic and then later be admitted to the hospital in the same day. If I didn't get both E&M charges before I submitted the bill, I was unable to combine the time spent with patients to bill a code with higher reimbursement. Then we would have to submit a corrected claim to the insurance company which is such a battle. With pMD, I can easily combine the E&M codes to bill a code with a higher reimbursement and don't have to go through the hassle of sending in corrected claims.

pMD makes communicating with physicians so much easier. If I need additional information or have a question about a charge, I can send the charge directly back to the provider and they can send it to me with the revisions. With paper, I would have to call or email them about it."

Alicia Gongora, Obstetrix Medical Group of San Jose, California | OB/GYN

“pMD is very user friendly! It is so much easier than my old system; I don’t have to keep up with all of my different papers because I have my cell phone on me at all times. I’m very excited to keep using pMD!"

Shekinah Andrews, NP, UT Medical Group, Tennessee | Nephrology

"pMD is truly the best medical software company in the industry. Most companies oversell their features and under-deliver on their product. pMD is the exact opposite, with an amazing product, great support, and a responsive and receptive team of people. I am often critical of the technologies we must deal with, especially EMRs. pMD has always been a pleasant contrast to the experience with others."

Dr. Gary Jones, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I really like the pMD system. With the old system I used, we had to wait to find a computer. That added the risk of forgetting to bill for a patient, and that's missed money! It was very inefficient as well. I used to have to jump in and out of programs, minimize one screen, open another, and jump back and forth. It was very annoying. I used to dread doing my billing. It's very easy and very efficient to use pMD. I can now easily do my billing right after each patient. I can even do my billing while waiting in an elevator! It saves time and ensures I never fall behind. In addition, pMD has excellent support, something rarely seen in technology businesses today."

Dr. Robert Demartini, DFW Hospitalists, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is a great tool - highly recommended if you're a busy internal medicine doctor like me!"

Dr. Adebola Olatunji, Ft. Worth Internal Medicine, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"From our office staff and billing department, to our providers, pMD has improved every aspect of our billing process. It's easy, efficient, paperless...AMAZING! The support team is outstanding, the program is innovative and always improving. Makes it easy to forget what our process was like before pMD saved the day!!"

Dawn Lowe, Financial Supervisor, The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio | Multi-Specialty

"pMD has been a blessing for me. The cards we used before were difficult to manage but pMD is easy and I can submit my billing daily now."

Dr. Robert Gerber, Ohio Chest Physicians | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"Y'all have a great product. I enjoy working with your company. It's one of the best technologies I have seen in medicine for some time."

Dr. H. Chris Waterer, Jackson Heart Clinic | Cardiology

"Prior to using pMD for capturing PQRS data, everything was done manually in spreadsheets. Not only was this time-consuming but also frustrating. The process is much more efficient now and a whole lot better than anything I’ve done, ever. It took a while to get our group up and running with PQRS in pMD but once we did, it became much easier to keep up with everything PQRS-related. The ability to see in real-time the measures being met and whether they are low-quality or not is amazing. We are able to take immediate action based on this information. pMD is the only company I recommend to everyone!"

Kelly Talley, Business Office Manager, Siskin Spine & Rehabilitation Specialists, Tennessee  | Rehab

"pMD is so easy and straightforward to use. pMd consultants are very professional and helpful."

Dr. Igor Georgievskiy, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Connecticut | Nephrology

“I’ve never in my life had the ease to bill like this and I’ve been doing this for a long time.” 

Dr. Regina Zambrano, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Genetics

“pMD is very straightforward and easy to use!”

Dr. Ziad Sergie, Monmouth Cardiology, New Jersey | Cardiology

"pMD is amazing. I don't think it could be any easier. I finish my shift and am able to approve all of my charges within 5 minutes! I wholeheartedly endorse pMD!"

Dr. John Chauvin, Baptist Primary Care, Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I have been very happy with all aspects of pMD; charge entry for physicians/APPs, interfacing to our hospital and PM system, reporting, and especially happy with the support! It is very easy for my coding staff to split the work, keep track of where they are with their own charges (with notes and batching into unique queues), and, with a glance, manage and see all charges for our group. The pMD support team has been exceptional! They have been very responsive to questions and issues with detailed and clear instructions. I highly recommend pMD!"

Brenda Ray, CBO Director, CardioVascular Associates of the Southeast | Cardiology

"pMD has been great and has actually decreased the overall work for my staff, which is a good thing!"

Penny Hamilton, Office Manager, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Cardiovascular

"I found pMD very easy to learn! I love that you can free text in diagnoses and easily add/remove patients from the census. The ability to Message About a Patient (MAP) will help our group to save time and communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner."

Dr. Cedric Spak, Tarrant County Infectious Disease Associates,Texas | Infectious Disease

"pMD is amazing. It's very easy to use and I like that it's built into the iPhone software. It's a very good app."

Dr. Walid Tanyous, Gulf Coast Medical Group, Florida  | Critical Care

"I've found the pMD program to be easy to use and a rapid way to place charges in a very convenient format. It is a very easy way to share a working patient list with my colleagues. It makes coding so much easier."

Dr. Richard A. Claiborne, Via Christi Clinic, Kansas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is great.  It's easy in that we can see where everything in the billing cycle is at any moment for providers and staff accountability. It's also easy visually with everything all on one screen. Things are easy to find in pMD compared to the EMR. Some of the things pMD will allow us to do is to support our staff while working from home since it's easy to monitor the timing of charges and productivity. It has also helped us to capture procedures missed by the doctors. The visit screen points them to a note which mentions a procedure they have no charge for. We have routinely captured charges this way that we would have otherwise missed."

Corie Payne, Coding Supervisor, Pima Heart Physicians, Arizona | Cardiology

"With our old spreadsheet system, I sometimes had to research patient information for consults and put them in myself before I could do any billing. Finding a computer and waiting for the spreadsheet to load took time as well. With pMD, the patients are already there. So all I have to do is put in the diagnoses and charge, and I am done! pMD is very easy to use."

Dr. Jeremy Ramey, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Cardiology

"pMD has been so easy to use and is a vast improvement from what we've been doing! If a luddite like me can can use this system without any difficulty, then, clearly, anyone can!"

Dr. Glenn Robinson, Austin Gastroenterology, Texas | Gastroenterology

"I have never, ever spoken to anyone at pMD who is not the nicest, most helpful person ever. It is so much easier then the old paper system we had been using!"

Mary Eigel, Billing Specialist, Mt. Auburn Nephrology, Ohio | Nephrology

"I like using pMD because it works exactly the way a doctor thinks about following patients in the hospital. It's great to see my patients and the details of their encounters side by side on the iPad as I'm rounding."

Dr. Robert C Kowal, HeartPlace, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD recognizes that not all physician based practices work the same way. This is true for our practice since our physicians would work off location from our business office. pMD was able to modify their charge capture system into an effective, easy to use tool for our organization. pMD has not only streamlined our billing procedure; they have also significantly reduced the delay time of billing data from our physician to our billing office.

pMD staff were not just there to help us during the training and implementation process, they were also there any time we had a question, needed an issue resolved, or had a suggestion for adapting to their system. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to make pMD work for your practice needs."

Katherine Buchanio, Billing Manager, Florida Wound Care Doctors | Surgery

"Our transition to pMD has been very smooth. We especially love the ability to audit and track down lost charges. Also, pMD's support has always been very responsive and extremely helpful!" 

Tamra Crespo, Biller, Austin Gastro, Texas | Gastroenterology

"I round at 4 hospitals and 5 dialysis units. I used to carry charge cards for billing and would routinely miss 4-5 bills per week (especially when I came in late at night to admit another MD's patient). The pMD charge capture has improved my charge capture rate tremendously, and my billing service noted an increase in billing by 10% since starting to use the software. Also, the billing service no longer calls to interpret my handwriting. The bills are going out daily, decreasing billing delays significantly. I like the program so much I am now using it for my office visits. Highly recommended."

Dr. Jeremy Gitomer, Kidney and Hypertension Clinic of Alaska | Nephrology

"This is a very slick app. I look at my list in the morning and instantly I know exactly who my partners saw last night and what was done. It's easy to learn, I no longer have any need for paper, nor do I ever want to go back. Now, when I go home, I don't have to worry about charges, I know I'm done."

Dr. Clark Harrison, Gastroenterology Consultants, Nevada | Gastroenterology

"I'm really liking this program and I'm really glad we're using it. It's user-friendly, easy to navigate and makes communication between providers and our billing company quicker and more efficient."

Diana Tidal, Nurse Practitioner, Associates in Infectious Diseases, Kentucky | Infectious Disease
"I worked with pMD to implement the software. I just wanted to say that they made it very easy, and were very informative and helpful to someone who is NOT a computer or cell phone wiz.  I felt very comfortable and assured that the pMD staff were there to support us."
Dr. Bryan Adkins, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Wound Care

"pMD is so wonderful! It has made my work life much better and easier. It is hands down the best billing and patient handoff tool imaginable!"

Veronica Henderson, NP, Geriatric Providers and Hospitalists, Ohio | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I implemented pMD with a large cardiology practice several years ago, and some of our doctors told me that it's the only good decision that the CBO ever made. The implementation was very easy, and we were able to put in several interfaces with the help of their incredible IT department. I call Adam the Wonder Boy."

Danny Conaway, Principal, CoreSolve Medical Solutions | Cardiology

“pMD secure messaging works very well. I’m able to send messages to my biller and also send attachments to my office staff, which they can easily download. It’s a very efficient system.”

Dr. Sri-Sujanthy Rajaram, Academic ICU Doc, New Jersey | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"It has been great working with pMD! The software is extremely user-friendly and the support staff is always willing to help with a positive attitude!"

Erica Miehl, Billing and Collections Manager, Gastro Health, Florida | Gastroenterology

"Our almost 50 providers at Southwest Kidney are using pMD happily. The user interface is very user friendly and intuitive without protracted learning. The software is easily customizable to meet the unique and changing needs of our specialty, delivering new functionality to us regularly - for example, tracking visits with home dialysis patients. I've used other charge capture software in the past that slowed me down - in contrast, I love using pMD on my BlackBerry. The software offers multi-platform support in the form of native BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad apps in addition to traditional Web browser, catering to the personal preferences of our physicians."

Dr. Gurdev Singh, Southwest Kidney Institute, Arizona | Nephrology

"pMD is a fantastic program. It's so comprehensive and easy to use. The reports are also really helpful. It's great!"

Judith Berg, NP, Northwest Indiana Nephrology | Nephrology

"I used pMD at a New York hospital and loved it. That made it the obvious choice when I started my Florida business. Fair enough, but when I looked at the competition I saw it was also the best choice. As we grew, pMD helped us provide excellent care through great communication and smooth patient hand-offs. That business was a success and I sold to a Florida Hospital - now I'm doing it all again, and again I chose pMD, a common thread through my successes."

Dr. Jeffrey Scott, Acute Care Specialists of Fort Myers, PLLC., Florida | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is the easiest billing software I have ever used."

Dr. Augusta Ngozi Uwah, Southwest Medical Associates, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"The ICD-10 transition has gone very smoothly for us thanks to pMD! The physicians felt very comfortable with the 10/1 go-live, mostly in part due to early exposure of the new codes that we were able to provide through pMD."

Chelly Winkler, Assistant Practice Administrator, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, California | Cardiology

“I love the pMD program. It’s been really fantastic and easy to use, both for our providers and the office staff. I can’t say enough great things about it! The customer support has also been so helpful. It’s been wonderful to work with pMD.”

Stephanie Dennis, Front Office Manager, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, Colorado | Oncology

"Since our initial implementation, I've heard nothing but great things about pMD! It's been a great benefit to our physicians and organization. We now get charges on the same day! The pMD support desk has been great as well. Any time we have a question, they are able to answer it on our first call."

Traci Stewart, Director of Practice Management, Marshall Medical Centers, Alabama | Multi-Specialty

"We absolutely love pMD! It’s the most efficient method of receiving charges I have ever used, and I love the messaging feature that allows us to communicate directly and securely with our providers."

Betty Nickovich, Assistant Physician Billing Manager, Horizon Financial Management | Multi-Specialty

"Before pMD, we were on an archaic paper system and the charges usually didn’t get completed until well into the next month. Since pMD, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the timeliness and accuracy of the Hospitalist charges. This change has improved our ability to track data and quickly address errors prior to sending charges to insurance. In addition, our doctors have performance bonuses based on the data in pMD and can track their progress in real time, which they appreciate. They are also using the Clinical Note in pMD to assist with shift signoff. The customer service is great - when I've had requests, their support team is always very timely in being able to address them."

Lisa Broderick, Practice Manager, St. Luke's Idaho Pulmonary Associates and St. Luke's Hospitalists, Idaho | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD was much easier to use than I thought it would be. Entering the charges was simple and easy."
Dr. Rodriguez, Physician Assistant, Texas Center for Urology  | Urology

"I've been using pMD for Android and I really like it a lot. It was smooth and intuitive to learn. It's going great - I've had no problems rounding on my patients and doing my billing."

Dr. Chad Barnes, The Kidney and Hypertension Center, Ohio | Nephrology

"Your product really rocks!!"

Dr. Dan Gavrila, Eastside Maternal Fetal Medicine, Washington | OB/GYN

"pMD is great and works a lot better than our previous charge capture program."

Dr. Denisha Rawlings, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I really like pMD. In additional to our billing, it helps with our patient signoff as well. We try to always do verbal signoffs, but it is great knowing that you can reference the patient's clinical note for all of the information in case we miss our phone call. pMD is a nice tool."

Dr. Parekh, Berkeley Pulmonary, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

pMD is infinitely faster and more accurate than our old system. I am all on board.

Keith Govednik, Senior Coding Specialist, Minnesota Oncology | Oncology

"I love pMD! It is easy to read and I find that the docs give me way more information than they ever did when we were using paper. The move to this software was the best decision!"

Lisa Eads, Office Manager, Pulmonary Associates of the South East, Alabama | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is an excellent program! It is very user-friendly and includes all of the right codes with great terminology. The pMD team is amazing!"

Dr. Monte Wu, East Bay Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"pMD is the best thing that we ever did. It has worked really well. We used to use a typewriter and have a complex paper system before we started using pMD to capture all of the charges."

Susan Melito, Practice Manager, Urological Associates of Bridgeport, Connecticut | Urology

"pMD is great. Their technical support is superb. This has made a huge difference for my practice and me. I was often behind with my billing and would have to rely on memory and scattered notes. All of that is history. I'm now able to remain current with my charges. Our billing service is very happy with pMD. We all love it!"

Dr. Alvaro Rodriguez, Rehabilitation Physicians Medical Group, California | Rehab

"pMD is great. Going live with pMD has made my life sooo much easier. I can honestly say that this is the first time that I feel as though I have a handle on the charges and billing. It is very easy to track who is not keeping up with their work, and to rein them in early."

Cyndi Williams, Baptist Primary Care - Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is a million times better than paper charges! I don't have to worry about faxing anything anymore. It allows me to use relevant codes, and the information is accurate."

Dr. Simon Okewole, Delta Convenient Care, Tennessee | Cardiology

"pMD is very user friendly, and the workflow has been smooth so far. I like that you can communicate HIPAA compliantly through the application, and send pictures back to our billing team."

Dr. Beverly Demchuk, American Heart Center, New Jersey | Cardiology

"pMD has been great! It's simple and easy to use. Their support staff is excellent as well!"

Dr. Rohit Rai, Island Primary Medical Associates, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I really like the pMD app, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. The support is hugely helpful if I have any questions."

Dr. Jason Edling, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"I really like pMD - it has helped make my rounding much more efficient! Having pMD on my iPhone allows me to be much more organized instead of having to keep with all of the information on paper."

Dr. Robert Brock, CardioVascular Associates, Alabama | Cardiology

"pMD has been an incredibly simple way to get my charges and the new coding system of ICD-10 under a simple way of navigating this complex business of medical bills. For me this is simple, effective, and affordable."

Dr. Krishna Raman, Texas | Nephrology

"Being an early adopter of pMD on the iPad has been fun because the developers have listened to my feedback and have already made some changes that I suggested to improve the software."

Dr. Fred E. Huss, Suburban Podiatry Group, Illinois | Podiatry

"I never knew a program like pMD existed! At my previous place we had to write down codes, patient names, and other information on lots of paper. It was a mess to handle. With pMD, everything is located on your phone and it's really easy to manage. It was very easy to learn and everything is very straightforward. I think pMD is a great program!"

Dr. Rodolfo Pigalarga, Gastro Health, Florida | Gastroenterology

"pMD is really easy to use. The easiest part of my job is now the billing!"

Dr. Christopher Allen, The Heart Specialty Associates, Missouri | Cardiology

“pMD is great. Before, we were doing everything on the computer and it was a disaster. Facebook is harder to use than pMD!”

Dr. Chris Ramos, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD is so much easier than the paper-based billing systems that I had used in the past. Previously, if a doctor lost an index card, we would lose the bill. Now, it's very easy to track and receive the charges. I really love it!"

Judi Deville, Biller, Midtown Urology, Georgia | Urology

"pMD has resulted in much improved patient tracking and charge capture in our large cardiology group (20 cardiologists, 7 hospitals). The Clinical Note and Note to Biller features have greatly improved communication amongst the partners and the billing staff."

Dr. Gary Woodworth, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, California | Cardiology

"pMD is a fantastic concept! It is so darn simple and cool, much easier than other software I’ve used. Everything just works, it’s so intuitive! The features are so helpful, especially for communication between everyone. You should be proud of what you’ve created!"

Dr. Steven Floerchinger, Alaska Trauma and Acute Care Surgery | Surgery

"pMD is a powerful tool. Not only does it make our billing quick and easy, but it provides a wealth of real-time data that our group uses to evaluate staff utilization rates, monitor diagnosis frequency, report to clinical registries, cross check other data sources and more. I'm constantly impressed by the entire pMD team; everyone is incredibly helpful. pMD continuously brings us new tools, and helps us get the most out of their product. We recently adopted pMD secure messaging, and it is a fantastic tool. The other day, I used pMD secure messaging to provide advice to a resident on a certain procedure. The resident was able to securely send me pictures through pMD so that I could give her specific and real time advice on how to proceed. Secure messaging will change the way we interact with our surgeons and other departments - I think it will replace the pager system completely."

Dr. Brian Benneyworth,  Indiana University | Critical Care

"pMD is going great! I like that the initial charges, follow-ups, and discharges are up top and quickly accessible, and also the ease of adding modifiers. I'm excited about the PQRS option to capture last year's quality measures. I enjoy working with pMD!"

Dr. Jason T. Gubler, Platinum Hospitalists, Nevada | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I love pMD. It has made my tracking, rounding, and charting so much easier."

Dr. William Zachary Taylor, Gastro One | Gastroenterology

"pMD charge capture and messaging has been going well and is easy to use. All of the new features, such as visit attachments, have been very helpful!"

Dr. Syed Alam, Syed Alam Pulmonary, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I just want to say thank you to pMD. I've been involved in numerous software implementations and pMD has been the most seamless software roll-out I've ever been a part of! It works great!"

Dr. James Asbury, Houston Hospitalist Associates, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is great, I really like it. I'm excited to finally have a unified process in place."

Dr. Mitual Gandhi, Virginia Cancer Specialists | Oncology

“pMD has made a huge difference for our group. The ability to easily monitor and report on what’s been completed has been a vast improvement from our previous paper billing process. It’s very easy and quick to do my billing from my iPad. pMD is extremely user-friendly and secure. I tell my colleagues who are hesitant that if I can do this at my age, they have no excuses!”

Dr. Veda Ackerman, Indiana University | Critical Care

"I never say things like this because I can be very hard to please, but pMD is slick and easy. I think the program is great and I really love it!"

Dr. Kirk Duncan, Nephrology Associates, Missouri | Nephrology

"We started out using pMD for one thing - hospital charge capture - but we keep discovering more ways that it can benefit us. For example, we received our PQRI funds earlier this month and it more than paid for a year's subscription to pMD for the group. We could not have done it without the help of pMD. The software was able to help me identify the patients who fit the criteria I needed for the chart audit performed in January, 2011. We participated via registry in 2010 (it was the only way we could participate) and pMD was the only way that I could pull the patient lists. This alone would have made pMD a very good investment for our company.

Going forward, pMD's on-the-fly PQRI support is incredible - it's by far the easiest way to participate that I have experienced. The system automatically prompts our physicians when an appropriate patient scenario is encountered and we can easily capture the correct code every time for claims submission. I'm so excited that we can use it for PQRI in addition to our hospital charge capture and outpatient appointment scheduling. It's a win-win!

Even beyond charge capture, office scheduling, and PQRI, we continue to find new uses for pMD. We have a relationship with The Christ Hospital in which we identify patients with certain diagnoses as candidates for research. Instead of reading through hundreds of charts, we have been able to use pMD's reporting capabilities to find these patients quickly.

In my book, this software rules!"

Marilyn J. Orr, Administrator, Tri-State Pulmonary Associates, Ohio | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I love pMD. It's so easy to use and I actually get to talk to a person when I have a problem! It's easy to search for codes, and it's very customizable, which makes entering in charges so much nicer.

Amy Bird, NP, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is great to work with, and they're soooooo responsive. I was in the carpool line waiting to pick up my kids and I sent pMD an email with some feedback. I had a response within 10 minutes."

Dr. Steven Davis, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is very convenient! I sometimes would take my billing sheet home and forget to bring it in the next day - which delayed submission of the charges. With pMD, I don't have to worry about that anymore. My billing goes out faster, and I'm less likely to misplace charges. I really like having immediate access to my patient list on my phone rather than fumbling with papers. We have also used pMD to check out patients for the weekend call coverage, and I find that it is easy to use and to update these clinical notes."

Dr. Juan A. Dumois, Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Infectious Disease

"We've been really happy with pMD! The team at pMD is very smart and always willing to help."

Petra Guerra, Billing Specialist, The Heart Care Center of Northwest Houston, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD's charge capture and secure messaging has been easy to learn. Everything has been going smoothly. It's a great product!"

Dr. George Booth, St. Luke's Pediatric Hospitalists, Idaho | Pediatrics

"I used to carry paper bills and cards around, and we can't do that with the amount of patients we have here. I think being able to send billing electronically is important so that nothing is missed. pMD also allows us to follow patients day to day very easily. Having patients grouped by locations is a big help. The software is very user friendly and easy to use."

Dr. Jacques Lamothe, CCN / HealthCare Partners - Cardiology, Nevada | Cardiology

"pMD is the best technology that has ever been added to our practice."

Dr. Monty Morales, Pima Heart Physicians, Arizona | Cardiology

"pMD is fantastic. Our physicians have said that it has really impacted their lives for the better. They love how easy it is to use and that they can see what has been submitted and billed. Even our least tech-savvy doctor likes it, and our billers love it too."

Lili Hildreth, Practice Administrator, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"Life is looking up - I love pMD. It is great to have something that simplifies things, and I love how fast you can modify everything in pMD. It's really easy to use and I don't have to lug around my paper card booklets anymore. We just finished bringing our provider group on to pMD a month ago, and I have only heard good things from my partners. It's so nice for us to have an automatically shared patient list that we can all access on our phones at any time. With voicemails and handwriting, it can sometimes be a guessing game when you're trying to communicate about patients. With pMD, I know exactly who my partners are talking about."

Dr. Frederick M. Costello, St. Luke's Idaho Cardiology Associates | Cardiology

"pMD is easy to use and very smart software. I really appreciate the feature in the calendar that automatically reads the codes I've typed into the description field. It magically categorizes them as CPT or ICD codes in the appointment!"

Judy Melish, Scheduler, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | ENT

"Our physicians say that pMD it is the first software in their career that is beneficial and not a hinderance. If I could have all my interactions with vendors be like my interactions with pMD, I would have no issues. pMD helps me sleep at night!"

Kathi Potts, Siskin Spine & Rehab, Tennessee | Pain Management

"pMD has allowed me to keep better track of my patients' billing, which has liberated time that I can now use for clinical concerns. Our office manager is now able to manage my billing so quickly and accurately as possibly eliminate the need for more full time employees."

Dr. Brian Dickover, Maurice Ndukwu, PC, Indiana | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD not only increased our capture of charge entry and tracking abilities but it has also assisted the physicians in making sure that every patient was seen daily and in a timely manner."

Stanley Brooks, Director, Baptist Neurology Group, Florida | Neurology

"pMD is very intuitive and user-friendly! The app is polished and easy to use. It's much better than the previous app we were using."

Dr. Raymond Ha, Bay Area Hospitalist Associates, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is great! It saves me tons of time when doing billing and is a secure sign out with my partners. pMD helps to ensure we are not missing any charges. Love it!"
Dr. Archana Aggarwal, Chabot Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"pMD is much easier to navigate compared to our old billing app."

Dr. Christopher Young, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I love pMD! I wasn't sure how to feel about it before we started using the software, but now I can say I love it!"

Toni Knight, Biller, University of Tennessee Medical Group | Ophthalmology

"pMD has been very well-received within our group! It's so nice to work with a vendor who really listens to our concerns and takes our feedback on the product into consideration. The providers know they are being heard and this makes them feel good!"

Michelle Quast, Director of Practice Operations, Minnesota Oncology | Oncology

"I’ve worked with lots of vendors in the market. And I have to say… when it comes to building interfaces, pMD stands out a tier above the others."

Noel Sabandith, Manager, Interfaces, athenahealth | HL7 Interfaces

"pMD works like a champ, and the training is fantastic!"

Christopher Morris, PA, Ironwood Physicians, Arizona | Oncology

"pMD is very easy to use, and I haven't had any problems. It has helped our practice a lot with billing, and using pMD is much easier than a paper system. I can do my billing as I'm going through my rounds, which is much easier than trying to remember everything at the end of the day. Today I did a consult and a cath, and I was able to bill those visits right away instead of waiting until this evening. Overall, pMD has been working very well for me."

Dr. Sandeep Hindupur, The Heart Specialty Associates, Missouri | Cardiology

"I think pMD is a great program! It's very user-friendly and simple to use. I like how it has a logical work flow and it lets me do my work fast. In addition to charge capture, we use pMD for our written sign out and to share comments on patients. This is a very helpful feature. I really like the report functionality as well - it gives me access to a lot of information! The pMD staff have been incredibly helpful and very pleasant."

Dr. Shirley Jankelevich, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Infectious Disease

"I'm so excited to have everything in one place. I'm really looking forward to ditching our previous old-school ways of circling the proper code on a notecard. It’s just a matter of choosing the correct diagnostic code, but finding them was easy with pMD!”

Dr. Connor Healey, Huntington Hospital, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Using pMD is so simple, easy and fast. Searching for codes is very easy because it is like a google search, as I type, it searches. I put in a diagnosis and charge for a patient and the next day all of the codes carry forward for the patient's next visit. It's easy rounding with pMD."

Dr. Abdus Lakhani, Shifa Clinic, Indiana | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I appreciate the staff being so accommodating regarding our suggestions on time saving processes and their help on making the appropriate changes happen. I LOVE pMD! It has made everything transparent, it is like having a GPS on each provider."

Becky Christain, CEO, Sleep Analysts, Missouri | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

“pMD is very simple, very intuitive and I like it! I can’t believe how easy it is to navigate through the app!"

Dr. Michael Krier, Memorial Physicians - Gastroenterology, Washington | Gastroenterology

"I have been extremely pleased with the iPhone software. I love the user interface - it is very intuitive and entering charges is a breeze! Having a mobile patient list with updates in real time has been our holy grail and we have finally found it!"

Dr. Madhu Kollipara, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"Since I started using pMD, I have had no problems. It's very easy to use and much easier than the system we used to have in place!"
Erin Smith, Physician Assistant, Hughston Clinic, Georgia | Orthopedics

"pMD is the first work-adopted software I can easily grade as a positive."

Dr. John Morrow, Cardiology Associates of Mobile, Alabama | Cardiology

"pMD is the best software ever!"

Dr. Michael Todd Czarnecki, MD Total Care, PLLC, Tennessee | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD has been really easy to use from the get-go! It has made capturing my charges easy and really convenient! The secure messaging has been really great too and I especially love the goat noise whenever I get a message!"
Teresa Varney, Physician Assistant, Thomas Health Systems, West Virginia | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD training went very smoothly. I'm amazed at how easy it is to use and I know that this will be super convenient for me in the long-run when it comes to billing for my patients at the hospital.”

Dr. Melanie Valentin, ID Care, New Jersey | Infectious Disease

"pMD has been great so far and the customer support is outstanding!"

Dr. Ritchie Chiu, Nephrology Associates of S.W. Ohio | Nephrology

"I really like pMD. It's really fast and easy. In the past, doctors would sometimes forget to input charges. The PAs would have to come back to me and I would have to dig into the logs to look things up.  With pMD, I don't have to worry about this anymore."

Connie Doyle, Administration, IU Health Pediatric Pulmonology, Indiana | Pediatrics

"I don't go home with pockets full of paper anymore. I don't have to carry around facesheets to write down charges or a rounding list to know what patients to see, everything is in my phone. Also, all of our billing is done the same day because the office has access to charges right away. pMD helps guide patient care because all of my partners share a census list that is continuously updated with sign off notes. When my partner is called in to visit a patient, all they have to do is look at the sign off note on their phone to see what has been done and what the plan is."

Dr. Irteza B. Inayat, Gastroenterology Associates of Osceola, Florida | Gastroenterology

"pMD is so much more than charge capture software. Most importantly, pMD is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, so you get almost immediate compliance from the doctors (and greatly improved revenue cycle outcomes as a result!)."

Dr. Scott Enderby, Bay Area Hospitalist Associates, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD was smooth and easy, and the training session was very helpful!"

Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I used to start rounds in the hospital and realized that I was about 20 minutes behind another doctor. Every patient chart that I looked in had already been seen, but I didn't realize that until I was already with the patient. With pMD, I can view my census in real time, so I can see which patients have already been seen and which patients I still need to see. It's made me much more efficient and saved a lot of my time in the hospital. I love pMD, and we can't do without it now. It's like we were driving Chevys before and then got into a Cadillac. And once you've driven the Cadillac, you realize that you can never go back to the Chevy."

Dr. Ted Portnay, Cardiology Associates of Fairfield County, Connecticut | Cardiology

"pMD is very easy to navigate for billing purposes. It’s really a great program! We did super bills before which was very slow, but now the charges come through as soon as the doctor checks that everything looks good. The appointment scheduling in pMD is also very easy!

Terri Buonano, Office Manager, Regina Rossi DO, LLC, New Jersey | Family Medicine

"I really like the pMD system. The workflow is simple and straightforward. I like that it isn't as complicated as our current EMR system and that it's linked to the NPI registry! I know when the doctor's assistant gets back, pMD is going to make her job much easier and save her a lot of time and paperwork."

Thuni Xayasengchanh, Biller, Peak Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Alaska | Neurology

"Using pMD at our practice has been great. I love this product!"

Waltrica Nichols, Clinic Office Manager, Baptist Premier Medical Group, Mississippi | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is so much easier to use than I was expecting. They also have an excellent training and support staff!"

Gregory Criscuolo, Physician Assistant, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Connecticut | Orthopedics

"pMD is so easy to use, no wonder everyone loves it! It's much better than the paper billing sheets."

Beth Wallace, NP, St. Vincent's, Connecticut | Cardiology

"I had not seen patients in a couple of years and the previous billing was all paper. Using pMD is really straightforward, easy to use and kind of fun!"

Dr. Nancy Swigonski, Indiana University | Pediatrics

"pMD is fan-fricken-tastic!"

Dr. Eric Castleman, COR Healthcare, California | Cardiology

"We are very happy with the system after a couple months of using pMD. I am certain that the billing from our multiple hospital visits and procedures is more timely and accurate than ever. The monthly fee is a small price to pay for all the papers I no longer have in my car and in my pockets. It also enhances communication with my associate who also sees many consults in the hospital."

Dr. Manuel Padron, EPE, Florida | Urology

"pMD Messaging works really well and is an efficient way of sending messages across our group. It has replaced our regular text messaging system, where we had to be very vague because we couldn’t text patient information. This messaging solves the inefficiencies of regular text messaging and it's also HIPAA compliant.

pMD's message reminders have been great when we forget to check a message. The reminders are important because the messages can contain critical patient information, and as surgeons we might forget to look at our messages after a long surgery. pMD sends the reminders for me so I don't miss any messages. It’s nice to have a reminder that tells you to check your messages - it’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket."

Dr. Ali Borhan, Affiliated Urologists, Arizona | Urology
"Adam has been one of the most responsive individuals I have ever worked with and has addressed every one of our needs in what seems like minutes. I have had the same feedback from my billing company as well.

Everyone is extremely happy with the product and pMD's ability to customize the system so our physicians are happy. As we all know, happy physicians make happy administrators."
Robert Shaw, COO, Children's and Women's Physicians of Westchester, New York | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is really helping our group! The fact that the diagnosis carry over is great. We can add them in for our doctors which saves them time and allows us to be as detailed as possible. I also really like the secure messaging aspect. Our group sends messages to share information on a daily basis and the fact that you can send pictures is an additional plus!"

Rebekah Koza, Nurse Practitioner, Baptist Health Centers, Inc., Alabama | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to use pMD to securely communicate with other providers about our patients!”
Dr. Dorota Szczepaniak, IU Health Pediatrics, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD provides some great tools. The secure messaging is especially helpful to me - I use it to easily communicate with other providers within the hospital, like the cardiologists. And, using the billing functionality is simple and quick."

Dr. Edward Liechty, Indiana University | Neonatology

"pMD has made communication easier between physicians because we can share a census and leave sign off notes for each other. I also like having access to patients' information and visit histories all in one place. Before pMD, we had to check off boxes and write charges on index cards and then turn them in to the biller. Now we put charges in pMD and the biller just has to double check it is correct. The physicians and billers save a lot of time."

Dr. Sheldon Pike, Urological Consultants, New York | Urology

"pMD has built demographics, appointment and charge interfaces with our in-house practice management software for our shared clients. Even when the customer's needs were complicated, the interfaces have worked exceptionally well. Not every software company is the same when it comes to interfacing, and I've found pMD to be easy to work with and quick to get results."

Juan Arroyo, Vice President, Custom Data Solutions | HL7 Interfaces

"pMD is a very straightforward tool, the only problem with pMD is that you get addicted to your phone. It makes rounding on our patients easier and expedites billing. Having my list of patients in my hand helps me keep track of the 20-30 patients I see on a daily basis. Everyone in the practice is very busy so capturing charges at the point of service makes sure we don't miss any and our billers get charges immediately. My colleagues sign out patients in pMD, so being on call is much smoother and saves me a lot of time."

Dr. Saud Butt, The Kidney and Hypertension Center, Ohio | Nephrology

"My reconciliation process before was really tedious and time consuming. pMD's reporting makes this a much shorter process."

Ivelisa Smith, Office Manager, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"We love pMD! pMD has allowed us to streamline our billing by allowing our doctors to quickly enter and submit their charges. They love the ability to send notes to our billers easily and efficiently to convey what more needs to be done. We also love the continuity of knowing that we are billing for the correct patient each time. There can be hundreds of patients with the same name, and with pMD, we are able to confidently and accurately bill for each patient without fear of billing for the wrong person. pMD was a great choice for us!"

Lynda Rainey, Office Manager, Richmond Cardiology Associates, Virginia | Cardiology

"pMD is very simple and super user-friendly!"

Rebecca Kreis, NP, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers, Arizona | Oncology

"pMD is incredibly intuitive to use. A lot of care goes into designing each new feature so that it doesn't require training to learn and it doesn't disrupt existing users - something I've rarely seen with other vendors. I wish this company would build an EMR too!"

Dr. Tom Lawrie, Sharp Healthcare, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I find the Messaging About Patients functionality in pMD very useful. I make it a point to use it because the next time the patient comes back, I can pull up the previous messages about the patient right there."

Dr. Isaac Alamuri, New York | Family Medicine

"Using pMD was a pretty seamless transition for using a new system! They made billing much easier." 

Dr. Jane Donovan, Thomas Health Systems, West Virginia | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is going really well. Everything is really easy. pMD is much easier than other systems I have used in the past."
Dr. Marcus Cox, Baptist Health, Florida | Cardiology

"pMD's messaging about a patient works great. I like it because I can send it straight from the patient profile to other doctors so they know exactly who we're talking about." 

Dr. Carrie S. Platt, Heart Center of North Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is the one change you will make that your physicians are GUARANTEED to thank you for. Since implementing pMD, our hospital charges are correct, legible, and posted daily! Before pMD, charges were posted every nine days and the process of obtaining the charges was very time consuming. Also, posting monthly dialysis charges has gone from a two week process to a two day process! The interface between pMD and Allscripts has made the process even more seamless and our revenue stream has improved considerably. The training and support you receive is exceptional."

Lane Floyd, Practice Administrator, Charleston Nephrology Associates, South Carolina | Nephrology

"I like the ease of finding diagnoses in pMD.  I can see relevant choices and pick the best one.  I think the census is visually appealing compared to others I have used and the clinical note works very well with Siri as a sign out tool."

Dr. Haneen Aibak, Locum Tenens Physician, Washington | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD has worked very well, and I'm happy with how easily we switched to it. All the docs have said good things about it."

Dr. James Strickland, Birmingham Pulmonary Group, Alabama | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"We love pMD! For the billing office, it's been like witnessing the clouds parting and the angels singing!"

Rhonda Costa, Senior Coder, CardioVascular Associates, Alabama | Cardiology

"pMD is great software for billing and keeping track of patients. It's very user friendly and the setup is very easy to understand and follow. pMD provides excellent customer support and they will go through each step of the process with you. You can call them anytime and you get excellent support. They even called me on my first day of using the application to check if everything went smoothly!!!"

Dr. Saurabh Chandra, Tristate Pulmonary Associates, Ohio | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is extremely user friendly. Their support team is very helpful. Questions are answered in a timely manner and problems are rectified quickly. pMD saves our billing office lots of time and we are assured that our billing is accurate. I have never had any down time with pMD. I love pMD!"

Garnetta Peterson, Billing Office Manager, Midtown Urology, Georgia | Urology

"pMD is really easy to use.  It is a very unique program.  I like how it is very clean and not full of clutter.  If you can read, you can use pMD!"

Mattie Preston, Administrator, Triton Hospitalists, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD has been great! It's really easy to use. I love that I can easily track my patients. It's taken a lot off my shoulders."
Dr. Shilo Kramer, Concierge Rehabilitation Medicine, New York | Rehab

"pMD has been working well! So far it's the easiest thing I've had to learn. It's a slick app."

Dr. Erwin Manalo, Siskin Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists, Tennessee | Rehab

"I love that I can filter down my pMD census on my BlackBerry to show only the patients that I still need to see. If you're seeing 40 patients, it can be impossible to try to remember where you are on your rounds. But pMD does this for me, and it has been an invaluable tool. We've been really, really pleased with the program."

Dr. James Tumlin, Nephrology Associates, Chattanooga, Tennessee | Nephrology
"pMD is really easy to use. It's helped a lot with keeping track of the patients I need to see. I'm glad to know that there is a great support staff to assist me with the program."
Charlie Waugh, Nurse Practitioner, Birmingham Heart Clinic, Alabama | Cardiology

“pMD is so easy to use! The secure messaging is great for sending patient health information!”

Rebecca Kroner, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Indiana University | Neonatology

"pMD is the best system that I have seen!"

Dr. Dominic Jaeger, St. Dominic's Medical Associates - Hospitalists, Mississippi | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is really easy! It's much better than what we had going. It's really easy to search for diagnoses."

Dr. Anthony Pozun, Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd., Arizona | Cardiology

"pMD is amazing! It's really good and easy to use."

Debbie Wood, Inter ID, Oklahoma | Infectious Disease

"pMD is very intuitive and is a refreshing change from many of the other medical IT systems I have had to learn!"

Dr. Vikas Jindal, HeartPlace, Texas | Cardiology

"The system you have to capture charges and information in electronic format is fantastic.  pMD is much better than paper and so well organized."

Dr. Ali Ghane Bassiri, Bay Area Hospitalist Associates, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I was worried about pMD and how negatively it would effect me. 3x5
cards are comforting because they are tangible. But, they can also be
misplaced. I've been able to determine that I was underpaid in the
past, so I do a fair amount of auditing to make sure that the billers
receive my cards. I dislike progress for the most part, but pMD is
amazingly intuitive. The first 'upgrade' in 8 years that I have not
hated. This is great software."

Dr. Deric Patterson, St. Luke's Idaho Internal Medicine, Idaho | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Everything with pMD is going great! I use it all the time without any issues or questions. It's been very easy."

Cheri Mullens, Nurse Practitioner, Heart South Cardiovascular Group, P.C., Alabama | Cardiovascular

“pMD has been working well for me. I can’t say this about many things, but pMD is actually faster than the paper system I was using! It’s easy to just use my phone and be done with my billing instead of carrying around all of the paper lists and charge books.”

Dr. Mikhail Shtivelband, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers, Arizona | Oncology

"pMD has significantly stream-lined our billing process. Prior to pMD, we would wait for weeks and sometimes even months to get charges from our providers with the paper process. We dreaded month-end knowing that we were going to get bombarded with over a hundred providers’ hospital charges on the last couple days of the month! With pMD, the work load is spread out consistently over the course of the month. After running a report to compare with the prior year, the average charge lag has been drastically reduced by 76 percent, which in-turn means quicker turnaround time for payment and no more write-offs for missing the payer’s file limit. This is not to mention that the volume of the charges billed out has gone up significantly since papers are not being lost or held on to for long periods of time. The providers are all very happy with pMD as well! They are not only able to enter their charges quickly and efficiently, but they can also run reports on their charges as well."

Sarah Bishop, Charge Capture Manager, Community Care Network, Indiana | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is exactly what we were looking for. I wish that our EMR was this intuitive and easy to use. pMD has been excellent for collecting charges as well.

We had an employee spending at least a day a week driving around and collecting paper charges from different hospitalist services at various hospitals and now we can use her time much more efficiently as all our charges are now sent electronically."

Dr. Michael Mullowney, The Alaska Hospitalists Group | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is great! It is very user-friendly."

Dr. Rajesh Putcha, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"We love pMD! It makes life so much easier for the office and for the doctors!"

Lori Tompkins, Marshall Medical Centers, Alabama | Multi-Specialty

"We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to your solution from the physicians who have worked so far. And your support has been great - in fact, our biller goes out of her way to talk about how helpful your team is."

Steve Ramirez, CFO, San Diego Hospital Based Physicians, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is so user-friendly, which is always a plus when you're multitasking. I like that it alerts you by text message when someone responds to your message, especially if you are not logged into the website or app!"
Cindy Morales, Operator, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"I was losing $$$ on charges because I couldn't keep up. We used a really cumbersome system for charges. I would get busy and my stack of index cards would pile up and I didn't know if I had kept them up to date. With pMD, I enter my charges right away and can keep track of who I need to see. I love that it is sent directly to my staff. I tried some other systems and it was very difficult to retrieve the charges. Not so with pMD. There have been no glitches getting the information. My staff loves having the correct ICD codes as well. It has made their life much easier. Wish I would have found pMD sooner!"

Dr. Michele Wood, Metropolitan Neurology, Missouri | Neurology

"pMD is a lot better than doing things on paper. It’s an easier way of sharing patient data across the group, especially when multiple people are caring for one patient."

Dr. Tokunbo Matthews, The Alaska Hospitalist Group | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I like the messaging feature that is specifically linked to a patient. It takes less time scrolling through messages finding recommendations or orders. I'm now able to click directly on a patient's name and see the associated conversations."

Rachel Fairchild, Nurse Practitioner, GI Associates and Endoscopy Center, Mississippi  | Gastroenterology

"The pMD program is very easy to use. The ability to keep track of my patients in one place is such an improvement. Also, having my billing history readily available allows me to keep better records. This is an outstanding program and I really enjoy using it for my practice.

The training session was very helpful and made my transition to pMD very easy. All the important aspects and program features were covered in detail. I felt very prepared after the session to use the program to its fullest."

Dr. George S. George, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Cardiology

"The pMD app is so sleek, simple, and easy to use. I get my billing done easily and within 10 minutes. pMD has an intuitive set up with minimal clutter, and if I have any questions the staff is amazing. They will guide you through the process and answer any silly questions that come up. There's also a web counterpart to the app which allows you to run reports to see how productive you are and how many patients you're seeing in any given timeframe. I would highly recommend pMD to increase your efficiency and reimbursements."

Dr. Nimra Sarfaraz, Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illinois | Rehab

"pMD's customer service is the greatest! They set such a high standard and it doesn't matter which pMD staff member I speak with. Every time I call, they are always so responsive and helpful. Thank you!"

Julia Vizental, Bay Area Hospitalist Associates, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Not all software implementations always go smoothly, but pMD has been one that has been great for our practice! It's allowed us to securely communicate about hospital patients and has significantly improved our billing process and charge lag. Our organization is now excited to start rolling out pMD to other specialties!"

Dr. Jerry Champ, AnMed Health, South Carolina | Cardiology
"Everything with pMD has been great so far! Charge capture and messaging have been easy to learn and use. It's made my life easier!"
Dr. Madhuri Kamatham, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"Before pMD Messaging, our group was forced to be very vague in our messages using regular text systems. It was a pain, and it wasn’t anywhere near as easy as the messaging in pMD. pMD Messaging is very helpful because we can text each other over a secure system and not have to leave out any patient information. It's quick - I find it’s quicker than using regular text messages. It also makes it easy and convenient to communicate because I have the entire list of my practice associates in front of me."

Dr. Daniel Jaffee, Affiliated Urologists, Arizona | Urology

"pMD has made my billing so much easier and a lot faster. The customer service has always consistently been prompt, knowledgable and very helpful."

Dr. Ernesto Ruas, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Plastic Surgery

"I like being able to do all my work and billing in pMD during my rounds. I like knowing my census, and I almost never have to use a computer. There’s a lot of good stuff with pMD."

Dr. Riad Lutfi, IU Health Pediatric Critical Care, Indiana | Pediatrics

"The pMD technology is brilliant. For someone who is not as technologically savvy, the software is very intuitive. I am also impressed that the pMD team came out to Denver to meet us all in person!"

Dr. Melissa Coomes, New West Physicians, Colorado | Family Medicine

"I just started using pMD, and this system is great. I see a lot of patients every day, and pMD makes it so easy to stay on top of my billing. I used to keep a log in a book, and it was a challenge to manage information for so many patients on paper. I love using the census list as a reference; I can rely on it to show me which patients have already been seen and how many patients need to be seen. I took an intensive Healthcare Finance class during my Nurse Practitioner training, and I know that accurate and timely billing is extremely important. With pMD, I can enter visit charges into my BlackBerry immediately and I'm done. pMD is amazing because it makes sending my visits in accurately, and right away, a simple process for me."

Autumn Schneider, NP, The Kidney and Hypertension Center, Ohio | Nephrology

"pMD makes it so much easier to communicate with our billers!"

Dr. Victor Ciofoaia, St. Vincent's, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD has set the bar higher for all other vendors, and I keep having to tell our staff that they cannot expect other vendors to meet that standard. pMD trained all of our doctors and billers, and the implementation went so smoothly. It's very refreshing. The team's support has been great throughout the entire process."

Jon Cohen, IT Administrator Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD has increased my efficiency in billing by having access to the software on my phone. I was out of state and could access pMD from my phone when I was 750 miles from home. Paper billing would not have allowed me that luxury! My 95-year-old mother was astounded to think I could do my work from my phone! Thanks, pMD!"

Ann Coon, NP, IU Health Developmental Pediatrics, Indiana | Pediatrics

"It's nice to have an electronic system that's actually helpful. pMD saves me a lot of time, and it's much easier than what we were doing before."

Dr. Mary Blades, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Wound Care

"It's saving me lots of time. It has been a phenomenal experience. It is a phenomenal product. The pMD client care is also remarkable. Our group enjoys using it."

Dr. Valentino Fernandes, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"Things are going well for us, and we've had good buy in from our group. The pMD team has been great, and we have been very impressed."

Dr. Michael Akom, Maine Nephrology Associates | Nephrology

"I have been extremely happy with the pMD system! We believe it has made a noticeable difference in our cash flow, which makes the physicians very happy! I would have to say what I like most about it is that everything is very legible, clear, and concise. Having worked in the billing/coding field for well over 20 years, I appreciate no longer having to figure out physicians' handwriting! Also, I am able to get the charges from them much faster using this system. I am able to post and bill charges DAILY rather than WEEKLY, therefore, better cash flow. I also appreciate the quick response I have gotten from Lindsay, the few times I have needed her. Thanks so much."

Tina Richardson, Billing Specialist, Coastal Carolina Nephrology, South Carolina | Nephrology

“pMD is the easiest thing I’ve ever used. It’s way easier and faster than my previous billing process. It’s pretty slick! Where has this been all my life?”

Dr. Patricia Clark, Ironwood Physicians, Arizona | Oncology

"pMD has been awesome to use since we started using it. You guys have been really helpful. Keep up the great work!"

Dr. Johnna Jackson, Thomas Health Systems, West Virginia | Surgery
"pMD has been going great since we implemented several months ago. It's very user-friendly and I no longer have any missed charges!"
Dr. Woljiech Mazur, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Cardiovascular

"pMD has been awesome. It has made everyone's life so much easier when it comes to billing, and doctors don't have to carry around all that paper anymore!"

Bobbi Jo Knight, Practice Administrator, St. Dominic's Medical Associates - Hospitalists, Mississippi | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"I love your software! pMD always works and whenever I call you, I always hang up satisfied!"
Brenda Lindsey, Finance Manager, Central Coast Chest Consultants, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"The interface is user friendly and intuitive. The program syncs reliably and has not crashed even once. Using both a BlackBerry and an iPad gives me lots of flexibility. I love that I can get my billing done on my BlackBerry by the time I have finished walking to my car in the parking lot. Whereas at facilities where we have a longer patient list, I like using my iPad as I can multitask like listening to music, while scrolling on a bigger, touch screen instead of trackball."

Dr. Vijay Kumar, Southwest Kidney Institute, Arizona | Nephrology
"Our group loves that we can now use pMD to text HIPAA-compliantly. We also like the ability to upload files and pictures to send to one another. Consults are now securely communicated to all the physicians. Nurse Practitioners utilize pMD messaging to communicate back and forth with the physicians to provide better patient care. We've even used the group text functionality for general reminders and upcoming meetings. It's been really easy to use!"
Cassie Alvis, Hospitalist Manager, Hospitalists Services of Alabama | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"The brand new 'messaging about a patient' feature is really great. We use it internally to notify the staff of various issues that come up with patients so that everyone has easy access to the same information, all organized on the patient record. It's really, very useful! Now, if only pMD would embed a coffee or chocolate dispenser into their software, then we'd really be all set!"

Rose Spadaro, Daniel Levy, M.D., New York | Cardiology

"pMD is a user friendly billing program. It's super easy to use, especially on the iPad!"

Dr. Darren Kastin, Suburban GI, IL | Gastroenterology

"To be honest, I was a little nervous about moving to an electronic system when our practice decided to start using pMD. At my last practice, I had to use another electronic system on my phone and it was awful. pMD works really well! It is really easy to use and I like it."

Dr. Dana Bussing, Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illinois | Rehab

"pMD is a very cool app! Really user-friendly and extremely easy to use. I would definitely recommend the app/service to fellow colleagues."

Dr. Francisco Cota, Cardiology Care Consultants, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD has been great for our practice! I like that I don't have to beg the doctors for their charges anymore. The billing is so much easier to manage with pMD now. The doctors also love that they can see all of their appointments and meetings right from pMD on their phones.

It's also been great to be able to securely message the physicians and staff from my phone or computer dashboard without having to worry about violating HIPAA. We really like the feature which gives us the ability to share photos and invite new users securely!"

Brenda Kingsley, Alaska Children's Heart Center | Cardiology

"pMD is a great application for billing with many features. It's also very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process which allows us to submit our charges sooner and not delay billing."

Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Psychology

"pMD has been a big help at our practice. Even some initial skeptics, who had tried other products, were quickly converted. From my point of view, pMD has made an impact in 4 key ways.

1. We no longer have to worry about paper. Carrying my charges on a sheet of paper was always uncomfortable, like showing up to class unprepared for a test! Thanks to pMD, I know my charges have reached my billers instantly.

2. Visit History: Being able to pull up details of previous patient encounters is incredibly helpful. I can see any previous encounter for a patient, regardless who saw him, and all relevant encounter details.

3. Sign out has been almost eliminated. Rather than calling my partners and having to deal with missed calls, and missed call backs, we can leave notes about patients-available immediately, right from the phone. This probably saves me a 10-15 minutes every Friday. It may not seem like a lot, but if you add that up, over a year, it can approach 8-12 hours-at least a full work day (and that doesn't include time lost trying to reach the other party).

4. Scheduling: I can see all patient appointments and enter charges for them, right on my phone. Sure this can be done at a computer with a lot of systems, but being able to glance at your phone on Sunday night, and knowing exactly what's on the calendar for Monday is incredibly convenient."

Dr. Pierce Dotherow, Gastrointestinal Associates, P.A., Mississippi | Gastroenterology
"We love the software and the quick way we can bring the charges across to our billing system to post. Our providers find pMD to be very efficient to use and have confidence their charges are being captured and billed."
Barbara Hurlbert, Director of Revenue, Baptist Neurology, Florida | Neurology

"pMD is amazing! I'm ready to sign up all the doctors I work with for the software. Using pMD is so easy, and it will save me so much time processing charges."

Angela Aaron, Billing Specialist, Integra Medical Business Resources, Texas | Multi-Specialty

"Thank you for your product. The time that it has saved me is quite significant and I often reflect on that. I believe the entire group has benefited. We also have had a significant drop in A/R days which we believe is a result of pMD. Thanks again."

Dr. Steven L. Dumbauld, The Kidney and Hypertension Center, Ohio | Nephrology

"pMD is great software and we like using it. As doctors, it saves us time because we're able to easily access and share patient information while we are rounding. pMD makes it easy for us to get all of our billing in on time. It's really easy to use and it's a great tool!"

Dr. Emad Khieran, Kennewick Physician Group, Washington | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD has been convenient and easy to use. It's nice not to have to come back to the office to enter charges after rounding at the dialysis clinic all day."
Dr. Linh Thong, Nephrology Specialists Medical Group Inc., California | Nephrology

"I found it helpful to speak with someone while doing the setup and the training. Not only was it a good use of my time but, it was quick, informative and I was able to start listing my visits immediately! We providers like things, like pMD, that are of high value."

Dr. Stacy Johnson, UCH, Tennessee | Nephrology

“We just began receiving the automated patient discharge alerts from pMD and they’re great! This will be very helpful for us in the office in following up with our patients in a timely manner."

Loretta Jaynes, Medical Administrative Assistant, Office of Dr. Hisham Bismar, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is helpful to me both as a mobile charge capture service and also for managing my patient list. I enjoy using it, and I look forward to our entire group using this."

Dr. George Gilligan, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
“Every medical software company should emulate pMD’s program. The software is smart and simple. I hope that the medical community begins to embrace the use of technology in the health care industry. Not only myself but also my partners have embraced pMD so well and are very happy to use it for so many reasons.”
Dr. Kalyan Kanneganti, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD is the best thing that's happened to our practice. We don't use paper anymore and we are a lot more organized than before because we do all of our billing through the app. I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Terrence Baruch, Foothill Cardiology, California | Cardiology

"pMD is so easy to use. If you can hold a beer, then you can use pMD."

Dr. Shari Morgan, The Alaska Hospitalists Group | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"We've had no problems with pMD for the iPhone. I think it's great! The push technology in particular plays a huge role in our business and greatly assists us in sharing information. pMD integrates seamlessly with the iPhone - it's beautifully designed to take advantage of this device."

Dr. Michael Mumma, Florida Cardiac Consultants | Cardiology

"After years of working with physicians on the billing and coding side while juggling many different providers involved with many separate practices, pMD has been an instrumental tool to help improve our efficiency. I tried over the years to develop systems to keep track of physician charges - from the card files to scraps of paper. The task of tracking and capturing all of the physicians' charges was daunting. The staff at pMD has been so helpful with the implementation to make the transition for providers and staff seamless! Even for the physicians that were reluctant to transition from the “way we have always done it," the change has been very smooth.

With the implementation of pMD into our practices, a physician can have the information at his fingertips without taking the time to call me and see if “Mrs. _______'s” charges were billed or if he/she turned in those charges. As a coder, I am able to see all the charges on a particular patient which is extremely helpful in determining global charges, missing modifiers, missing subsequent dates of service, etc. which has increased the revenue of charges that were not previously being captured."

Vicki Cadenhead, CPC, ACS-CA, Coding Specialist, Texas Health Physicians Group/Medsynergies, Texas | Multi-Specialty

"I finished my charges, now I’m off to the golf course. I’ll be damned! I’ve been practicing for 36 years and I am blown away by how easy it is to use pMD. pMD is my new best friend!" 

Dr. Ronald Henry, Northwoods Urology, Texas | Urology

"pMD is the greatest technology product that I use day in and day out. The secure messaging functionality took it to another level and is essential to my practice's operations."

Dr. Jason A. Seiden, MD, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"I think pMD is really simple and user-friendly. Initially, I used it on the web and thought it was easy and straightforward. But after downloading the app onto my phone, it's even easier to use."
Dr. Shamima Yeasmin, St. Vincent's Hospitalists, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I wish my office EMR worked as efficiently as pMD! Well done! Great program."

Dr. Kenneth Barofsky, Monmouth Ocean Pulmonary Medicine, New Jersey | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I use pMD for secure messaging after my colleague invited me. Now, I'm able to send secure, HIPAA-compliant messages, which is so great. The pMD app is so easy, even easier than the apple App Store. I love Touch ID so I don't ever have to remember my password. The pMD team was helpful in helping me get setup and now I can't wait to finally start messaging!" 

Dr. Purna Shah, Plainview Hospital, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"We love pMD. It's easy, and it's user-friendly. Whenever I have a question, their support is always able to answer it quickly."

Dina Georgiou, Receptionist Register, Cardiology Associates of Fairfield County, Connecticut | Cardiology

"I can't live without pMD. I wouldn't allow anybody to take it away from me!"

Dr. John Burk, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD has been great! I love it. It's been so much easier than our old index card system. I'm able to get charges the same day instead of waiting for days or weeks to receive them on paper. We also like that we can now securely message one another using pMD's secure messaging. I only wish we had implemented pMD sooner!"

Kelly Townsel, Southern Cardiovascular Associates, Alabama | Cardiology

"pMD is crazy straight forward!  I've got to say that the app is very slick and easy to use."

Dr. Andreas Mauer, Health Care Partners Nevada | Cardiology

“pMD is really simple to use. The software is so useful for communicating with our providers and for making sure that follow-up appointments are scheduled in a timely manner. The secure messaging feature is a beneficial tool and not to mention, it’s fun to use!”

Elaine Gamboa, Office Manager, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

“pMD is very easy to use and so easy to understand!"

Dr. Songul Onder, UT Medical Group, Tennessee | Nephrology
"All is perfect with pMD. Billing is definitely easier and faster and the service is great."
Dr. Paola Solari, Edelstein & Bustamante, Florida | Infectious Disease

“pMD Messaging is easy to use, both for our office staff and physicians. In addition to being HIPAA compliant, it gives us an easy way to send messages to each other about patients quickly. It’s great to be able to quickly find physicians both in my group and those that I work with outside of my group.”

Dr. Stuart McDonald, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is really simple. It's been nice and easy to use!"

Dr. Chad Long, Austin Gastroenterology, Texas | Gastroenterology

"Messaging about a patient is fantastic! And I have the office send me PDFs on CT scan reports, labs, our latest office notes etc. and they are fantastic as well."

Dr. Manuel Padron, EPE, LLC, Florida | Urology

"I like pMD because it's easy and user friendly. I can see what's going on at the hospitals any time during the day, and it makes it easier on the doctors. The pMD support staff is really nice, helpful and responsive. I always know that I can always get in touch with somebody to get help. I'm very pleased with pMD."

Teresa Newcomb, Biller, CCN / HealthCare Partners - Cardiology, Nevada | Cardiology

"pMD is a really cool system. It's very easy, even I can use it. Keep up the good work!"

Anna Tucker, Office Associate, North Shore Cardiopulmonary, New York | Cardiopulmonary

"pMD has been invaluable to optimizing the billing with my practice!"

Dr. Kahlil J. Martin, Houston Hospitalist Associates, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I have been a pMD user for a while, and I have been entering my charges on the website at home because I have an Android phone. I thought the pMD website was easy to use, but sometimes it was difficult to remember information for all my visits at the end of the day, especially with my kid crawling across my lap. I was looking forward to the release of the Android version of pMD. The Android application is very easy to use, and I haven't had any problems. Now I can enter charges as I round, which is a lot more convenient, so I'm done with my billing before I get home."

Dr. Sukrut Dwivedi, ID Care, New Jersey | Infectious Disease

"Everything is going well with pMD, it's intuitive and easy to use!"

Caitlin Haley, Physician Assistant, Arizona Oncology | Urology

"pMD is great! It's so much better than paper. Sometimes the doctors would write too quickly and it was hard to read the charges they handed in. It's much easier to read on the computer screen. And if something isn't correct, I can quickly shoot the doctor a message to correct it. We should have done this sooner!"

Deborah Mimes, UT Medical Group Nephrology, Tennessee | Nephrology

"I love pMD! It really has made my life a lot better!"

Betty Szampruch, Billing and Coding Manager, San Diego Cardiac Center, California | Cardiology

"The pMD staff has been OUTSTANDING with what I would consider a very tedious implementation! They have been especially remarkable anticipating issues we will run into, being prepared and proactive, their patience and kindness... just more than we could ever have asked for! I can’t imagine you receive many complaints because the entire team is just amazing, but I would consider it a disservice if I didn’t let you know you could not have found a better team of folks! Kudos to you all!!!"

Teresa M. Crenshaw, Manager, Coding and Education Physician Division, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Multi-Specialty

"I love pMD! It’s incredibly easy to pull up a patient. Everything comes in through Epic, making it so simple. I don't know how you do it, but I love it. pMD is fast and gets the billing done infinitely better than anything I have used before."

Dr. Jeffrey Sedlack, Alaska Trauma and Acute Care Surgery | Surgery

"pMD is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I really like bread!"

Dr. Gerald Mank, Austin Gastroenterology, Texas | Gastroenterology

“pMD does fantastic work. Thanks for simplifying a chaotic medical world.”

Dr. Vernon Reid Cotten, Jackson Heart Clinic, P.A., Mississippi | Cardiology

"pMD has provided unparalleled value and responsiveness. Their solution easily accommodated the needs of our specialists, from cardiologists to hospitalists to intensivists, and in every case their flexibility saved us time and money. We're always looking for cutting edge solutions and pMD has delivered at every step of the way. Using their software is a breeze - we've never run afoul of serious problems, and they're quick to respond when we need new features."

Michael Fagan, Vice President of Finance / CFO, Huntington Hospital, New York | Multi-Specialty

"Whoever designed pMD knew what they were doing. They had a really specific goal in mind, and they met it without adding a bunch of crap to complicate it. They did a great job of keeping it simple. It's really easy to use."

Donna Platte, Office Manager, Central Coast Chest Consultants, California | Cardiology

"pMD is easy. I had previously used a system that just gave me an idea of what to bill, but nothing like this. This is really intuitive and really simple! This is going to simplify a number of processes for my clinical practice. Keep up the great work!"

Brian E. Unglaub, Nurse Practitioner, Minnesota Oncology | Oncology
"pMD's customer support is always so friendly. Along with a user-friendly product, you provide a great customer experience."
Erika Martin, Central Coast Chest Consultants, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"Everything is going well with pMD. I love that you can send an automated notification to my scheduling staff to get my patients scheduled back in the clinic! Makes it so much easier."

Dr. Sara Karam, American Heart Center, New Jersey | Cardiovascular

"pMD has worked great for us and we have no complaints. pMD is a great product that is easy to use. We're really pleased with the decision to go with pMD."

Dr. Chad Alford, Mobile Heart Specialist, Alabama | Cardiology

“pMD is great and so much faster for coding. It allows you to customize code names to language that actual docs use.”

Dr. Ralph Bernard Armstrong, California | OB/GYN

"pMD has revolutionized our practice! We have eliminated lost and missing charges to improve revenue while significantly reducing the lag time to our billing office. We used to carry around index cards for up to 3 weeks, but now our billing office receives the charges the same day with pMD. It's been helpful for all of the providers to always dynamically be up to date with which patients have been seen throughout the day. Some of the providers were skeptical at first, but immediately loved it after using it! pMD has been well worth the investment. In a time when customer service is not always a priority, pMD has been fantastic."

Dr. Jon Tumen, St. Thomas Pulmonary, Tennessee | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD saves a lot of phone calls and makes sure we have everyone seen.  Very user-friendly!"  

Dr. Jasjot Kaur Bhullar, Carolina Nephrology, South Carolina | Nephrology

"pMD is a great application for billing with many features. It's also very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process which allows us to submit our charges sooner and not delay billing."

Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Pediatrics

"pMD couldn't be easier to use. The app is a piece of cake!"

Dr. Richard Ammar, HeartPlace, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is going to save me hours of time since I can put everything into the app in real time instead of waiting until the end of the week to manually transfer information for my biller."

Dr. Monzurul Chowdhury, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Every time I call pMD, I get the best response. Everyone is helpful and very knowledgeable!"

Kathy Hibbs, Biller, East Bay Nephrology, California | Nephrology
"pMD is much better than our previous process of using a card-based system. It is easy and intuitive to use."
Dr. J.D. Corl, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Cardiology

"I am so thankful for the pMD system, because it had made our lives so much easier!" 

Ashlee Henderson, Supervisor, Baptist Heart, Mississippi | Cardiology

"pMD has been an amazing tool for our office. It’s simple to use and questions that arise are handled expeditiously. Our charge workflow is so much simpler than it was when we used cards! The HIPAA compliant messaging makes communicating with the physicians easy."

Leah Dunaway, CPC, Heart Center of North Texas | Cardiology

"pMD has allowed us to have a much more efficient and expedited billing process and allows physicians in our group to follow hospital patient status in real time."

Dr. Jose Lavergne, Gastro Health, Florida | Gastroenterology

"pMD has been a Godsend! We can actually read what the physicians are giving us. We don't have to hunt down papers. It has saved us a lot of work."

Eric Riker, Ambulatory Operations Manager II, Lee Physician Group, Florida | Cardiology

"Our experience with pMD has been outstanding; from the initial phone call through the training and implementation process. The software is intuitive and the product makes tracking hospital charges more efficient. The pMD customer service staff is the best I have ever experienced and the secure messaging is a terrific added bonus...WELL DONE!"

Caroline M. Brown, Director of Operations, Monmouth Cardiology Associates, New Jersey | Cardiology

"pMD has been very straightforward to implement in our practice. With two hospital systems and eight physicians, the training was a breeze and got great reviews. We love the secure text messaging feature and the ability to customize the interface to meet our needs. Our billers have found the system intuitive and easy to navigate. Our hospital partners have been so impressed they are considering using pMD for some of their own employed groups. Finally, pMD could not have been more pleasant to deal with and responsive to our questions and requests. Five star service all the way!"

Dr. Martin Walker, Eastside Maternal Fetal Medicine, Washington | OB/GYN

"pMD is a far superior program that truly meets all my needs for patient tracking, complete demographic data, accurate coding, and flexible modification of data for billing and followup. It is well designed, easy to use and allows monitoring of all the patient data with summary tables and easy access. My coder said it precisely: "I love your new pMD program! It cuts my time in half for billing and coding!"

The sales and support staff have been consistently efficient, responsive and are extremely informed and customer-oriented! Whether for solo or large group practice, it is a product and company that I recommend without hesitation, as it is far above all others I've used."

Dr. Terry D. Woodard, Premier Nephrology of Tyler, Texas | Nephrology

"I used to do my billing at the end of the day and it was difficult to remember if I did a level 1, level 2 or level 3 followup when I'm seeing 28-30 patients per day. pMD makes billing very easy because I can do it right after I see a patient. I'm already done with billing as I leave the patient's room."

Dr. David Leffler, Kidney and Hypertension Clinic of Alaska | Nephrology

"We LOVE pMD's messaging!! Other companies offer messaging systems, but you guys have them beat!"

Tracy Wayt, Practice Manager, Kidney & Hypertension Clinic of Alaska | Nephrology
"We use pMD for charge capture for our office, hospital rounds and surgical procedures. We also use pMD for PQRS reporting and secure messaging.  I was able to compare what we billed before using pMD and what we billed after implementing pMD and found that our consult numbers almost doubled! PQRS reporting is much easier with pMD and our doctors can now report on measures that are relevant to our specialty."
Dari Davanzo, Billing Manager, The Vascular Group, New York | Vascular

"Using pMD is quite easy and user-friendly. It's also a well-designed app."

Dr. Ravi Boyella, Southern Cardiovascular Associates, Alabama | Cardiovascular

"I like the pMD BlackBerry version because I can change things such as rounding physician without going to the website. The searches for referring physicians, diagnoses, and procedures seem faster. Adding patients and charges are a breeze as well. I recommend pMD BlackBerry version highly."

Dr. Henry S. Cunningham, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"I love pMD, it's great! It's so much better than paper. I can easily submit a visit and that's it! The system is self-explanatory and I feel very comfortable with it."
Patricia Lotridge, Nurse Practitioner, Our Lady of Consolation, New York | Rehab

“pMD is very straightforward and easy to use. It is a massive help when I need to securely message photos of physical exam findings with my colleagues."

Dr. Jason Niehaus, Indiana University | Neonatology

"I was a bit worried when I heard we had to learn another system but after going through pMD, I'm really impressed. Everything is very easy and user-friendly. I'm confident that this is going to help our providers and myself out a lot!"

Shawn Cottingham, Practice Manager, Southern AZ Infectious Disease Specialists | Infectious Disease

"The staff at pMDsoft is always so responsive and helpful! It is a pleasure."

Leueen M. Belanger, Administrator, North Phoenix Heart Center, Arizona | Cardiology

"After two years of demonstrations and consideration, our group finally agreed to give pMD a try. Within days of go-live, the decision to go with the best product on the market for hospital charge capture was confirmed. Our times from date-of-service to date-billed were slashed by weeks in many cases, and we immediately realized staffing efficiencies as well. After several months of use, our providers are starting to more fully utilize the handy, built-in secure texting service offered by pMD. Our billed hours from our coder were significantly reduced (she was able to rediscover Saturdays!), and our administrative staff were able to stop maintaining their laborious tracking spreadsheets. pMD was able to replicate all of their old manual processes into one easy-to-access system that offers great transparency to several levels of staff, management, and providers. We are looking forward to continuing to find ways to leverage pMD to save the practice money in efficiency costs, while simultaneously ensuring reimbursement on all work performed by our physicians."

Cody Carlin, Ancillary Services Manager, Gastroenterology of the Rockies, Colorado | Gastroenterology

"I was hesitant about using pMD, but it's surprisingly really good and very user-friendly. I like entering my charges in immediately and just being done with billing as I see my patients. The RVU reports have also been very helpful."

Dr. Suzi Brulte, Baptist Primary Care - Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is very well built and easy to use. It's laid out in an extremely intuitive way. It just works!"

Dr. J Robert Lovrich, BJ Coopes MD, Alaska | Pediatrics

"We've been using pMD for over 2 years now and will never go back to the scraps of papers we used to have for billing. I love pMD, but I think the doctor loves it even more! The doctor is a big iPhone guy and loves the ease of bringing up his appointments and never having to carry around a laptop. pMD is a lifesaver!"

Portia Menard, Office Manager, Interventional Pain Center of Lubbock, Texas | Pain Management

"We used a hand-held charge capture system previously and find that pMD is a lot easier to use and offers more capabilities. Editing is simpler and the reporting is very powerful. I think pMD is great software, and more importantly, the doctors think so too!"

Chelly Winkler, Business Office Manager, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, Inc, California | Cardiology

“We highly recommend pMD for anyone in the medical field. The program is very user-friendly, the time from inception to deployment is minimal, the uptime of the software is excellent, and the program itself is very robust. We consistently recommend pMD to our medical practices when they come on board with Alphapage as their answering service. “

Maria Iglesias, Director of Operations, Alphapage, LLC, Colorado | Multi-Specialty

"Wow, I cannot believe how easy it is to use pMD. This is a cool and intuitive app that really does exceed expectations!"

Dr. Bruce Jackson, COR Healthcare, California  | Cardiology

"I was really impressed with the functionality of pMD. It was such a simple program to learn and grasp and I know this is going to make my life so much easier. I no longer have to have someone sort through all my paper charges with pMD! The service and support from the pMD staff (training and getting setup) has been beyond exceptional!"

Dr. Marianne Young, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is very straightforward, user-friendly and easy to navigate. I'm planning to invite nearby providers to securely message with me directly through the software."
Shannon Christine Hilton, Nurse Practitioner, The Alaska Hospitalist Group | Critical Care

"pMD is perfect for me. It’s a great app. Everything I need and expect to see is there!"

Dr. Sudhir Adhikari, Mt. Auburn Nephrology, Ohio | Nephrology
"The pMD app is foolproof! Even though each phone may be different, the app seems nicely consistent. I also like that I don't have to find an open computer to put in visits. Rather, I can put all my visits in real-time throughout the day immediately after seeing my patients. I am looking forward to implementing this into my daily practices."
Michelle D. Williams, PA, Baptist-MD Anderson Cancer Center, Florida | OB/GYN

"pMD is such a simple and user-friendly software! I have had no problems using pMD and it is so much more convenient than my old system!"

Dr. Andrei Balandin, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers, Arizona | Oncology

"I'm enjoying pMD, it works quite well. I'm able to receive automatic alerts for all of Medical Park Family Care’s patients."

Dr. Noah Laufer, Medical Park Family Care, Alaska | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I love pMD! We've been fortunate enough to have a successful practice that has several physicians in the hospital at one time servicing a lot of patients. Before pMD, we used to frequently lose time by walking behind one another to try and round on the same patients. Now with pMD that never happens, and we are able to round more efficiently and accurately. pMD has been great, and I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Neeraj Mehta, Heart South Cardiovascular Group, Alabama | Cardiology

"We were submitting our PQRS data through our claims system and it was definitely not working. Due to poor advisement, we got dinged in 2014 and 2015. pMD changed that and was a huge help with PQRS. I love that providers are prompted to answer PQRS measures in real-time. The developers did an amazing job setting this up, making this process seamless for us. The PQRS dashboard improvements in pMD are phenomenal. What I appreciate most is that their team is receptive to our requests and recommendations for any changes. We’re a hospital-based group and don’t have an EMR, which of course makes things difficult for us. We love this product and all of its functionalities and we truly could not have dealt with PQRS without the help of pMD!”

Pattie Keller, Administrative Assistant, San Luis Hospitalists, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"There are some really cool functionalities in pMD! Searching and selecting a diagnosis or charge code is a very simple process. It’s also great to be able to dictate if you’re in a hurry and don’t have much time to text. Being able to submit charges, follow my inpatient list and send secure messages all from my iPad will make rounding a breeze.”

Dr. Teresita Degamo, Bay Area Hospital Associates, California | Post Acute Care

"I just want to thank the support staff at pMD. They are always so awesome and responsive!"

Sabrina English, CBO Manager, Baptist Heart Specialists, Florida | Cardiology

"pMD has been very helpful for our inpatient rounding and dialysis patients. We no longer have to worry about losing cards and charges because it is all stored in pMD and dynamically shared among the physicians and billing staff."

Dr. Olawale Osunsanya, Dothan Hypertension-Nephrology Associates, Alabama | Nephrology

"pMD has been the easiest program to use since I've been practicing. Everything is just straightforward."

Dr. Don Duke, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Wound Care

"pMD support is A+! My call was immediately answered courteously and the problem solved competently... with one call only. I cannot imagine my daily work routine without the many conveniences of pMD. Strongly recommended."

Dr. Tali Arik, HealthCare Partners Nevada | Cardiology

"I really like pMD - it’s been working very well for us. It’s helped us a lot to speed up our billing process since the providers’ charges are immediately accessible on the website portal. It used to take up to three months to process charges, and now it only takes three days!"

Lorine Ledoux, CMC, Cardiology Care Consultants, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is a fantastic product with an excellent customer support team. With pMD, we no longer have to worry about sending patient information in nonsecure messages."

Melanie Cabot, EMR Project Manager, South Denver Gastroenterology | Gastroenterology

"pMD is very user friendly. The carry-forward of diagnoses is really helpful; I don't have to keep re-entering them. pMD makes looking up ICD codes really easy. You guys are absolute lifesavers!"

Dr. Zohair Abbas, Triton Hospitalists, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"If you can play Angry Birds, you can use pMD!"

Robert Schwartz, Jr., MHA, Practice Manager, Cardio Texas St. David's HealthCare, Texas | Cardiology

"I like pMD a lot, and it's really easy to navigate. I like that when we enter charges, the things that we do most often appear at the top of our list. It's great!"

Shannon Leigh, NP, Colorado Health Medical Group Cardiology | Cardiology

"pMD works really well! I think it's super easy to follow and intuitive. If you've used an iPhone, it's easy enough to figure out because it fits the flow of an iPhone. I much prefer it over carrying stacks of paper."

Kristin M. Collins, Nurse Practitioner, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD is a very easy application! I used to have an extra bag just to carry all my papers, and I would sit down at the end of the week to do my charges. pMD is easier and instant because I can complete the charge as soon as I see the patient."

Dr. Brenda Guzman-Villar, Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illinois | Rehab

"pMD works well. I find it easy to use and it has helped with efficiency. The customer service has been great as well."

Dr. Elvin Hardy, Memorial Physicians, Washington | Gastroenterology

"pMD is very easy to use, works great, and has a very attentive support staff!"

Dr. Naveen Tyagi, Huntington Hospital, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"I'm very happy with the pMD software. My billing team is a lot happier and it's easy to use. Once they use pMD, no one will be able to go back to the old way."
Dr. Naginder Sharma, North Texas Heart and Vascular | Cardiology

“I LOVE pMD. pMD makes it easy to send secure consults to our physicians and add patients to their rounding list."

Sheila Williams, Manager, Gastro One, Tennessee | Gastroenterology

"pMD secure messaging is amazing! It is really easy to use, just like regular text messaging!"

Dr. Xiaoru Yang, DaVita Kidney Specialists of Fredericksburg, Virginia | Nephrology

"Our doctors are fans, and have said that pMD is just as quick, if not quicker, than paper. I have been doing these types of implementations for about 20 years, and this was the easiest implementation I have ever done."

Tammy Bickimer, Head Administrator, Nephrology Associates, Nashville, Tennessee | Nephrology

"I love pMD! It's so much easier than our previous paper process. Often times it gets very busy in the hospital and I don't have time to grab patient stickers, so I would just scribble down the name on a list for the billers, which can be hard for the billers to read. Looking up codes in pMD is so much easier, especially with ICD-10. pMD saves me so much time! It's a really convenient software."

Dr. Doris Galina-Quintero, Diablo Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"pMD is a great program that is straight forward and easy to use. I have used 2 other programs for rounding and charge capture, and I have demoed several others. pMD is the first program I have encountered that delivers across the 3 major phone platforms (Blackberry, iPhone and Android) and does exactly what I want it to do.

Unlike the other programs that were cumbersome to use and slowed down my rounding on patients, pMD is quick and simple to use on a daily basis. It actually makes my rounding faster and more efficient. Other programs required me to go into a sync mode to sync with the server. Frequently the sync would give me an error. In some cases this would tie me up for 3-5 minutes, unable to use my phone. With pMD the syncing goes on in the background every few minutes. You don't have to do anything to sync. When my office staff add a new patient to my list on their computer, the patient shows up on my iPhone screen in less than a minute! Other programs required multiple taps on the phone to find a diagnosis or to enter a charge. The search function for diagnoses and charges on pMD works perfectly. The databases can be customized to your specialty. I simply type a few letters of the diagnoses or procedure, tap on the correct one from the list and then tap done. It is all very intuitive.

Support with the program has been superb! The company takes care of customizing databases quickly and even has a phone and email link to them built right into the program! I have not had any problems with pMD, and in fact, it has exceeded my expectations!"

Dr. Ronald Kotfila, Gastrointestinal Associates, P.A., Mississippi | Gastroenterology

"Dear pMD, I just used your software to do my Medical Director hours log. It worked very well. Thank you so much for suggesting it and setting it up. You have done an amazing job with training and implementing the entire system for us. Your software and support is excellent. Thanks again!"

Dr. Christian Voge, San Luis Hospitalists, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD for the BlackBerry was fast to install and easy to learn - I love it!"

Dr. Jahanzeb Chaudhry, MD, Jahanzeb Chaudhry M.D., PLLC, New York | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"pMD has allowed me to not only capture missed billing opportunities but also track productivity. I have used data readily available on it to plan staffing models and justify hiring to my administrators. The support team is attentive and very user friendly."

Dr. Nick Fitterman, Huntington Hospital Hospitalists, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD customer support is very responsive and helpful! They have helped save me a ton of heartburn. I love them! Thank you for the quick help!"

Chantelle Lands, Clinical Operations Manager, Richmond Gastroenterology, Virginia | Gastroenterology

"pMD is great and I like that it's on a mobile phone because our phones are always with us! The secure messaging is super. I wish I had had pMD as a resident!"

Dr. Rashmi Vaidya, Ironwood Physicians, Arizona | Oncology

"Your staff has been incredible. They're so responsive and answer my questions right away - no matter what time it is. We've been able to use the pMD reports to audit and recover charges and revenue that would have otherwise been lost. I am new to Huntington Hospital, but I have had such a smooth transition into pMD. I wish that I had been using it with my previous organizations. Everyone loves pMD!"

Jennifer Isaza, Practice Revenue Manager, Huntington Hospital, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is an operational no-brainer!"

Robert Bethke, Practice Administrator, Nephrology Specialists | Nephrology

"Our appointment interface between pMD and Vitera Intergy is working really well. We've been able to get our physicians using one calendar for everything. Their meetings, patient appointments and outpatient procedures all download directly into their phones in one easy-to-read format."

Carla F. Peveto, CMPE, Managed Care Director, Texas Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates | HL7 Interfaces

"Despite having a previous charge capture software, pMD has sped up my charge capture and made it more efficient. I've lost no charges since I started using the software. Instant transmission to my biller allows charges to be posted faster and the information sent to the biller is quite complete. Referral lists and diagnosis lists are easily updated and configurable. Finally, tech support is always available and knowledgeable."

Dr. Bob dos Remedios, Jackson Purchase Pulmonary, Kentucky | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I would like to let you know what is most impressive at pMD. Your culture is palpable. pMD has a quiet confidence with mutual respect for its team members. The trust that you develop with your clients unfolds naturally. I know it is not something that is easy to create. I appreciate the way you communicate in person, on the phone, and through e-mail."

Christy Sullivan, Director, Marketing & Oncology Liaison, US Oncology, Illinois | Oncology

"pMD is the easiest part of my job!"

Dr. Rutuja Patel, Baptist Primary Care, Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"They make it easy when we have a problem to identify it, fix it, and move on! They are delightful to talk to!"

Diane Jones, Billing Specialist, Mt. Auburn Nephrology, Ohio | Nephrology

"I love pMD because anytime I've ever had a question or run into any issue, I can just pick up the phone and they help me resolve it immediately! It really helps that everyone I have spoken with has been so nice. It does make a difference. You just don't get that kind of service these days. You guys are great!"

Evalinda Thebo, Medical Charge Entry, Nephrology Associates, Tennessee | Nephrology

"Thank you pMD so much for the wonderful support you give us day in and day out. You are truly the best!"

Marisa Litzenberger, Coding Specialist, G2N, Missouri | Multi-Specialty

"pMD has been able to remove a lot of paperwork for us and save us from a lot of manual work. With our previous process, we had to do a lot of printing, copying, and emailing, which is extremely time consuming. pMD has made my job a lot easier and now I can spend my time on more meaningful tasks. The communication with the doctors through pMD for recalls works really well too."

Kathy Dubin, Billing Coordinator, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"In my career, I've witnessed several different workflows for physicians capturing hospital charges via paper, and they all have challenges that lead to missed charges, lost cards, billing left in lab coats, and recreating billing which all result in a nightmare! With pMD, our providers are able to add their visits on the move using their iPad or iPhone, and we always know it's going to be readable, instantly available for billing and nothing ever gets lost! We highly recommend pMD!"

Joan Bryan, Practice Administrator, Gastroenterology Associates of Osceola, FL | Gastroenterology
"The difference is like night and day, in a good way. pMD really helps to cut down on the time that it used to take me to look for coding charges. Now I can do it with just a click of a finger. I'm really enjoying it!"
Dr. Suzanne Anne Denise Panton, Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, Tennessee | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"It is a fantastic product and does what it's supposed to do. Now I am hardly calling my partners about whom I have to see as it continuously updates itself and we are very very happy with your iPhone version. It's like my biller is following my clinical rounds. Thanks for making my life easier to run our practice."

Dr. Raj Patcha, FACC, The Huntington Heart Center, New York | Cardiology

"Within a few minutes I was able to use pMD to enter names and visits rapidly. I like not having to sync. Finally, the device itself is awesome and addictive. I am using Instant Messaging to communicate with my referring physicians (who are already using BlackBerry)."

Dr. Andrew Lituchy, New York | Cardiology

"Our previous billing system used to take me hours to complete and often took up my entire mornings. With pMD, now it just takes five minutes with a few clicks, and I have more time to work on other things. pMD has made my life much easier!"

Bridget Wood, Medical Assistant, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Infectious Disease

"pMD provides seamless access to billing information in an accurate and efficient manner."

Gilbert E. Johnston III, Vice President of Sales and Account Management, The Valletta Group, Alabama | Multi-Specialty

"pMD was easy and intuitive to learn. The secure messaging functionality will be a great tool for sending patient hand-off information, which was previously a verbal process. It will especially be useful for directly sending attachments, such as x-rays, during patient transports."

Chad Sikora, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Indiana University | Neonatology
"I really like pMD! It’s like texting but is safe and secure. The messaging system shows me that the recipients read my message, rather than using email and not knowing if they got my message."
Allana Huerta, Medical Assistant, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"We’re doing well and so is pMD in our practice. It’s a great improvement for us!

The physicians are impressed with pMD, and the billers are stunned at how quickly the providers have turned in their billing. Anthony from pMD has been knowledgable, helpful, and done a great job training."

Brenda Caron, Administrator, Maine Nephrology Associates | Nephrology

"pMD is incredibly easy to use, requiring almost no training due to its simple and logical functions that make finding diagnoses, referring physicians, and returning patients effortless. It has allowed us to track and bill our patients with incredible ease and efficiency, cutting our turnaround time on billing from weeks to days while eliminating the need for further billing personnel. The personnel at pMD have been patient and helpful in getting us up and running as well as adapting the program to fit the needs of our specialty practice."

Dr. Ian Meyer, Mt. Auburn Nephrology, Ohio | Nephrology

"pMD is an easy-to-use billing app and there is a minimal learning curve to adopt it. Entering one's billing can be done on-the-fly after seeing individual patients or in a rapid session at the end of the day. Having a rounding list on a mobile platform is useful, and pre-populated diagnostic codes facilitate quick entry. The support staff is very responsive. I would recommend this program!"

Doctor, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Pediatrics

"We love pMD. It's so easy to use, and it makes things so much easier for us and our doctors."

Esther Zimmerman, Biller, ArcWell Medical, New York | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"pMD was a godsend. Our doctors were spending an extremely long amount of time managing their census each day. Now they all share a census on pMD, and it's so fast and easy. Once we started using it, we haven't looked back since. We love it!"

Sue Melito, Practice Manager, Urological Associates of Bridgeport, Connecticut | Urology

“My experience with pMD has been wonderful. Our group was very skeptical about using this additional technology, but pMD is very straightforward, and it allows me to go paperless when I’m rounding, which is fantastic. I also love that I can quickly and easily use pMD secure messaging to send a picture directly to a colleague when I want a second opinion on something I’m seeing with a baby. Also, the pMD team made implementing the program a wonderful experience. They were enthusiastic, kind and willing to help us for as long as we needed. They are good people and I wish them all the best - good people in this world deserve more than they get!"

Dr. Poonam Khurana, Indiana University | Neonatology

"pMD is fantastic. Customer service is easily accessible and supportive for technical questions. All the physicians I've talked to at Regional Physician Services love it - you push a few buttons on your iPhone and your billing's done. It's like a dream."

Dr. Kristin Robie, Regional Physician Services, New York | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I really enjoy using pMD! It's a simple program and very user-friendly. It's been a great experience using pMD and it's made my life easier!"

Sarah Bean, Medical Receptionist, Trios Health, Washington | Multi-Specialty

"I found that pMD was easy to use! I was able to add diagnoses, charges and discharge patients very quickly!"

Dr. Andrew Reger, St. Luke's Idaho Pulmonary Associates | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"Previous to the implementation of pMD, we had an archaic paper system to track hospital patients and charge capture. Since converting to pMD, we are now able to perform audits and have increased our revenue streams, which not only has a positive impact to the organization, but allows us to accurately track physicians’ and employees’ productivity. It allows our providers and billers to work as a collaborative team. pMD provides a great product and support staff to ensure we are no longer leaving charges on the table."

Pam Leslie, RN MHA CPC, Certified Cardiology Coder CCN / HealthCare Partners - Cardiology, Nevada | Cardiology

“The pMD training was so easy to follow! This program is not only going to improve the midlevels’ workflow but will also make it easy to report on our daily activities."

-Renee Iverson, Nurse Practitioner, Kalispell Regional Healthcare, Montana | Cardiology

"We have been using pMD for years! The physicians love the ease of being able to enter their charges from their phones immediately after the visit. From a Revenue Cycle standpoint, it is the perfect tool to ensure timely charge capture. The pMD support is phenomenal! The CPT® & ICD codes are updated automatically and you can customize descriptions. It's a must-have tool for your practice."

Christina Wagner, Billing Manager, Connecticut Gastroenterology Consultants | Gastroenterology

"I would never go back to handwritten sheets now that I've found software that's truly mobile, and actually faster to use. Consults entered on the Web site census by my staff appear automatically on my BlackBerry, saving me time, and once I've seen a patient, I only have to enter what changed the next time I see them."

Dr. Michael Rotman, Urological Consultants, New York | Urology

"pMD is a great application for billing and it has many features. It's very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process and submit our charges sooner without any billing delay."

Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Psychology

"I am loving pMD! I would recommend it to anyone and would like to use it for all of the groups I work with. It helps improve the revenue cycle for every practice, and it is so user-friendly. pMD is just awesome - I cannot say enough good things about it! The support team has also been wonderful. I am totally sold on pMD!"

Irene Tsotopoulos, Medical Billing Specialist, Fountainhead Practice Management Solutions, Florida | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is really great. I'm so glad to see the ICD-10 codes in our records and to be phasing away from ICD-9! Also, we LOVE having the CPT codes visible in the visit log on the website. That was a wonderful update. pMD's secure messaging is fantastic, too! Our providers use it frequently and it allows more flexibility with our communications. We keep coming up with new ways to use pMD, so I really enjoy hearing about your updates via the newsletters. Please keep the new solutions and ideas coming!"

Cheryl Brigati, Senior Billing Specialist, Maine Nephrology Associates | Nephrology
"pMD secure messaging is so easy to use!  It works just like regular text messaging, except that it's secure and HIPAA-compliant.  Even the most IT un-savvy of our providers has no problem using pMD.  We also really appreciate the follow-up SMS text messages and phone calls, which ensure that we know when a message is waiting to be read.  That, along with the great customer support, make pMD a great product."
Dr. Sophia Meharena, Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics, Colorado | Pediatrics

"We are very happy with the charge capture program thus far. I've recommended your software to a few physicians, hope something comes out of it for you. We didn't need pMD before we knew it. Now we can't be without it."

Dr. Angel Mulkay, Mulkay Cardiology Consultants, PC, New Jersey | Cardiology

"Thanks so much for the support, you guys are amazingly efficient!"

Kim Neely, NP, Wound Specialist, Matthew Pompeo, MD, PA, Texas | Surgery

"pMD is really awesome software. It allows me to easily identify patients and capture my charges, especially on the iPhone. It's fabulous! I entered more than 50 patient visits with no problems. Thank you for helping me!"

Dr. Asma Iftikhar, St. Vincent's, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is intuitive and has been easy to use! So far entering my charges in pMD has been quick and simple."
Dr. Charles Muzondi, Baptist Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I do everything on my phone, so having the pMD app to round with makes my life so much easier. It's nice to be able to have a patient list on my phone, which helps me to keep track of everyone that I've seen in the hospital. It's been great because now we don't have to carry around paper anymore!"

Jordan Crosby, PA, Charleston Nephrology Associates, South Carolina | Nephrology

"pMD has been easy to use. I like pMD much better than paper billing; I don't have to worry about carrying paper around. Doctors still using paper billing should know about this!"

Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia | Cardiology

"pMD has been really easy to use, in particular the desktop web application. pMD is much nicer than having to carry around paper or create my own Excel spreadsheet, which are the ways I used to do my billing."

Dr. Clement L. Ren, IU Health Pediatric Pulmonology, Indiana | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

“pMD messaging is great. We really like it. It’s so much more efficient than paging and I don’t have to worry about HIPAA violations!”

Lindsey Nelson, Nurse Practitioner, Providence Alaska | Palliative Care

"pMD is really user-friendly and self explanatory."

Karla Walden, Nurse Practitioner, Midwest Hospitalists, Ohio | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is so much easier than our old paper process. It eliminated the delay in getting the billing information we need from the doctors, which is really nice! We're excited to further expand the use of pMD within our group."

Joanna Montez, CPC, Urology Supervisor, Ironwood Physicians, Arizona | Oncology

"pMD is really nice for rounding and billing on the fly - especially since I go back and forth from two locations. I don't have to keep track of any paper for my billing, and I like not having to submit to each clinic specifically. pMD is really easy to use!"

Dr. Jill Cook, Deaconess Medical Center - Empire Health Services, Washington | Pediatrics

"pMD continues to be excellent - simple, fast, and most importantly it always works. The product is very user friendly, and the support has also been terrific and responsive. The implementation was easy, quick, and painless.

pMD's secure text messaging has become a crucial way that our practice communicates with each other. My number one priority this year was to find a secure text messaging platform. pMD's text messaging is exactly what we were looking for - easy to use and set up, convenient, reliable, and secure. Their technical support has been outstanding - extremely responsive to our needs and questions. It has fostered more communication among the physicians, and the staff love the ability to quickly text the doctors with sensitive patient information. The ability to invite people outside of our group to use the pMD text messaging app has also been extremely easy - we have many of our dialysis units and nurses who now use this app through the web portal, knowing that they can securely and quickly communicate patient information to our doctors. We love it!"

Dr. Nilesh Mhaskar, Renal Physicians, Ohio | Nephrology

"By delivering a tremendous ROI for our practice and providing exceptional customer service, pMD has made our transition to this new automated process painless. We would recommend pMD to any of our peers."

Dr. Paul Moulinie, North Shore Cardiopulmonary Associates, PC Huntington, New York | Cardiology

"pMD is an easy-to-use program that has all the features. I love it and use it on my iPhone all the time. It's great!"

Judy Berg, Nurse Practitioner, Northwest Indiana Nephrology | Nephrology

“pMD is awesome so far. I should have done this years ago!”

Dr. Brandon Howard, Center for Perioperative & Preventative Care, New Jersey | Preventative Care

"I've been using programs at every hospital around and pMD is the first I've seen that is really robust and intuitively makes sense. It's artistic, it's peaceful, it's great. And it seems to create less clicking. You've captured what you need to get done with less clicks. Every bit of it is right on."

Dr. Saverio Barbera, Huntington Hospital Cardiology, New York | Cardiology

"The customer support is outstanding. It's some of the best in the business."

Arthur Smoot, Computer Operations Manager, The Corvallis Clinic, Oregon | Multi-Specialty

"From the very beginning, pMD impressed me with their software and company. The software was intended to expedite and increase efficiency in our workflow through shortening and simplifying our charge capturing and billing process. It has done exactly that. We are able to capture charges immediately after seeing a patient using a mobile device application, decreasing the likelihood of accidentally forgetting a charge. The phone app also eliminates old, antiquated methods and issues associated with paper billing. After the charge is captured, our billing department is able to send out the charges almost immediately. We have also adapted pMD to assist in our general workflow by creating specialized lists that allow us to identify acutely ill patients.

pMD's customer service is first and foremost the strength of the company. From the very beginning and even after we signed on to use pMD, the representatives maintain the integrity of their excellent service. The representatives are extremely attentive, receptive, and helpful. They listen, take notes, and work to find solutions. They conduct themselves in an unhurried, meticulous manner, which allows for us to ask questions and make requests without hesitation. There is always follow-through, and there are always results. We typically work with one particular pMDer, who has been such a blessing to us. She models all those behaviors mentioned above, and any company is lucky have her!

One other significant attribute is the customization and evolution of the program. Upon the initial implementation of pMD, we were able to customize the program to fit our needs. As time progressed, there have been many updates and program changes that were made based on customers' feedback. Because of this, I perceive that the company places priority on customer satisfaction and is capable of change/adaptation to meet the demanding changes of healthcare. This is extremely important in a time when changes occur quickly and innovation is important."

Sylvia Nguyen, Nurse Practitioner, Arizona State Urological Associates - Arizona Oncology | Oncology

"We love pMD! Our doctors have really embraced it and now ALL of our doctors who go to the hospital are using it! This is the best thing ever! Thanks for your help in launching it here at Baptist Premier Medical Group."

Susan Perkins, Sr. Clinic Operations Manager, Baptist Premier Medical Group, Mississippi | Multi-Specialty

"The pMD training was extremely helpful. The training was clear and detailed and I appreciate the ability of the trainer to answer all my questions. pMD looks to be a very simple and user-friendly product."

Dr. Sabrina Raroque, Platinum Hospitalists, Nevada | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I like that when I create a visit, I don't have to go to multiple pages to enter diagnosis and procedures, it is all there on one page. I also like that after I create and save a visit, I have a chance to review the charge and make any changes before sending to the biller."

Caroline Lalonde, NP, Foothill Cardiology, California | Cardiology

"Your staff has been incredible. They're so responsive and answer my questions right away - no matter what time it is. We've been able to use the pMD reports to audit and recover charges and revenue that would have otherwise been lost. I am new to Huntington Hospital, but I have had such a smooth transition into pMD. I wish that I had been using it with my previous organizations. Everyone loves pMD!"

Jennifer Isaza, Practice Revenue Manager, Huntington Hospital, New York | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is working great. We don't have to carry charge cards anymore, and it's so much more convenient. Everything can be done quickly now, so we save a lot of time too."

Dr. Sumit Kapoor, St. Vincent's Intensivists, Connecticut | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"Everything is going well with pMD. One of our providers told me that she really likes pMD. That is amazing! pMD is simple, and it's so much less work than paper."
Deanna Combs, Practice Manager, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I am very pleased with pMD's interface, usability and convenience. I couldn't imagine billing any other way. The service is 5-star!"

Dr. John Novella, Cardiology Physicians of Fairfield County, Connecticut | Cardiology

"Our providers have been using pMD for quite a few months and really like it!”

Natalie Potochney, Physician Practice Administrator, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Multi-Specialty

"When we get a consult for a patient that has never been seen before, we can put the patient's demographics directly into pMD and the doctor can immediately see it on their phone, that's awesome. Before pMD, doctors would bring in hand written charges and hospital facesheets with patients' information back to the office weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. With pMD, doctors input charges and patient demographics at the point of service and we instantaneously have access to the information. We are now seeing an increase in revenue and an impact on A/R because we can bill claims daily.

Also, pMD helps us manage our dialysis patients. When the doctor discharges a patient from the hospital back to the dialysis center, the patient is automatically moved from the hospital census to the dialysis center census. This keeps our censuses up to date and lets the doctors know who they need to see at the hospital and dialysis center."

Carol Lunceford, Practice Administrator, Renal Care Associates, Arizona | Nephrology

"I love pMD! It's been extremely helpful for billing and charge entry. I no longer have to look in 3 or 4 different systems for complete billing information. In a matter of a few days, pMD shortened my charge entry and cut the time in half! It's also great to be able to run reports on RVUs for the physicians in a matter of a couple clicks. pMD is very user-friendly, and I'd highly recommend it!"

Crystal Norman, Biller, Sherman Heart Specialists, Texas | Cardiology
"pMD is so streamlined and the messaging is so cool! It makes getting in touch with people so easy and saves us so much time. Everything is bundled together and is secure and easy. It's really neat."
Dr. Linda Low, Huntington Hospital, New York | Psychiatry

"pMD is really straightforward. I wish everything in the medical field was as easy as this!"

Amy Snelson Hatton, Nurse Practitioner, Indiana University | Palliative Care

"pMD is very intuitive. I like that all my patients are right there on my screen, and it's easy to put in charges directly from my list. There's no delay in the app. It just makes sense!"

Dr. Joanmarie Pellegrini, Alaska Trauma and Acute Care Surgery | Surgery

"pMD is a very user-friendly, great app! It's way better than what I used to use."

Brittani Ledford Robinson, Nurse Practitioner, Carolina Nephrology, South Carolina | Nephrology

"I like using pMD on the iPad. The battery lasts for days, and there's more screen space so I can see more patients at a time. It's a plus to look at the encounter I'm working on side by side with the patient list."

Dr. Robin Estes, The Kidney and Hypertension Center, Ohio | Nephrology

“The software and service are superb, they have made my life immeasurably easier.”

Dr. Howard A. Schoenfeld, Regional Physician Services, New York | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
"I absolutely love the picture-taking capability for visits! It will help us tremendously not to have to bring back our paper face sheets to the office. I absolutely love the pMD software, and I believe it has greatly improved our practice."
Dr. Ravi L. Ganeshappa, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD is very straightforward and easy to use. I'm looking forward to having a secure messaging platform to communicate with the rest of my group." 

Dr. Matthew David Durbin, Indiana University | Neonatology

"The pMD team has made this entire transition and implementation experience completely seamless and problem-free. We are especially thankful for enthusiastically working with our unique requirements and customizing pMD functionality. We look forward to a long relationship. Working with you has been a pleasure."

David Wortman, Chief Operating Officer, Victory Health Partners, New York | Multi-Specialty
“The pMD program is incredibly easy to use. I had no problems entering in my charges and their support team is easily on hand to answer any questions.”
Dr. Charles Njinimbam, Indiana University | Neonatology

"I like pMD's secure messaging because it's in an app, and I can communicate anywhere. I don't need a cellular connection to send and receive secure messages, I only need a wifi connection."

Dr. Bryan Wong, East Bay Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"I can't imagine not using pMD. It's hard to remember what life was like before it. As a large group rounding at multiple sites, it has greatly increased our transparency. We also like being able to keep tabs on the census from wherever we are. We have been very pleased with pMD!"

Dr. Emily Webber, IU Health Pediatric Hospitalist, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD is working great for us. We are adding additional physicians at a hospital that is not close to our office. We've been having those charges couriered over, but with pMD, we get them a lot faster, which means that we can bill them a lot faster."

Wendy Grant, Billing Manager, Cardiology Physicians of Fairfield County, Connecticut | Cardiology

"pMD is like a Ferrari compared to another charge capture app that I've used. It's elegant, well thought out, and really, really user friendly."

Dr. Mario Pulido, Baptist Primary Care, Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD has made a big difference compared to the days of using spreadsheets to enter charges at the end of the day. Other products had to be connected to the internet for every click, and we knew that wasn't going to work for us. Our practice likes to use cutting edge technology and pMD has been great for us. When we used paper, we would write the corrected room number on the rounding sheet, but it was immediately out of order and wouldn't be corrected until we entered data into the spreadsheet at the end of the day. We would go to see a patient only to find that they had changed rooms, and then we’d have to backtrack. I love that we can change the room number in pMD, and everyone automatically gets the update and the list is automatically sorted.

Before pMD, following up with the patients was a variable thing. Some doctors called the office, waited for a scheduler and then told them when they wanted to see a patient. Some doctors kept spreadsheets or would fax in handwritten notes. Some doctors would just tell the patient to call the office and request an appointment in a couple of weeks. And some doctors weren’t doing anything at all. There was no consistency, and for a lot of doctors, no way to track whether the follow-up appointment happened. Patients used to fall through the cracks. With pMD, I don’t have to call my office, worry about figuring out a follow up time or worry about tracking what I have and haven’t done. The system alerts us when we need a follow-up, prompts us to give a time frame for the follow up, and makes sure staff follows up with the patients. It’s easy, and I don’t have to worry about it.

I can’t imagine going back to our old forms. Every once in a while I think about what it was like before pMD, and I shudder."

Dr. Craig Sande, Gastroenterology Consultants, Nevada | Gastroenterology

"pMD is a great application for billing and it has many features. It's very helpful to be able to pull up the inpatient roster quickly, which we never had the ability to do easily before. It's great to eliminate a step in the billing process and submit our charges sooner without any billing delay."

Dr. Mark Cavitt, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Pediatrics

"Every time pMD comes to visit, they offer us new and exciting solutions. We always have such a great experience whether in person or over the phone. If only our EHR software company was as lovely to work with as pMD is!"

Francine Mammola, Office Manager, Huntington Heart Center, New York | Cardiology

I believe pMD is an excellent product. It is intuitive, straightforward, and very easy to learn and use. I am an experienced physician and I have used similar products before, but pMD really stands out. I not only love the ease of capturing charges, but the ability to communicate with my colleagues and billing personnel in a HIPAA-compliant format is amazing."

Physician, Cleveland, Ohio | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Besides the ease of use of pMD, I like how reachable the customer support team is. I can call and get an answer right away, unlike other software apps that I've used. You guys are great!"

Dr. Robert Silva, Provider Resources Group, California | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I'm excited to use pMD because it will make my billing a lot more streamlined and simplified. I think pMD will be a great tool!" 

Dr. James Taylor, Alabama Cardiovascular Group | Cardiovascular

"pMD secure messaging is really cool. I can text easily with anyone without worrying about violating HIPAA!" 

Dr. Ranjeet Singh, Southwest Kidney Institute, Arizona | Nephrology

"I have been using pMD for two years now, and I really like it. pMD is very helpful, easy to learn, and very quick to use. By the time I'm done with my rounds at the end of the day, I'm done with my charging."

Dr. Radhai Prabhakaran, Cleveland Clinic Pediatrics, Ohio | Pediatrics

"pMD Messaging has made the communication between our doctors easy and accurate, and has helped with continuity in patient care when we're on call. I used to have to call my partners if I had a question about their patients while I was covering for them, and would spend at least a couple minutes talking on the phone every time. Now, my partners can easily answer the question without interrupting their dinner or feeling like they are on call. It's a much more comfortable way to communicate."

Dr. Mark Rowland, InterID, Oklahoma | Infectious Disease

"The pMD implementation was by far the easiest, fastest, and most successful implementation that I have ever been part of. It also provided the best and quickest end user adoption I have personally seen with a software application. pMD has had an immediate and significant positive impact on our practice. I can't imagine how we would even begin to prepare our physicians for ICD-10 without it. We have been able to reallocate our biller's time to do more important projects. The whole process and team was incredible, and it was especially helpful to have Siavosh, one of the senior developers, on-site at the training to help with the setup and immediate resolution of some issues that came up."

Kathi Potts, Business Office Manager, Nephrology Associates, Chattanooga, Tennessee | Nephrology

"pMD is a great product. It's wicked easy!"

Dave Leja, President, Berkshire Group Services, Massachusetts | Multi-Specialty

"I'm very pleased with pMD - it's a great product. It continues to work and work and work, and I just love products like that. I never have to touch it. The service level is great and I'm enjoying working with you guys."

Tim Miller, IT Manager, Cardiology Associates of Jonesboro, Arkansas | Cardiology

"Thanks for the fantastic ongoing support of the product and your willingness to help us!"

Dr. Benjamin D. Bauer, IU Health Pediatric Hospitalists, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD has been great! It's made my billing a lot easier and more streamlined."

Dr. Ian Newmark, New York | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD for the BlackBerry is great - it's easier to use and more efficient to enter charges than ever, and it's so convenient that I can combine my phone and PDA into a single device."

Dr. Brian Strizik, North Shore Cardiopulmonary, New York | Cardiology

“pMD is easy to use and I love the code search functionality - it makes finding diagnosis and charge codes very quick and efficient.”

Dr. Luz Vazquez, Baptist Neurology, Florida | Neurology
"pMD is so easy, it is like paint by numbers!"
Michelle O'Connor, Nurse Practitioner, Huntington Hospital, New York | Pediatrics

"I want to pass on to you how impressed I am with your staff's willingness to work directly with our physicians and incorporate their input. This is exactly the type of responsiveness they crave from our other major partners... such as our EMR vendor... and do not receive. Your product and service delivery appear to be top drawer."

Rod Aust, HIPAA Security Officer, The Corvallis Clinic, Oregon | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is a great program from the user's end. It certainly feels good to check the billing off and forget about it. No more lost lists and bits of paper in pockets of lab coats or scrubs that go to the laundry or are found three months later!"

Dr. Earl Frazier Fyke, Jackson Heart Clinic, Mississippi | Cardiology

"pMD is very easy to use. It's easy to learn the app and use it to record my billing. My favorite part is that I can enter my charges on the go!"

Dr. Atinder Panesar, Dallas Nephrology Associates, Texas | Nephrology

"I love pMD! It is very easy to use and helps me see what has been done around town and what still needs to be done." 

Tanya Mata, Nurse Practitioner, HealthCare Partners Medical Group, Nevada | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"We found pMD several years ago while searching for a better method of charge capture for a busy cardiology group. What a great find! We reduced the average number of days to bill by 10 days and found a way to share the information within the call group. This also reduced staff time utilized in collecting the information from the providers, copying, faxing, scanning and disseminating the information, which was a bonus. Interacting with the pMD team has always been handled with the utmost professionalism and they have provided prompt support. I would highly recommend this tool to any physician concerned with capturing every service rendered and timely billing! "

Kristeen Coronado, President and CEO, Enhanced Revenue Solutions, Texas | Cardiology
"I really like pMD's productivity report. It is easy to use and really helped me out. Thanks for developing it!"

Trudy Penn, Billing Supervisor, North Texas Kidney Disease Associates | Nephrology
"Everyone in the office loves pMD.  No longer do I have to deal with the headaches of getting the cards from the doctors and making sure the information is correct.  Our billing is more accurate and up to date."
Mercy Alvarez, Supervisor, Edelstein and Bustamante, Florida | Infectious Disease
"We have been extremely happy with the service we have received from pMD. The app is extremely user-friendly and has essentially eliminated problems such as missing or inaccurate charges that we used to have. It's very easy now for each doctor to submit accurate and timely charges.

An important feature of pMD is its ability to integrate PQRS claims reporting into the charge capture process. When there is a patient interaction with the combination of ICD-9 and charge codes that matches the criteria for PQRS reporting, the doctor is prompted to enter the appropriate PQRS quality data code. This feature reminds the doctor to report that particular PQRS measure and to take appropriate corrective action if needed to be compliant with the quality measures. We would not be able to do claims-based PQRS reporting without pMD.

Also, we've been using pMD as our PQRS Registry since January of 2016, and it has been fantastic. Not only are we are able to capture our PQRS data at the point of care, which avoids end of year chart review nightmares, but we can also use pMD's reporting tools to have real time visibility into our progress. This allows us to correct problems as they develop, rather than discovering them at the end of the year when there is nothing we can do to address it. I can't imagine doing PQRS without charge capture. For us, pMD has been a practice-changing tool! pMD has also been able to answer my questions about MACRA and MIPS, and I'm really glad we'll be able to continue working with them to report all of our MIPS measures and tackle that new 2017 challenge."

Dr. Davies Wong, Sharp HealthCare, California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"We really like pMD, and things are going well for our practice. The implementation went smoothly, and the product is so easy to use. Our doctors are very happy using the pMD software."
Regina Dedeaux, Practice Administrator, Jackson Cardiology Associates, P.A., Mississippi | Cardiology

"I'm really happy with it. In general, I do coding once a month, and it's an ordeal because it takes hours. I'm going to code daily and I'll always be caught up. I'm actually delighted."

Dr. Julia S, Infectious Disease of Arizona | Infectious Disease

"pMD has been such a great transition and I definitely do not miss our previous process. I've really enjoyed using pMD. The new messaging feature looks to really minimize having to add patient demographics which saves me time when discussing patients."

Dr. Masi Khaja, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD is an easy-to-use billing app and there is a minimal learning curve to adopt it. Entering one's billing can be done on-the-fly after seeing individual patients or in a rapid session at the end of the day. Having a rounding list on a mobile platform is useful, and pre-populated diagnostic codes facilitate quick entry. The support staff is very responsive. I would recommend this program!"

Doctor, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD Mobile Charge Capture has a very clean user interface and is extremely reliable. The application is definitely advantageous and it works very well!"

Dr. B, Forth Worth, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is a fabulous piece of software that is very easy to use. It takes very little time to enter my charges on my iPhone. Thank you!"

Dr. Michele Musto, Baptist Primary Care, Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I love pMD. It's a great advantage over all the duplicative work we used to do. It also allows incredibly rapid billing. I have trialed a number of these programs at personal expense, and this is the best one I have used."

Dr. John Gotchall, The Corvallis Clinic | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"It goes without saying that doing charge entry with pMD is great. Your customer service and support are great as well; you actually have humans answering the phones!"

Dr. Nilesh Dave, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"It's hard to describe how great pMD is. It helped take a job that took 2 people about 6 days total to complete down to 1 person being able to complete in 2 days… That is beyond awesome!!"

Kelly Talley, Biller, Nephrology Associates of Chattanooga, Tennessee | Nephrology

"pMD is a very user-friendly software. It's improved communication between the billing team and our physicians. Any time we have questions, we can send the visit back, and it comes right back over for us to bill out!"

Janine Morelock, Billing Supervisor, Renal Physicians, Inc., Ohio | Nephrology
"We love pMD! It has made our lives so much easier. As a manager, I can monitor our providers' individual census and evaluate if we have the appropriate number of providers at each facility. For the providers, it makes submitting their billing much more efficient and practical and it decreases the time it takes for the biller to submit to insurance companies.  With paper billing, there were just too many complications. pMD is the greatest thing!"
Bettina Ford-Gonzalez, Practice Manager, Platinum Hospitalists, Nevada | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I like a lot of things about pMD. It’s easy to use and user friendly. I like capturing the charges and avoiding all the paperwork!"

Margaret Zysk-McCarthy, Data Entry Manager, Advanced Billing Services, New York | Multi-Specialty

"I definitely like pMD for billing. It's so convenient and very user-friendly. I love it."

Ann Perkins, Biller, Illinois Cancer Specialists | Oncology

"The doctors love it, we love it! We are much more efficient with pMD. We're able to track charges better, and bridge the gap of missing charges. It's easier to maintain over paper and has made our process so much easier. pMD has helped us reduce charge lag by at least 75%. We also love the ability to message within a particular patient record. It helps our messaging organization, and allows for faster messaging overall by not having to retype patient information into the message. Everyone references the correct patient immediately and as a result, responses come much faster."

Tamra Crespo , Coding Compliance Team Lead, Austin Gastro, Texas | Gastroenterology

"pMD is a lot easier and I'm liking it a lot better than my paper process."

Melanie Weaver, Physician Assistant, Thomas Health Systems, West Virginia | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD has been very responsive to my needs and suggestions. With their software I've been able to get my billing turned in before I even talk to the family, and it gives me a fast reference at a glance to see when I did that operation."

Dr. Matthew Pompeo, General Surgeon, Wound Specialist, Texas | Surgery

"pMD is very intuitive, user friendly, and straightforward. Physicians don't want to spend a lot of time getting bogged down with difficult software because it takes time away from patient care. This is the easiest system I’ve seen!"

Dr. Elise Barney, Southwest Kidney Institute, Arizona | Nephrology

"We love pMD, and we are very pleased. It has been by far the easiest implementation of my career. The software is intuitive, simple and easy. The customer support has been phenomenal. I have had software where the software is great but the support is not. pMD has both great support and software. Also, the transition from sales to implementation to support is seamless. And our physicians love it! We enthusiastically recommend pMD as the vendor of choice for electronic charge capture."

Barbara D. Bills, Director of Systems Support, University Pediatric Associates, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD helps doctors streamline their billing process, gives them a full picture of what they're submitting, and they can easily communicate with their billing office. It saves me time and the information is trackable. On a scale of one to ten, pMD is a ten."

Kelly Kourianos, Manager, Paramount Medical Billing, Nevada | Multi-Specialty
"Several years ago while in private practice, I started using pMD after investigating several apps. This company went out of their way to add my EMR to their database as I was the first person who joined that used it. It proved to be an excellent choice for us over the years as they have been very supportive. Two years ago, I joined a multi-specialty group with a central billing office. I continued to use pMD to collect my charges. The billing office loves that I use it as it makes their jobs much easier and they wished everyone would convert to it but some people will never leave pen and paper and missed charges. In fact, just this Monday I did a procedure that had not been added to the schedule but because it went through pMD, they were able to correct the schedule. Again, KUDOS to pMD for a great program and great support!"
Dr. Ralph Menard, Interventional Pain Center of Lubbock, Texas | Pain Management

"The software is fantastic, we've had a great time with it. It cuts down the time we have to spend after rounding to almost nothing. It's user friendly and simple - pMD has delivered everything I expected and more."

Dr. Angelo M. Barile, Cleveland Clinic (Lorain Campus), Ohio | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is great! It's the easiest, fastest system to use."

Polly Malloy, Practice Manager, Nephrology Specialists, Indiana | Nephrology

"It has made data entry very simple. It has made communication between partners in the practice very seamless. It is much more efficient in that you do not need to sync with a computer."

Dr. Gary Friedman, Interventional Cardiac Consultants, New York | Cardiology
“pMD is cool and uses the most modern technology available. I can be anywhere and submit my bills right from my phone! “

Dr. Elliot Melendez, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Critical Care

"I've been using pMD for the past couple of years and it has made billing so much easier to use and streamline. The most positive thing about the pMD app is the customer service that I receive anytime I send an email or call in. Top notch service all the time."

Margaret Hibbard, Nurse Practitioner, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD has been a really easy program to use. It's a lot more streamlined and easier to use than what I'm used to with paper billing. Everything has been really user friendly."

Dr. Cryil Varughese, HeartPlace, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is simple, powerful, and very intuitive! It makes the process of holding onto bill slips a thing of the past."

Dr. Dennis Scribner, Arizona Oncology | Oncology

"pMD is very easy to use, and I haven't had any problems. It has helped our practice a lot with billing, and using pMD is much easier than a paper system. I can do my billing as I'm going through my rounds, which is much easier than trying to remember everything at the end of the day. Today I did a consult and a cath, and I was able to bill those visits right away instead of waiting until this evening. Overall, pMD has been working very well for me."

Dr. Sandeep Hindupur, The Heart Specialty Associates, Missouri | Cardiology

"I love pMD! As a biller, it helps me make proper edits after reviewing charges, ensuring accurate and efficient billing."

Ellah Bobis, Billing Specialist, Chabot Nephrology Medical Group | Nephrology

"I just started using the new messaging about a patient functionality in pMD. I'm very happy with it because I am now able to organize my conversations around a specific patient.”

Dr. Steven Allen Simpson, Fort Worth Heart, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is working very well for us. Both of my groups really like it, and we appreciate the efficiency of the solution, too. Plus, they are always very helpful!"

Chris Burns, President, Practice Development Strategies, California | Multi-Specialty

"The pMD website is very user-friendly and the staff is awesome! It doesn’t matter which staff member I speak with, they are always helpful and kind. The ICD-10 transition was simple and easy. Our physicians were pleased with it. I can definitely say that pMD was a great investment for our company."

Angela Smith-Allen, Revenue Cycle Manager, Baptist Neurology, Florida | Neurology
"We are happy with how things are going with pMD. Everything is much more smooth with lists, billing and in the office! It has made our work and communication within our office more efficient in terms of billing and lists. We can track on a daily basis what is happening. We got rid of hundreds of hospital cards and paper. I guess that is also good for the environment!"
Dr. Daniel Kaswan, Edelstein & Bustamante, Florida | Infectious Disease

"pMd has been a huge asset to our practice! Things are going quite well! I really love the program. It has freed up a significant part of my day. It took me almost 3 hours a day to print notes, send to billing, checks and balances so to speak. It's literally minutes out of my day now. We have it linked to Epic now so the scheduling part doesn't have to be entered manually. Top notch!"

Chelisa Clifton, Practice Coordinator, The Christ Hospital, Ohio | OB/GYN

"Our appointment interface between pMD and Vitera Intergy is working really well. We've been able to get our physicians using one calendar for everything. Their meetings, patient appointments and outpatient procedures all download directly into their phones in one easy-to-read format."

Carla F. Peveto, CMPE, Managed Care Director, Texas Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"The pMD secure messaging tool is easy, safe, and prompt. I was able to connect with my colleagues and create a secure network of almost 100 providers. Creating this entire network has cost me no additional money, either. pMD secure text messaging is great!"

Dr. Isaac Alamuri, New York | Family Medicine

"Big step forward for our organization. Hard to believe we walked around with billing cards in the past."

Dr. Timothy Murray, Pulmonary Clinics of Southern Michigan | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is great! Our doctors love it! pMD is extremely user friendly and provides fast, easy access to tracking a complete list of patients our physicians are following in the hospitals. Also, with pMD, we know which one of our physicians is following the patient when we get calls from the hospital. Sign-outs have become much easier with pMD. We no longer have to wait for the sign-outs to manually come from the physician and then spend hours typing up weekend sign-out notes and patient lists for them. The pMD reports have also been a blessing!"

Kristy Wallace, Consultants in Cardiology, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is really great! I was skeptical before actually using the app, but see that it is really helpful for our practice, which has a number of providers and locations to manage."

Dr. Ziad Younes, Gastro One, Tennessee | Gastroenterology

"pMD has been very responsive to our needs and the needs of our client. They quickly integrated with our billing software and also with the facility software that is a crucial part of our client's practice. All of the adjustments, changes and additions were provided at no additional charge to our client, which is a rarity in our industry. The staff at pMD is readily available to answer any questions and very responsive to our needs and that of our client. They shared their experience and knowledge which enable our team to make logical and efficient adjustments. Everyone has been very friendly and continue to be an important member of our team."

Carole Jungkurth, Vice President, Practice Plus Solutions, Inc., California | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is so easy! I hate using paper for billing. Thank you for making this software!"

Dr. Qing Cathy Zhao, Arizona Oncology | Oncology

"I am pleased with pMD. It is a very easy system to navigate and use. Adding a patient record into pMD is easy and offers a nice way to keep track of patients. Things have been going very well with pMD and the doctors are very pleased."

Leah Peters, MA, Heart First Cardiology, Texas | Cardiology

"I love pMD!  I think it's a great software. I really like how it maintains a current and accurate census.  Plus I can easily check previous patient diagnoses.  pMD is so intuitive and user friendly.  It's great how it fits in so well into the work flow!  Kudos to the developers!"

Deb Viher, NP, Pulmonary Clinics of Southern Michigan | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is pretty cool and extremely user-friendly. The program is so simple to use and straightforward. There is a lot of software that we have to use that requires us to click 15 times to accomplish one task, or that has a ton of bells and whistles but not the one thing we really need. With pMD, what you see is what you get, and I love that. If something is too cumbersome to use the physicians just won't do it, but pMD has made it really easy for both doctors and administrators to navigate. It's great!"

Jackie Ward, Office Manager, Baptist Primary Care, Infectious Disease, Florida | Infectious Disease

"pMD has made our lives a lot simpler, saving me hours of administrative work every week. Now when I leave the hospital, I'm usually done with my billing by the time I get to the car. Information flows easily within my practice, and my life is more efficient - which is more important than ever now that I'm starting to grow my small hospitalist practice."

Dr. Jonathan Matthews, DFW Hospitalists, Texas | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I love pMD - no more super bill, no more billing at home and there's a quicker reimbursement!"

Dr. Zeeshan Ashraf Danawala, Northwoods Urology, Texas | Urology

"After using pMD for a year, I have no idea how we got along without it. It connects all of the providers in the practice at different offices, hospital units, and cities with each other and our patients in real time. It's easy to locate the gap in care and give attention where it's needed."

Nadereh Sarnevesht, PA, East Bay Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"pMD has been very easy to learn. Instead of keeping up with my billing on paper which took a lot of time and wasted a lot of paper and ink, I can now do all my billing from my phone. This has been extremely helpful since I do not have to rely on being in front of a computer or a printer which has helped me be much more efficient with my time."

Robin Fischer, PA Integrated Rehab Consultants, Illiniois | Rehab

"pMD is everything I wish an EMR could be: well designed, intuitive, and efficient."

Dr. Christina Killgoar, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is very user friendly and really easy to use, and I love the fact that I can use it on my iPhone!"

Dr. Tara Harris, IU Health Child Protection Program, Indiana | Pediatrics

"I love having everything at my fingertips and no papers!!"

Angela Morgan, Billing Specialist, Renal Physicians, Inc., Ohio | Nephrology

"I think the pMD app is a very slick program. Everything was really easy to learn and it was exceptionally easy to learn how to do all my billing from my phone. This is going to make our lives a lot easier."

Dr. Junaid Siddiqui, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology
"I've been with East Bay Nephrology for 23 years, and of all the things we have done to help the practice, pMD has been the best. I was concerned that it was going to be a lot of work but it has been the easiest and most user-friendly experience. pMD has allowed our physicians to learn more about ICD coding, which has helped our practice run more smoothly. The charges the physicians submit are more accurate than before and they love the ability to enter a code in even if it's not on the list. I was pretty impressed by how quickly the doctors learned how to use pMD and how smoothly they fell in line to use the software! It is easy to talk about pMD. pMD is always quick to respond to phone calls and emails. If pMD says they will work on something, they always follow up with us thru completion or let us know if it can't be done. I expected a lot out of pMD and it has exceeded my expectations."
Helen Williams, Office Manager, East Bay Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"pMD has made our practice's billing workflow much more timely and streamlined. The ease of use and user-friendly nature of the platform really makes charge capture convenient for our providers! Our support representative is so attentive and has made the transition smoother than I imagined! I'd highly recommend this software to all practices."

Barb Kaeser, Advanced Surgical Health Associates, New Jersey | Surgery

"I thought it would be difficult to enter charges in pMD, but it feels much easier than I thought!"

Dr. Venkata Ramana Manchala, St. Vincent's, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I really, really like pMD. It's very convenient, very quick, very easy, and very reliable. I like to go back and check and review my bills, and pMD gives me that ability. It's really good to go back and see where my charges are. Another thing I like is that every time I call, you guys answer right away. Thank you so much." 

Dr. Mohamad Chmayssani, Baptist Medical Center, Florida | Neurology

"I love pMD and things are going great. I like not having to keep track of billing sheets and it's easy to see the number of patients in each home"

Shannon Bartlett, Physician Assistant, The Christ Hospital | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"As the project manager for a large group of pulmonologists, I coordinated a back-to-back comparison of pMD and another charge capture solution. The doctors loved pMD - they didn't want to give their BlackBerries back at the end of the trial! Needless to say, we chose pMD, and we've been extremely happy with it ever since."

Rudy Kreiter, Project Manager/IT, Idaho Pulmonary Associates | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"The software program pMD has been a great addition to the hospital aspect of our practice. We have been able to omit the paper billing records that were always being questioned. pMD has great reports to help monitor and ensure charge capture, and now everything is legible. The physicians have found it very easy to use and the owners and support staff at pMD have been “spot on” in their support, knowledge and response to our questions and requests. Great product, great service."

Liz Bates, Practice Administrator, Central Coast Chest Consultants and San Luis Hospitalists, California | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is 100% better than what we did before. One of the things we really like is that we can easily check that a physician used the right charge for the type of location that he or she was at. I also like the ease with which modifiers can be added and CPT®s can be changed as needed! That saves time from having to send them back to the physician to make the amendments to the charge. The turnaround time on questions to pMD customer service is an added bonus!"

Lori Smiley, Charge Entry Supervisor, University Pediatric Associates, Indiana | Pediatrics

"As physicians, we are always getting new programs thrown at us, and pMD has been a great benchmark to how software should work. The system has been easy to use for all of our physicians regardless of their level of comfort with technology. pMD saves me the hours I previously spent manually compiling hospital lists and billing."

Dr. Robert Hargraves, Marshall Medical Centers, Alabama | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I really like pMD's software! I like how I can do billing without needing to wait and find a specific computer to enter my charges. I can even do my charges from home if I need to, where before I could only do it in the hospital. I admit I'm not especially tech-oriented and I find pMD to be very simple and intuitive."

Dr. Irmel Ayala, All Children's Hospital, Florida | Oncology

"pMD is going very well, and easy to utilize and run reports, which is a huge plus for us."

Cristy Davison, Hospitalist Liaison, Baptist Primary Care - Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"We greatly appreciate pMD and what it has done for our office. It has made our medical coding and billing so much easier. The physicians are able to relay information to me in detail on each patient, quickly and efficiently. They love it, and I love it. What a wonderful product. We couldn't be happier!"

Sandy Sullivan, Medical Coder, Texas Pulmonary Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"It's been great working with pMD! Our physicians are extremely pleased with the system, and it has really improved our processes."

Hope Barclay, Practice Administrator, Consultants in Cardiology, Texas | Cardiology

"I have instant access with pMD. I can do each visit as I go so I don't forget. In the past, when it was really crazy busy I would forget to bill for days because I was running around all over the hospital seeing patients and never went back to the office where the billing book was. Hard to remember several days of billing!"

Travis Prachar, Nurse Practitioner, Gulf Coast Medical Group, Florida | Cardiothoracic Surgery

"I am OFFICIALLY caught up on our hospital charges! The interface is ABSOLUTELY WAY MORE THAN I EXPECTED!!!! It is by far AMAZING. I give the interface and the pMD interface team 10 (TIMES 10) on a scale of 1-10. We are VERY HAPPY with pMD - it was WORTH THE WAIT!!!!"

Rana Zonneveld, Billing/Insurance Manager, The Lung Center, Florida | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"My practice was using a competitor's product, which we had all grown accustomed to using. When we saw another practice using pMD and how fast it was, we took a closer look. I have been using pMD for a few weeks now and it saves me about 1-2 minutes per patient over the previous system. I see about 30 patients per day, so I'm saving between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day. In the long run, pMD is giving me back weeks of time - I'll happily take it!

I was a proficient user of the competing product, even connecting via wi-fi to speed things along, so I imagine my partners are seeing even more time savings."

Dr. Stephen Blatt, Infectious Diseases Consultants of Cincinnati, Ohio | Infectious Disease
“pMD showed me step-by-step how to use the software and it was so easy to set up messaging on my phone! They easily walked me through the login process and how to navigate in pMD.”


Elizabeth Montoya, Medical Records, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"We were using a competitor before, but pMD is like that program on steroids! pMD is very user-friendly. Now, instead of passing notes to hand off patients, we just assign them to each other in pMD. No matter where we are, everyone can be on the same page. I love that I can keep up with my charges while I'm rounding, submit them in real-time, and not have to worry about someone losing a piece of paper. It will definitely speed up the turn-around time on reimbursement. It's great!"

Dr. Thaddeus R. Tolleson, HeartPlace - Tyler Cardiovascular Consultants, Texas | Cardiology

"pMD is going to save me so much time. I no longer have to look up the ICD-10 codes and I won’t have to make a trip to the billing office." 

Dr. Robert Chu Du Lee, American Medical Group, New Jersey | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD will be very useful for our practice of 35 providers with multiple locations. It is user-friendly and only takes moments to put in a charge. But more importantly, it is excellent for secure communication among multiple partners, which delivers superb medical care to our patients."

Dr. Raif Elsakr, Gastro One, Tennessee | Gastroenterology
"pMD saves us, on average, 2-3 hours a week just on sign-offs. We used to hand off by phone and it would take at least 1.5 hours with each physician. I also love being able to log in via Touch ID too!"

Dr. Nilesh Patel, Nephrology Associates, Tennessee | Nephrology

"I used to dread doing hospital charges until we started using pMD - I love it!”

Julia Glassman, Biller, Virginia Cancer Specialists, Virginia | Oncology

"We love pMD! Our providers are excited about no more writing charges and the elimination of their cards!"

Evelyn Stroman, Office Manager, Pediatric Neurology Associates, Florida | Pediatrics
"pMD has been the easiest thing we’ve ever implemented. It's awesome and very user-friendly. It's been a godsend!"
Rachael Rowe, Nephrology Associates, Arkansas | Nephrology

"pMD has been a boon, a life-saver, for us. We are able to capture charges we didn't know we were missing, we also never miss seeing a patient because it is easy to share a patient list with my partners, and we all know who has been seen and who needs to be seen. It's been wonderful."

Dr. R. Lin Cash, Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"I've been with this health system for 11 or 12 years, and of all the new products that have come my way during that time, pMD is by far the best."

Dr. Velimir Micovic, Pain Management Consultants of SW Florida | Pain Management

"pMD is great because I can easily see if I have completed my charges for the day by looking at the patient list. Thank you for the service you have provided, you have answered all of my questions and are interested in seeing my progression with the software. After a quick tutorial, I feel confident about the way I am using pMD and was able to bill charges appropriately within the same day. That is pretty amazing, I did not think I would be able to do that."

Dr. Jaime Chavez, Cardiology Associates of NE Arkansas | Cardiology

"We at Pikes Peak Cardiology would like to express what a great addition pMD Charge Capture Software has been. pMD is fast and easy for the doctors to use - it has streamlined the charge entry process and saved so much time for our Providers and for our billing department. In a 16 provider office we have been able to decrease our staff by 1 FTE. All the other software products we tried before were so clunky, but the doctors picked up on this quickly. It is easy to use, has cut down on unnecessary paperwork and has increased our ability to track charges in a very efficient manner. In an era of lower expectations, your support staff have excelled and given us great customer service. pMD is fantastic and we would not hesitate to recommend your company and product to others. Now that we have it, we couldn't live without it. Thanks again for offering such a superb product with excellent results."

Cindy Holdt, CFO, Pikes Peak Cardiology, Colorado | Cardiology

"We have had nothing but positive comments about pMD from all of the physicians, so we are really happy with the software and we thank you for all your good work with the set-up, support and training that was provided."

Loretto Gonzalez, CFO, Foothill Cardiology, California | Cardiology

"I am extremely pleased with pMD and all it offers. Previously there was a lot of manual labor involved at the end of the day, but pMD makes this process much better. It's great to be able to communicate with the doctors through secure messaging, and the reporting is very helpful. pMD is an excellent program."

Tyshan Oates, PA, Vilmed, Florida | Infectious Disease

"I really like using pMD for the BlackBerry for my office billing! It's fantastic that I have an up-to-date schedule with me wherever I'm at, and I can enter charges easily throughout my day. pMD's support has been wonderfully attentive, not only regarding their software but also with the transition to BlackBerry."

Dr. Dessye-Dee Clark, Sound View Counseling, Montana | Psychology

"pMD is great! I don't know how I managed without it. I am already at a point of being unable to imagine not having it. It is so easy to use. I couldn't go back to the old way we were reporting our charges."

Dr. Richard Hazen, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is the complete package – it's a great product with great customer service. The program is also easy to use. Those things together have made it well accepted by the physicians. The training that pMD provides is wonderful, and the team has always been very responsive."

Helen Brody, Administrator, University Pediatric Associates, Indiana | Pediatrics

"The greatness is that pMD makes all phases of health information management easy - especially enhanced by accurately capturing diagnoses and procedures. pMD truly 'makes our doctors happy!'"

Lisa Tasi, Medical Coder, St. Vincent's Medical Center, Connecticut | Multi-Specialty

"I recently did a hospital billing audit and I am very happy to report that we have nearly captured 100% of all charges. It's also helped us track down the sources of the remaining missed physician charges. I love pMD!!!! It makes Foothill Cardiology's Central Business Office more efficient. I also have nothing but praises for pMD's ICD-10 conversion. It's the best, most seamless process. All the physicians love it!!!!!!"

Jean Ortega, CCAM, Foothill Cardiology, California | Cardiology

"I've used other charge capture systems in the past and pMD on the Android has been a wonderful experience! It's extremely easy to use, and it is convenient for me to put my charges in throughout the day and have the ability to review them while I'm completing my notes. I have only positive things to say about pMD - I love it!"

Dr. Andrew Castellanos, University of Cincinnati Hospitalists, Ohio | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD has helped me streamline my billing for the large quantity of patients I see each day. Instead of having to keep track of multiple sheets of paper, I'm able to quickly draft up visits and approve them at the end of the day. It gives me peace of mind to know nothing is missed and that my billing is done quickly and accurately."

Dr. Yaw Ofori-Behome, Freehold Hospitalists, New Jersey | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"pMD is extremely user friendly and perfectly reliable - it's an excellent program. Even though cellular access in the hospital isn't consistent, I can always use pMD to enter my charges at any time. When I leave the hospital the charges are transmitted to my billing office when I regain cell phone access.

This is a little advantage of mobile charge capture: I've got a closet full of great shirts without pockets - I could never wear them on rounds because I needed the chest pocket for my 3x5 billing cards. Now that I'm on pMD, I can wear all my nice shirts that have no pocket."

Dr. Richard K. Rosenberg, Arizona Oncology | Oncology

"I've been pleasantly surprised with how easy pMD is to use. I like that it gets rid of unnecessary phone calls about my billing throughout the day. I think every physician should use pMD!"

Dr. Gail Sanson, Salient Hospitalists, Alabama | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"I just started using pMD, and I really like the application. It is very user friendly, and being an iPhone user already, it was really easy to pick up on it. Everything works the way you think it should and it is so easy to use."

Kay Zedlitz, NP, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia | Cardiology

"I think pMD is very impressive.  It is intuitive and easier to use than a lot of other software programs we have."

Dr. Monte Wu, East Bay Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"Before, I was carrying around an 8x11 piece of paper to document all my charges. I was looking for a solution that had a real-time paper trail and tracking system so I didn't have to worry about lost charges. With pMD, it was an easy transition and we have been really pleased that we went with them. The support system (human 24/7 contact) is excellent."

Dr. Winter Wilson, Medical Specialists of North Alabama | Gastroenterology

"One of the biggest things, for me, is the ability to bill as I go. At the end of the day, I know how many visits I've input, it expedites my entire workflow, and I'm aware of my billing at all times with little effort. From a patient care perspective, pMD has also been a big help. If I get a call from a nursing home at night, all I have to do is look up the patient's visit history. It's like carrying around every patient's "mini-chart", all the time. I love your software, I would be miserable without it!"

Lorraine Gaddis, NP, Bolton Family Clinic, Mississippi | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I’ve only heard good things from the doctors and the staff loves pMD for communication."

Alicia Moore, Office Manager, Chabot Nephrology, California | Nephrology

"I can tell you that as a midlevel, we don't usually do the billing. But this is so painfully simple that I have no problems using pMD at all! It is very straightforward, user friendly and intuitive."

Nanci Nagel, NP, Southwest Pulmonary Associates, Texas | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD is very clever. I’ve worked in many places and billing is often the last thing you want to do after you’ve had a very long and busy day. But pMD is so easy to use in real-time and you can submit your billing from wherever you are (which helps with revenue collection). The application is very straightforward and easy to learn. It is an amazing program and should be more widely used!”

Dr. Marilyn Berko, Trios Health, Washington | Pediatrics

"pMD is an awesome product! The Touch ID has changed the game - I don't even need my password anymore to record my billing for my hospital and dialysis patients. We're really excited about the transitional care management functionality, since that has been challenging in the past."

Dr. Brent Hamilton, Coastal Carolina Nephrology, South Carolina | Nephrology

"I love pMD! It makes my life so much easier. I've been using pMD for years and don't know how I'd exist without it."

Dr. Howard Schoenfeld, Dr. Howard A. Schoenfeld, New Jersey | Rehab

"The pMD team gets kudos for its excellent customer service!"

Lucie Owens, VP and Chief Operating Officer, New West Physicians, Colorado | Multi-Specialty

"Using the pMD product has proven to be very beneficial in us receiving our hospital charges in real time vs. a 3+ day lag time. The physicians have adapted well to the product. The future of electronically receiving data has come a long way, and this product has proven to be very trustworthy. The team at pMD is simply awesome! They are always available when needed."

Wendy Gray, Billing Office Manager, Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, Los Angeles, California | Cardiology

"pMD for the iPhone is intuitive, very easy. It works well and it just makes sense. I like how it sorts my patients the way I round, so I don't have to carry paper anymore."

Dr. Valeriy Kraydman, Huntington Hospital Hospitalists, New York | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"Things are running smoothly with pMD. Everything went through without a hitch. I even contacted the biller to make sure she received the charges and she did!"

Rebecca Cipolla, Physician Assistant, St. Vincent's Medical Center | Bariatrics
"pMD is working well for our practice. The customer service turnaround and response is awesome!!"
Mimi Casadonte, Practice Manager, Pediatric Neurology Associates, Florida | Pediatrics

"pMD is fantastic! It is surprisingly easy and very straightforward."

Amanda Gatlin, Nurse Practitioner, HeartPlace, Texas | Cardiology

"I use pMD's secure messaging daily. In the past, I had to communicate with our providers through traditional texting or email, which was difficult because of privacy concerns. Now I am confident the information I am relaying to my providers remains confidential. Plus, pMD is easy to use, simple to navigate, and convenient."

Tammie Denczek, Billing & Coding Manager, Florida Wound Care Doctors | Wound Care

"pMD is very technically easy, and it was much easier than I expected. I really like it. It was very user-friendly, straight-forward, fast and easy for me to use."

Dr. Grzegorz Nalepa, IU Health Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Indiana | Pediatrics
“pMD’s ICD-10 Converter is fabulous. Initially, we envisioned going through each and every code in our list, but it didn’t take long at all for our entire list to be converted. The ICD-10 transition is a big change, but pMD makes it so straightforward and easy.”
Mary Denning, Credentialing Coordinator, Nephrology Specialists Medical Group, California | Nephrology

"For our Nephrology practice, I can't imagine not having pMD. If they tried to take it away from me I'd scream bloody murder. Nephrology is unique because we have to keep track of our patient visits across many hospitals and dialysis clinics, and our compensation is directly tied to how we manage our patient visits every month. Using pMD, I can go behind my partners knowing exactly which patients need to be seen before the end of the month. We have over 1,500 patients on dialysis, and being able to pull up that roster knowing it is up to date in real time is an extremely powerful tool. The customer service is great; they are always quick to respond and very helpful. pMD is a fantastic product!"

Dr. Ralph C. Atkinson, Nephrology Associates, Nashville, Tennessee | Nephrology

"The simple efficiency of the pMD system on the BlackBerry platform is time saving and a pleasure to use. Great software support by pMD."

Dr. Mitchell Yadven, MD, Urology Partners, Florida | Urology

"pMD has been so easy to use. I love it!"

Dr. David Schultz, Alabama Cardiovascular Group | Cardiovascular

"pMD rolled their mobile software out to our more than 30 providers quickly and thoroughly. We were shocked at how rapidly pMD implemented a billing interface with Misys Tiger. It was live one week after the project began! As a result, pMD has improved our revenue significantly without adding back-office overhead. I use pMD's Web site to get my job done when I'm out of the office, so pending claims don't pile up when I'm out sick or on vacation."

JoAnne Wilson, Billing Manager, The Kidney and Hypertension Center, Ohio | Nephrology

“We’ve been using the PQRS functionality in pMD for about 4 years now and it has been a huge success for our group. One feature we find especially useful is that our physicians are prompted to answer PQRS measures in real time. This saves us from having to go back and look for that information retroactively. That time saved is invaluable. In addition, the new PQRS dashboard is a tremendous help in getting us ready for 2017 reporting. We can now run weekly reports and give real-time feedback to our physicians, who can then take necessary and appropriate actions moving forward. 2017 PQRS reporting will be a seamless process now with the new dashboard.”

Kristi Davis, Operations Manager, The Alaska Hospitalist Group | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"I've been very impressed with the evolution of pMD secure text messaging. I can sign in using my fingerprint, the custom notification sounds are clear, and if I'm busy or distracted when a message comes in, I get a reminder through regular texting that there's a secure message still waiting for me. The notifications and reminders work much better than other solutions I've tried."

Dr. Mara Nitu, IU Health Pediatric Critical Care, Indiana | Pediatrics

"pMD is a sophisticated yet user-friendly billing solution, and its customer service is unparalleled. Our BAHA team is excited to partner with such an innovative group."

Stephanie Perry, Director of Operations, Bay Area Hospitalist Associates, California | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"After my first round of billing with pMD, all I have to say is AWESOME!. What normally would have taken me a good 5-6 solid hours of compiling information, coding and organizing it to prepare for charge entry, was done in just under 45 minutes. Needless to say, I'm absolutely thrilled. All my billing is currently up to date, and I don't have a knee-high pile of paper work sitting next to me! I can't imagine billing without pMD!"

Pauline Margetson, Genesys Heart Institute, Michigan | Cardiology

"I love pMD! This is my 20th year working in medicine, and my sixth hospitalist practice. pMD is by far the easiest billing method I've ever used and the most user-friendly."

Dr. Alison Bartfield, Baptist Hospitalists, Florida | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

“pMD has been such a great product to work with for our billing team! I wish all of our provider groups used pMD as it truly makes our lives more efficient. I just discovered the reporting functionalities and am excited to be able to pull customized reports that will allow us to accurately compare, side-by-side, the charges that are in the practice management system. The ability to send secure, HIPAA-compliant messages is also a huge win because our billers will now be able to directly and promptly communicate with the providers should they have any questions. The pMD team has been very helpful!”

Mitzi Ambrose, Coding Manager, St. David’s Healthcare, Texas | Cardiology

"I am so excited about all this work I don’t have to do because of pMD! We want speed and accuracy and pMD is going to be incredibly helpful and useful for that. It’s awesomely straightforward, especially having the census all in one easy place to see. It is very easy to use and has simplified what was previously a rather involved and laborious process."

Gay Butler, Nurse Practitioner, United Critical Care, Nevada | Critical Care

"Our doctors love pMD! We recently had a meeting with our surgical physicians and they love the real-time feedback from our billing team. The coders ultimately control physician reimbursement and our doctors are blown away with the access they have to the coders through pMD.

pMD allows us to maximize revenue on our E&M charges. Our old process was all retro-active. We had to dig through many different hospital systems deconstructing various templates, and we were always a month behind on our E&M audits. pMD has made this process very simple; it allows us to attack this problem at the most critical point and make an immediate difference on our bottom line.

As a cardiology practice, we know that our patients are high risk, and we want to give our doctors the best opportunity within regulatory requirements to cross their T's and dot their I's. pMD makes it easy for our coders to isolate Level 5 visits, complete a pre-audit, and provide instant feedback to our doctors. This whole process occurs within the 30-day amendment period, so we can ask the doctors if they wish to amend their documentation and actually recover the extra revenue. In any manual process, you don't have this window of opportunity. pMD's real-time communication empowers our doctors to maximize revenue exactly where it falls short.

pMD's ORU interface capabilities are a big deal for Pima Heart because it automates charge capture and submission of high-volume low-reimbursement items like ECG reads. We couldn't collect revenue on these charges before pMD because it is so labor intensive. In this new environment where reimbursement is constantly declining, everything adds up and you have to capture everything."

Michelle Ruiz, Director of Business Operations, Pima Heart, Arizona | Cardiology

"pMD for the iPhone is awesome. Spectacular. This thing is the best! It's unbelievable - I could enter charges in the cath lab, which is like a lead-lined catacomb!"

Dr. James Landis, Florida Cardiac Consultants | Cardiology

"pMD is a straightforward and simple thing to use. I love it. It saves me a lot of time. I never need to worry about printing it out."

Dr. Junaid Zaidi, Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, Tennessee | Pulmonology/Intensive Care

"pMD has replaced any previous text messages, paging communications, short emails, or quick phone calls that I had to make because we weren't able to securely send patient information previously! I am really liking the secure feature of pMD and how easy it is to use. It's definitely been a plus for the nurses to be able to securely communicate with each other and with the providers while they are out of state or even out of the office for a few hours, which saves us time and phone calls!"

Hannah Renner, RN, Alaska Children's Heart Center | Cardiology

"The system eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork and has increased charge capture by 5%, resulting in over $200,000 in found revenue. In addition the system supported a reduction in billing errors, the elimination of billing paperwork and helped facilitate a shift from weekly to daily billing, all of which has improved cash flow."

Mike Quilty, President & CEO, Matrix Management Services, New York | Geriatrics/Long-Term Care

"I love, love, LOVE, pMD. Part of our physicians' compensation is based on their RVUs and productivity. pMD has made it so much easier to collect this data, and we have been able to pay them several months sooner than we could with the old system."

Lynie Spencer, Financial Analyst, Baptist Primary Care, Florida | Multi-Specialty

"pMD is fabulous! It's super easy. I like that we can convert our codes to ICD-10 well ahead of the deadline so that our doctors have a period of time to get used to the new codes."

Maritza Hertas, Biller, Urological Associates of Bridgeport, Connecticut | Urology

“pMD has made the ICD-10 conversion process very easy for us. The ICD-10 Converter is very slick and well thought out. I expected to do all the code mapping ourselves, but this has made it easy for us to do our billing without any extra time spent on searching for codes.”

Dr. Lefkos Aftonomos, Rehabilitation Physicians Medical Group, California | Rehab

"With my previous system, I had to carry around stacks of billing cards and rounding lists. Navigating three hospitals, I would amass mounds of papers to keep up with. I wished I had some kind of software on my phone as I have my phone on me at all times. pMD is that software! I tried a few readily available coding apps before, but nothing was as all encompassing and user friendly as pMD! I'm really impressed with the customizable features for my practice. I used to reserve several hours for billing each week. It now takes me just a few minutes a day. pMD saves me so much time!"

Dr. Tanya Evans, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants | Gastroenterology

"pMD has been extremely easy and simple to use. I am able to queue all the visits and bill them all at once. It was an easy transition because it was so simple and it's saved me a lot of time! Our doctor always complained that preparing the bills and handing them to the billing department was his least favorite part of being a physician. The doctor was, on average, 6 weeks behind in doing his billing. Since using pMD, his billing is done on a daily basis and he's been having a more steady monthly collections since then."

Faten Katbeh, Practice Manager, Northwest Indiana ID Associates | Infectious Disease

"We extract information in many different ways from our customers to do the billing, and pMD by far is one of the easiest ways for us."

Charles Klein, Partner, Healthcare Transitions Management, New York | Multi-Specialty

"pMD has made the ICD-10 transition so simple and easy. It is a real joy to work with such a wonderful group of people."

Jennifer Chavers, Coding Lead, St. Luke's Health Systems, Idaho | Multi-Specialty
"pMD is a unique and time saving software. It's the best tool available for medical billing. I am really impressed. The clinical note section is efficient and updates in real time, removing the frustration of having to track down patient hand-off notes from other providers. I would recommend that every provider learn to use pMD."
Dr. Muhammad Ihsan, St. Vincent's Hospitalists, Connecticut | Hospitalists/Internal Medicine

"My day is always so busy but, thanks to pMD, it's so much better!"

Dr. Yelena Markovskaya, New York | Infectious Disease