pMD's HIPAA-compliant text messaging app improves communication in health care. Connect with your colleagues and health care team securely and in real-time with the most user-friendly and reliable secure messaging platform.


pMD’s secure text messaging for health care improves communication efficiency and compliance for hospitals, physician practices, and patient's care teams.


Simplify after-hours communication by integrating your answering service with pMD’s secure messaging system. Messages are delivered and received more efficiently and patients are seen faster.


With pMD messaging, you can send and receive secure photo and video attachments. The attachments are encrypted both in pMD and while in transit, keeping patient information secure.

pMD’s secure text messaging app is easy to use and functions similarly to a traditional text message but is HIPAA-compliant and encrypted. Groups can receive after-hour messages from their answering service directly through pMD. Escalating message reminders notify recipients if messages are not read after a period of time, and the Away Status lets users know if someone is unavailable before they send a message. The messaging system is available on iOS, Android, and web platforms.

HIPAA regulations indicate that it is illegal to use SMS text messaging or unencrypted email to exchange sensitive patient information. The government is fining practices thousands of dollars for HIPAA violations. Watch the video and read reviews of pMD software for physicians to find out how pMD’s HIPAA compliant text messaging app is changing the way health care providers communicate. For additional information, contact the pMD team.

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“pMD's secure messaging is exactly what we were looking for - easy to use and set up, convenient, reliable, and secure. Their technical support has been outstanding - extremely responsive to our needs and questions. It has fostered more communication among the physicians, and the staff love the ability to quickly text the doctors with sensitive patient information. We love it!”

"pMD has made the communication between our doctors easy and accurate, and has helped with continuity in patient care when we're on call. I used to have to call my partners if I had a question about their patients while I was covering for them, and would spend at least a couple minutes talking on the phone every time. Now, my partners can easily answer the question without interrupting their dinner or feeling like they are on call. It's a much more comfortable way to communicate with pMD messaging."

“pMD messaging is easy to use, both for our office staff and physicians. In addition to being HIPAA-compliant, it gives us an easy way to send messages to each other about patients quickly. It’s great to be able to quickly find physicians both in my group and those that I work with outside of my group.”

"pMD has made my billing so much easier and a lot faster. The customer service has always consistently been prompt, knowledgable and very helpful."
Dr. Ernesto Ruas, All Children's Hospital, Florida

Is Your Text Messaging HIPAA-Compliant?

Secure text messaging is an essential communication tool for health care providers who deal with the most critical patients each day. Federal regulations have recently determined that it is illegal to use SMS text messaging or unencrypted email to exchange sensitive patient information without certain safeguards, adding complexities around provider communication.