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As your revenue cycle partners, the pMD team is dedicated to helping you get the biggest benefit from our software and services.

Our entire team prioritizes partnering with our customers and developing strong business relationships. We equally share the responsibility of working closely with our customers. We do this to learn how to improve our solutions, stay ahead of the curve, make our customers happy, and change health care for the better. We're in contact with our customers constantly to stay on top of what's changing in their world and keep them up to speed on ours.

We try to connect with our users and create a relationship. When practices think of pMD, they don't just think of the purple app on their phone; they remember the pMD employees who ask:

“How else can we help?”

Since 1998, our team has prioritized travel to witness the positive impact first-hand. A solid face-to-face meeting is invaluable compared to a 30-minute phone conversation. Traveling to our customers builds trust, inspires positive conversations, and ultimately creates even stronger relationships.

Your Revenue Cycle Partners for Today & the Future

We know our customers are facing some of the biggest challenges yet. We've seen practices implement new processes in 1-2 days, where previously big changes would take anywhere from 6 - 12 months. Our customers are pivoting quickly and need a revenue cycle partner who is dedicated to making sure those needs are met promptly. All pMD employees value customer relationships because when a customer signs with pMD, they automatically gain a partner for today and the future. It is important for us to continuously connect with our current customer base and remain up-to-date with their needs, so we train ourselves to ask a lot of questions since our solutions are very customizable. Two cardiology groups across the street may use our Charge Capture solution with very different workflows, integrations, and feature sets. So asking a multitude of questions is imperative to learning more about any customer and how pMD can be customized for them.

Hearing from our customers who use pMD in their medical practices allows us to gain insight into areas of improvement and innovation. The pieces of feedback they give us are like little nuggets of gold for debugging, making adjustments, and enhancing product features. The relationship we have with our customers is symbiotic: we strive to make a product that creates value for our customers, and in return, we truly value the feedback that we receive from them.

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