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pMD's healthcare RCM software solutions and services integrate with all major practice EHRs, hospital systems and billing systems.
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pMD’s end-to-end healthcare RCM software solutions, as well as our individual tools for mobile charge capture, telemedicine and more, integrate with all major practice EHRs, hospital systems, and billing systems. Did we mention we don't charge for integration services?

pMD was created to improve efficiency, accuracy, and information exchange among caregivers and patients. Since integrations are so critical to achieving this goal, we've never charged our clients for our work creating, testing, and maintaining interfaces between pMD and other systems. We integrate with hospital systems, practice management systems, answering services, practice EHRs, and billing systems.

We’ve been building interfaces for over 15 years, so we have a huge and growing library of known, proven integrations that allow us to complete many integration projects very quickly. We can also develop new interfaces with systems we haven't previously encountered. Because we’ve worked with so many systems, we know how to set them up efficiently and securely.

Custom Software System Integration

Not only do we not charge for integration work, but we flex to suit the needs of the systems we are exchanging data with. Our real-time interfaces can receive new and existing office and hospital patients, as well as appointments scheduled in a practice management system, emergency room encounters, and hospital DRG data. And we can send charges from pMD to a practice management or billing system, customized to its unique requirements. Our approach allows us to make adjustments easily for practices with unique requirements and workflows.

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