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Engaging with patients outside of the office has never been easier. Reduce no-show rates and increase patient collections with the support, personal touch, and easy-to-use technology they deserve.

Enjoy secure, HIPAA-compliant communication with colleagues and patients:

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Rich, real-time HIPAA compliant chat, voice, and video meeting software that’s secure and easy to use. No-stress communication tools that streamline workflows and engage patients, empowering them to be more involved in their care. Happier, healthier patients. Win-win.

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Connect with Patients

Send patient test results, attachments, appointment reminders, or simply check in. Keep it streamlined, efficient, and all in one place. Best of all - you’re in control. End conversations once they’ve concluded. Intelligent message routing makes sure patient requests get to the right place.

Save Valuable Time

Keep staff happy by eliminating lengthy call-back loops and tedious workflows. Our real-time chat system allows your staff to securely text with patients, saving everyone time and hassle. And guess what? It’s all HIPAA-compliant and your phone number is never revealed.

Simple and Easy to Use

Is it easy for patients to use? 100% yes. Patients of all ages and demographics can access the pMD app without the obstacle of setting a complex password thanks to biometric authentication options.

Provide patients with a single, easy-to-use platform to communicate with your practice regarding all aspects of their care, such as paperwork, appointments, scheduled procedures, health care reminders, and more! Once patients are enrolled in pMD® Secure Messaging, clinical staff can efficiently deliver lab results, monitor symptoms, address prescription refill requests, and stay close to patients during transitions of care. Use secure video calling capabilities to provide reimbursable, face-to-face telehealth encounters, no matter where your patients are located. In addition, care teams can stay connected with patients needing chronic care management. With pMD’s Group Chat feature, multiple users have the ability to communicate with a patient on one secure thread, ensuring continuity of care. Reduce avoidable admissions and monitor at-risk populations by opening a line of communication to address those critical questions and concerns.

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pMD is so easy! I have been dying for an app to do this! It is 5,000 times easier than keeping track of everything in Google Docs. I can't wait to put in my charges!”
Dr Shelly Shand
Charleston, Sc | Oncology