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Secure communication helps you provide excellent care to your patients while complying with HIPAA. Our secure messaging app improves everything about your HIPAA-compliant chat, video, and voice communication with your colleagues and patients.
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With pMD’s real-time and unlimited chat, video, and voice capabilities, communicating with colleagues and patients couldn’t get any easier. pChat™ is reliable, totally user-friendly, and lets you chat in real time about sensitive patient info – even with colleagues who are part of different organizations.

Enjoy secure, HIPAA-compliant communication with colleagues and patients:

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Supercharge your revenue cycle by partnering with an RCM company that scales with you:

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“The experience working with pMD's RCM service has been such a welcome change from our past billing experiences. In the years prior to working with pMD, we felt that we weren't getting reimbursed fully for the work our providers were performing. When we started working with pMD, we communicated a monthly revenue goal that we hadn't hit in quite some time and working with pMD we were able to hit it only 2 months after transitioning to pMD's Revenue Cycle Management service.”
Dr. Gabrielly Meurer Coatti, Founding Partner, Accountable Inpatient Medicine
Lakewood Ranch, FL | Hospitalist
Charge Capture Software
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Mobile, real-time rounding and charge capture software. It’s not exactly magic, but it’s close!

Use pMD® Charge Capture™ to easily record charges and capture data at the point of care using your phone or tablet. Decrease the time between seeing patients and submitting claims. You’ll free up more time to spend with patients and increase your revenue, too. With our built-in MIPS Registry, conquer CMS clinical quality reporting like a champ.

pSuite™ Ultimate
Unparalleled customer service starts with quality 24/7 support that isn't outsourced.

With pSuite™ Ultimate, we’ve placed an emphasis on exceptional service that scales with your practice. Whether you need advice on streamlining a clinical workflow or want to create an integration with your practice management software, you'll work with a knowledgeable team of pMD experts. You take care of the patients, we’ll take care of the rest!

Obtain verified patient demographics without lifting a finger.

pDemographics uses proprietary technology and services to obtain verified patient demographics. The automated process gives you and your staff back more time that can now be spent on patient care or other tasks.

Refill request? No problem. We’ll help you quickly and efficiently prescribe medications for patients.

With pMD, you can handle all your prescriptions in one place. Whether you're prescribing for an in-person or telehealth visit, while writing your documentation, or if you're simply refilling a prescription, we've got you covered.

Capture a charge for a patient in 2 taps on your phone with pCharge™:

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Basic Necessities Covered for All

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, our pMD® pChat™ solution makes it easy for you to send HIPAA-compliant SMS messages to share that crucial, sensitive patient info. Even if you don't belong to the same practice or use the same medical record, you're cleared to chat with your colleagues. Want to chat with more than one person at a time? Create a group chat and no one will feel left out. With read receipts, you’ll know instantly who has or hasn’t been ignoring your messages. We’ll even do follow-up for you, too: escalating message reminders will let you know if messages haven’t been read for a while, and our Away Status feature will let you know who’s available.

  • Telehealth with video and voice meetings
  • Share full resolution photo and video files
  • Send voice messages
  • Automatically connect with other providers in the same care community
  • Easily invite others to pMD with no cost to you or your invitee
  • All these benefits are included in every tier of pMD® pChat™
  • pSuite™ Core services are included at no extra cost

Comprehensive Clinical Communication

Everyone’s happier when communication across their practice or enterprise is streamlined, secure, and easy. In pMD's comprehensive clinical communication solution, chat and activity feeds are organized by patient, so you can keep it all going in one place. Using pChat™ also encourages fewer readmissions and better patient care by automating communication to your scheduler as patients are discharged from the hospital. Reduce medical errors and save time with our structured, customizable patient hand-off communication tool. It works great within your practice and with other practices in your enterprise.

  • Simple user management and contact list organization
  • Stay organized with patient-centric chats
  • Streamline patient hand-off with structured hand-off messages
  • Improve the patient experience with automated discharge alerts
  • Shared mobile rounding list
  • Integrate with answering services

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pMD is so easy! I have been dying for an app to do this! It is 5,000 times easier than keeping track of everything in Google Docs. I can't wait to put in my charges!”
Dr Shelly Shand
Charleston, Sc | Oncology