Client Testimonials

“I’m a bit of a billing nerd. Normally you have to do a web search when using certain codes and modifiers, so it’s nice to have the references and a brief explanation right there in pMD when adding a charge. It’s also awesome that you can link charges to a specific diagnosis.”
Dr. Lilah Mansour, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants
"I could not be more pleased with the support I received. It can be quite frustrating when technology doesn’t work how it is supposed to, but having a friendly, reassuring voice on the other end of the phone makes all the difference in the world. The pMD support person was so patient and was able to get me up and running quickly. I just want to send them a box of chocolates as a huge thank you for making my day!”
Dr. Cyril Ovuworie, Kappellini Medical Inc., Nevada
"pMD is much better than the system we had. It's very easy and user-friendly. Runs real smooth without hiccups. Just being able to communicate with you all makes a huge difference."
Dr. Jim Mcbride Jr, Gulf Coast OB Hospital, Texas
"I’m excited for our practice to use pMD. It will make entering hospital and dialysis charges much easier!"
Dr. Rafael Franjul Diaz, Kappellini Medical Inc., Nevada
"It’s the best medical application I’ve used so far. It’s easy to use and self-explanatory. This might just be the easiest part of my rounding!"
Dr. Sevdalina Dabova-Missova, Baptist Behavioral Health, Florida
Behavioral Health
“pMD is a perfect app! We use it for both secure communication and to code our charges. I’m not sure what we’d do without it.”
Dr. Ahmad Altabbaa, Methodist Le Bonheur, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
“I really like how I can both call and video chat about my patients with my colleagues directly through pMD. pMD is intuitive and really easy to use.”
Clarese Bradley, Nurse Practitioner, Freehold Hospitalists, New Jersey
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is easy, I wish all the medical records were like this. The instant capture feature lets me add visits so quickly, it's great."
Dr. Marine Dididze, Progressive Care Solutions of FL
Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
"pMD was very quick to respond to my support request and enabled me to get exactly what I needed. I know when I reach out to the pMD support team they will respond timely and help in any way possible for what is needed."
Elizabeth Lane, Manager, Methodist Le Bonheur, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is such a useful tool and it's easy to quickly put in charges for my patients."
Dr. Sonia Hepburn, Virginia Oncology Associates
"pMD has been a more accurate and efficient method of billing and keeping track of visits. We have also used it to securely communicate about patient issues and do telehealth visits."
Amy Allspaw, Nurse Practitioner, University of Florida
"pMD support is the best and I greatly appreciate their help!"
Cynthia Wood, Practice Administrator, Excel Cardiac Care, Texas
"pMD is amazing! I spend so much time currently handwriting my charges. This is a more advanced version of what I was already doing and will save me a lot of time."
Mia Abraham, Nurse Practitioner, Progressive Care Solutions of FL, Florida
Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
"We've been using pMD since 2013 and, even during the pandemic, pMD is helping us in many ways. It's very useful to communicate with other doctors, and now with patients. We have done most of our telehealth visits with pMD and it's a piece of cake!"
Dr. Peter Hoagland, San Diego Cardiac Center Medical Group, Inc, California
"pMD is fantastic! The customer support is great. Anytime I reach out someone responds right away. I sometimes wonder if you guys even sleep!"
Dr. Jordana Cheta, Nevada Critical Care Consultants
Critical Care
"We use pMD everyday and we love it! Very good platform. I am a huge fan of this."
Laura Sanchez, Clinical Assistant and Scribe, Maryland Oncology Hematology
"pMD has been great! There is a lot to like, but my absolute favorite thing is how easy it is to securely communicate with my billing team. If I ever need to make changes to a charge they’re just a quick message away. It also enables me to ask questions and receive real-time, which makes the process so much simpler.”
Dr. Monika Natarajan, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is super intuitive to use. I'm covering for a colleague who is out on leave for a while and was anxious about this process but after having gone through the training, I'm confident in using the app to capture my inpatient charges. Also, being notified via pMD secure messaging for incoming consults is convenient for our daily workflow."
Dale Fuller, Physician Assistant, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants
“pMD is fantastic! The app is very user-friendly and has helped us streamline our inpatient workflow quite a bit. I especially love the new instant capture feature, which helps speed up billing for follow-ups. It’s really ingenious!"
Dr. Shayla Merry-Afoakwa, Methodist Le Bonheur, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD seems like an intuitive, fun app. I think it will save a lot of time and speed up our billing process."
Dr. Gaetano Aquilino, New Jersey Shore Hospitalists
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD's system works great! It is really quick and intuitive."
Dr. Deborah Ekery, Austin Heart, Texas
"I find that pMD is really easy to use. I can enter consults and follow-up charges for myself and on behalf of other physicians quickly and easily."
Claire Goetz, Nurse Practitioner, Global Neurosciences Institute, LLC, New Jersey
"I am reaching out to let you know how much we love pMD and how helpful it has been with improvements over the years to increase rounding efficiency."
Stephanie Liles, Nurse Practitioner, Birmingham Heart Clinic, Alabama
“pMD is really cool, pretty easy to use, and convenient."
Dr. Anthony Hein, Radiology & Imaging of South Texas
"pMD is pretty seamless and easy to use. I like having the ability to edit a charge on a visit before it’s sent to billing."
Dr. Shilpan Shah, New Jersey Shore Hospitalists
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"Gosh this is fast - I almost feel guilty for using pMD because it’s so easy!"
Dr. Pamela Colby, Facey Medical Group, California
"pMD is really straight forward and easy to use - a no brainer!”
Dr. Thomas Isaacson, Intermountain Healthcare, Nevada
"The pMD app is just outstanding, extremely user-friendly, blazing fast, has many options to help busy doctors send charges without necessarily spending lots of time, allows HIPAA-protected messaging for providers and patients all in one place. My pMD trainer was very enthusiastic and extremely helpful and friendly and made it incredibly easy to get me up and running in a very short period of time."
Dr. Roland El Ghazal, Chest Medicine & Critical Care Medical Group, California
Critical Care
"pMD seems to make everything super easy and straightforward. Finding codes is easy with the search tool, and the training provided was very helpful. My trainer was able to walk me through the different functionalities of the app, helping me see how the tool would fit into my workflow. Overall, a great experience with pMD!"
Dr. Ankush Kalra, South Denver Gastroenterology, PC, Colorado
"I'm new to entering billing and it's been a bit of a learning curve, but pMD is very user-friendly and has made it a better experience."
Joan Sapienza, Nurse Practitioner, Freehold Hospitalists, New Jersey
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is going to be a huge help for our pediatrics group. I love how easy and simple it is to use and I love having the clinical note accessible for patient handoff. This is awesome!"
Dr. Elizabeth Evans, Facey Medical Group, California
"I wish we had started using pMD years ago. It’s a great platform - not only is it easy to use, it takes seconds to enter and submit charges."
Dr. Rene Gonzalez, Facey Medical Group, California
"You guys are great - anytime I need help and call support, you all answer right away to help. Even with our patients, if they are ever having trouble, we feel comfortable having them call pMD for any help with their accounts. Thank you!"
Karen Killeen, Biller, Intermountain Healthcare, Nevada
Primary Care
"I've recently been reflecting back on my ten years with the practice, and the decision to adopt pMD is one of the highlights of my time here. We love the product, and especially appreciate being able to leverage the secure communication tools."
Dr. Shadi Battah, The Alaska Hospitalist Group
Critical Care
"I like using the app - it's pretty straight forward and pretty simple. It only takes me maybe 5 minutes to do all my billing. I like the Instant Capture feature and pMD does a good job of adding all my patients to the census automatically. I've even told other specialties at my hospital about pMD and they want to make the switch as well!"
Dr. Taylor Jenkins, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Tennessee
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"Being able to add correct modifiers to the charge codes prior to interfacing them into our PM system has been a lifesaver!"
Christina Mosher, Administrative Supervisor, Fort Worth Heart, Texas
"pMD messaging is very easy to use. I am so used to all of the apps that I use for work being extremely complicated. Nice to see a change of pace! Thank you for your help."
Dr. Cristina Herbosa, Messaging User
"I use pMD a lot. It has been a very useful tool during COVID and has transitioned into daily work. Thanks!"
Dr. Stephen Newman, Heart Center of North Texas
"I initially had some difficulty installing the pMD app and the support team was very helpful and quickly resolved all the issues. pMD has been very helpful to our medical group and their support staff has always been responsive and helpful. Highly recommend this service."
Dr. Donald Block, East Bay Nephrology, California
"pMD is a great app and has significantly streamlined billing for me. One of the greatest features is the ability to bill an existing patient on the census with a single click. The app has allowed me to focus on work and spend more time with family."
Dr. Zachary Borman, Capital Digestive Care, Maryland
"The tech support I received from the pMD team was phenomenal! We heavily rely on pMD to keep our business going. They got me back to work quickly!"
Brad Stoddard, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Mental Health and Wellness, Arizona
Behavioral Health
"I found the technical support I received from pMD to be excellent. The problem I created on my end was resolved quickly and I was able to have a successful telehealth visit with my doctor. Thanks so much!"
Carolyn, Patient User
“The pMD app offers the ability to streamline many workflows! It’s so great that it’s such a simple process to generate a visit. You can do so right from your mobile device rather than having to log onto the computer. This is not only convenient but also allows for more face-to-face contact with the patient. Another nice feature is the app offers the ability to communicate securely while remaining HIPAA-compliant.”
Mary Butcher, Physician Assistant, Thomas Health Systems, West Virginia
“The pMD app is great! It’s as if multiple apps were merged into one. I love that you have the ability to edit your charges within the drafts before approving them. I also had an enjoyable training experience learning all of the functionalities! I look forward to getting started!”
Dr. Mahtab Motieian, Progressive Care Medical Group, PLLC, New York
Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
“The pMD messaging feature is user-friendly and easy to learn! I love that I can attach an image and send it to anyone of our staff members. In addition, another great benefit is that the photo will only live within the app! I'm really impressed with you guys. When I have a question, I go right to 'Contact pMD'. Your support staff is great. They get back to you in 5 minutes. I do get answers every time they work with you, even if it’s something weird. It’s rare you get service like that. You guys just really know how to work with us.”
Terri Grassl, Revenue Cycle Supervisor, Maryland Oncology Hematology,
"pMD will be a great organizational and billing tool. It's a huge improvement over the paper-based system I was using before!"
Dr. Stacey Miller-Smith, Sea Girt Physical Medicine & Rehab Associates, New Jersey
"pMD is very easy and intuitive. It is much simpler than anything else happening in medicine today."
Dr. Albert Dekker, Facey Medical Group, California
"pMD is a way of practicing medicine. If you take away my nurses or pMD - the quality my patients receive will decrease. It is a day-to-day moment-to-moment saver. It is not just a piece of software. I used to think the ‘pMD Makes Doctors Happy’ was just a gimmicky slogan, but actually, simply put, it’s just the truth. pMD’s Charge Capture platform is a powerful tool."
Dr. Bryan Waldo, NW Indiana Nephrology
"Just a note to thank your customer support again for your outstanding help in getting me set up to receive messages on the pMD app. Your expertise was given with kindness & thoughtfulness, which was greatly appreciated."
Barbara Howard, Patient User
"pMD is very easy to use and doesn’t require a ton of clicks to submit a charge. Makes life easier!"
Meredith Edwards, Nurse Practitioner, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Tennessee
"pMD is a product that provides exceptional coordination of care for dialysis patients. I can utilize my phone to check the disposition of patients, whether hospitalized or transferred to a different dialysis clinic within our system. pMD is THE tool for efficiency and clarity in billing and tracking monthly MCP visits."
Kelley Yandell, Physician Assistant, Nephrology Associates, Tennessee
"It’s like night and day with pMD. Rather than spending countless minutes entering charges into our previous software, I know that using pMD will save me an immense amount of time. I want to thank the pMD team for being able to meet my needs and be so quick to get this implemented!"
Dr. George Melikian, Facey Medical Group, California
Infectious Disease
"pMD is a fantastic solution to the charge capture process. The process of adding and approving visits within the app is simple and quick, fitting easily into my day-to-day workflow. The ability to view patient details, manage my patient list, and communicate with my colleagues all within one app is an elegant, holistic solution to processes that are usually disintegrated and disjointed. With the secure messaging features built-in, I can easily coordinate with my other provider regarding patient status, handoff, and other pertinent information. I am impressed by the comprehensive nature of the software and am excited to start using it to see my patients!"
Dr. Monal Mehta, Midwest Hospitalists and Geriatrics, Ohio
Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
"Solid piece of software! For the end-user, it couldn’t be any more simple. Really well done application. The pMD application even has 24/7 telephone support. And not to mention, the support team is really good."
James, Patient User
"Our existing systems aren't very easy to use. With pMD, everything seems intuitive and very user-friendly!"
Kristin Sandrowski, St. Vincent's - Orthopedic Family Health
"Our existing EMR could be better. I’m really glad pMD will make billing straightforward. With proper census management through pMD, it will be a nice, useful tool for capturing charges."
Dr. Zachary Dobbin, Community Care Network, Indiana
"pMD seems like such an incredibly straightforward and easy-to-use software system. Having previously relied on another vendor for my patient hand-off and billing, I was happy to see how pMD streamlines both of those processes through their mobile charge capture app. It seems like a comprehensive and elegant solution to all of our billing and rounding needs."
Dr. Ashley Siems, All Children's Hospital, Florida
Critical Care
"I’ve never done my own billing before, but I’m surprised at how easy pMD makes the process of adding diagnoses and charges. I was able to find what I was looking for in a few short steps. I’m sure this software will integrate seamlessly with my workflow at Memorial."
Dr. Jenny Yang, Chest Medicine & Critical Care Medical Group, California
Critical Care
"pMD is so easy and straightforward! The drafts tab, which lets me review my charges before submitting them to the billing team, is an incredibly useful tool. I expect that pMD will help make my transition to Platinum a smoother one!"
Amanda Cowan, Nurse Practitioner, Platinum Hospitalists, LLP, Nevada
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is truly an elegant software solution. The app is straightforward and easy-to-use, allowing me to capture charges, admit and discharge patients, and conduct telehealth visits all within their secure, HIPAA-compliant software. The training was simple and straightforward, I’m excited to get started!"
Stephanie Marcum, Physician Assistant, Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc., Virginia
“What you guys have built is up-to-date and user-friendly. Our previous system was clunky and involved many clicks. It also didn’t notify you if you made an error when entering charges. I like that pMD won’t let you continue until everything is complete! ”
Jennifer Shelden, Nurse Practitioner, Austin Heart, Texas
"pMD is a really simple tool to capture my surgical billing. I'm able to easily select diagnosis and charges with the tap of a finger. The fact that the communication platform allows me to chat securely about patients and even with patients is great."
Dr. Ronald Bauer, US Oncology, Arizona
"I really appreciate your patience and understanding on the support line. Thank you for taking the time to walk me through the process! I can't say enough good things about pMD!"
Patricia, Patient User
"pMD seems super straightforward and easy to use. The instant capture feature and ability to add attachments to new visits will definitely save me tons of time!"
Dr. Florence Sun, Indiana University Developmental
"pMD is a very user-friendly app and is really intuitive. Capturing charges has been a seamless process so far. My patient list is easy to find and entering in diagnosis and charges is quick and simple with just a few taps."
Dr. Amer Hawatmeh, AR Heart: CANEA, Arizona
"We appreciate you working with us to get all the quick fixes ironed out and communicating with us through the implementation process. You guys have been great!"
Christian Titus, Administrator, Consultants in Infectious Diseases LLC, Florida
Infectious Disease
"pMD is great! Super easy, straightforward and the training was really helpful. I wish I would have had this during my fellowship because it would have made things so much easier."
Dr. Alexander Mylavarapu, Nathan Adelson Hospice, Nevada
Palliative Care
“pMD is really intuitive. I found it very user-friendly, and it will be easy to stay organized with our patients. The instant capture feature was sweet, it will save so much time! pMD will also be a great tool for communication.”
Allison Hutcherson, Physician Assistant, Responsive Infectious Diseases Solutions, Texas
Infectious Disease
"pMD has to rank as the most user-friendly app we have in the hospital!"
Dr. Anthony Kriseman, All Children's Hospital, Florida
Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD support gave me a call because I wanted someone to walk me through the app set up process. I was amazed by how quick it was! I was doing a test video call with pMD support in no time at all, and now I'm all ready for my telehealth appointment!"
Francia, Patient User
"pMD support has been great to work with! It was super quick and easy to set up the routing of patient messages in pMD. Just one call to pMD support and all the updates were made within a few minutes."
Kristen Moghadam, Office Staff, Surgical / Bariatric Metabolic Institute, Georgia
“pMD seems like a very helpful software! I am excited to start using it right away!”
Dr, Lalit Kalra, Consultants in Infectious Diseases LLC, Florida
Infectious Disease
"I love this app!! Incredibly user-friendly. My pMD trainer was really informative, professional, and walked me through everything, and always made sure to answer my questions."
Tatiana Becerra, Physician Assistant, Austin Gastroenterology, Texas
"The pMD app is well designed. I'm getting all the features that I need. pMD has thought this all out and I’m excited to start utilizing this app for rounding!"
Dr. Oltjon Albajrami, Nephrology & Hypertension Associates, Connecticut
“The pMD platform is really good. I’m really loving this one, it’s easy! I like how quick it is to add charges for patients and how simple it is to hand off patients to my colleagues.”
Dr. Manikumar Bheemarasetti, HeartPlace, Texas
"This app is easy, user-friendly, and one of the best billing solutions I have seen on the market. I absolutely feel confident using pMD moving forward."
Dr. Tabrez Sheriff Ameerjan Nayaz, Platinum Hospitalists, LLP, Nevada
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD is straightforward and easy to use. I like that it interfaces with the hospital system, so my patients show up on the census automatically!"
Dr. Erik Hauswald, The Alaska Hospitalist Group
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"pMD support is wonderful! The support representative was patient and kept a sense of humor to keep me calm throughout the experience!"
Maureen, Patient User
"With pMD tech support, I've gotten fast, helpful, friendly responses via three different channels (voice, text, and now email). Great support is a rarity, so management needs to understand how critical it is and how lucky they are".
Timothy Deagan, IT Support, Deagan's Violet Crown Therapy, Texas
"I’ve been using pMD for nine years now and could not be more pleased! I was actually on vacation last week driving through rural Indiana when I received a call from a patient. We’re a small practice, so I need to be available. Because I had pMD, I was able to handle the problem right then, even though I was in the middle of nowhere. It just wouldn’t have been possible without having all the information I needed at my fingertips in pMD.  When the pandemic hit, pMD made sure we stayed ahead of the game. It was so nice to have a reliable, secure, ready-to-use telehealth tool at our disposal. We’ve been extremely busy the last few months and pMD has even enabled my retired partner, who is a high risk for infection, to help us out by doing virtual visits. In fact, he’s now considering continuing to practice in a 100 percent virtual capacity. We’re not going to be able to put telehealth back in the box, there's just too much demand for it. But unfortunately, I still know way too many providers using non-HIPAA-compliant tools. I just don’t get it. pMD is fantastic, I’m excited to see how the company and products continue to evolve.”
Dr. William Lewis, InterID, Inc., Oklahoma
Infectious Disease
“pMD is pretty straightforward and user-friendly! The instant capture feature is really nice as it enables me to capture a charge for a patient with just one tap!”
Dr. Jin Liu, Progressive Care Medical Group, PLLC, New York
Geriatrics/Long-Term Care
"The pMD app is incredibly easy to navigate and use. The instant capture feature is particularly fantastic for billing in the dialysis clinics, it really speeds things up. Plus, I love that I can simply attach a picture of a face sheet to a charge instead of carrying them around all day. It is all really well designed.”
Dr. Lorraine Cho Chung Hing, Florida Kidney Physicians West
"I deal with so many people on a daily basis, I can’t tell you how nice it is to just hear a pleasant and patient voice over the phone. Besides having a really user-friendly product, the customer service is really what sets pMD apart."
Wendy Knuckles, Medical Business Manager, Florida Kidney Physicians Southeast
"I've had a great experience since the first day of using pMD. There is a whole level of transparency that is extremely helpful for me when I'm on call. pMD allows me to see what the patient was seen for on a previous visit and what diagnosis. The secure communication feature in pMD is a lifesaver! It's extremely intuitive and easy to use. I can just take a picture of the face sheet and not have to carry around stacks of paper with me."
Miriam Merneigh, Nurse Practitioner, Fort Worth Lung Clinic, Texas
Pulmonology/Intensive Care
“I love it when things are made fast and easy for me, which is exactly what pMD is designed to do. The instant capture feature made my day. How cool is it that I can enter my dialysis charges in just a couple of seconds?”
Ann Samuels, Nurse Practitioner, Florida Kidney Physicians Southeast
“pMD is very simple, you can type in the diagnoses and the charge code, so you can bill even if you’re not familiar with the billing codes. The whole process is hard to forget because everything is right there in front of you!”
Samantha Giordano, Physician Assistant, Suffolk Cardiac Care PLLC, New York
“pMD is a pretty awesome app and really user-friendly! The app makes it easy to remain HIPAA-compliant while messaging with others about patient care!”
Sawanee Lee, Nurse Practitioner, Foothill Pulmonary, California
Pulmonology/Intensive Care
"pMD is a pretty sweet app! I learned how to use it in no time at all. The instant capture feature really speeds up entering my charges."
Dr. Lonnie Empey, Platinum Hospitalists, LLP, Nevada
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
"Our providers and patients love using pMD for telehealth visits! While the overwhelming majority of our patients navigate the app with ease, we do have a handful of patients that do not have access to or do feel uncomfortable using a smartphone or tablet. This new web option helps reduce those patients’ anxieties, enabling us to provide the same great virtual visit experience."
Gabriela Casco, Practice Manager, Surgical Group Of Miami, Florida
"pMD has been great since I started. Since the training, it's been a great tool to capture my charges for billing and communication with my providers as well as telehealth visits with my patients."
Taneya Khalid, Nurse Practitioner, Telemedico Physicians Illinois
"We've used pMD for charge capture and secure communication for many years. Beyond being extremely happy with the product, we have a collaborative working relationship with the pMD team. We're able to partner with pMD in order to provide feedback and input as they continuously evolve the software to meet the changing demands of the health care landscape."
Brooke Shasby, Revenue Cycle Manager, The Alaska Hospitalist Group
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
“pMD is a simple system that is easy to use. Even before my training, I was able to start messaging with my colleagues. It's very intuitive and will save me time!”
Eric Lockett, Nurse Practitioner, Telemedico Physicians Illinois
"I’ve been using pMD for about 2 weeks now for virtual telehealth video appointments and it has been running so smoothly. The patient gets an invitation from us then downloads the app. I look them up then verify with a text through pMD that they are ready for the appointment. Then I call them. The reception and clarity are awesome. We’re also using it to communicate with other staff members regarding patient information. If you leave the conversation open, your patients can also contact you if they need something, but only if you don’t close the conversation. Give it a try. I’ve tried a few other sites and so far this has been my all-around favorite!"
Karen Spencer, Nurse Practitioner, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants
"The pMD app is intuitive and easy to use. I am able to quickly enter my charges and securely communicate with my colleagues!"
Dr. Jacob Taunton, Hughston Clinic, Georgia
Trauma Surgery
"The pMD app will save me a ton of time when I'm billing at offsite facilities. It's user-friendly and has the added bonus of HIPAA-compliant messaging with my fellow physicians!"
Dr. Yoonjee Lee, Facey Medical Group, California
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
“Using pMD for dialysis billing is going to be a huge help, especially for our group’s high volume of charges captured daily. There’s a lot of automation that will make this process more efficient. I also feel good knowing that I can send HIPAA-compliant messages through pMD.”
Christopher Walker, Physician Assistant, Americare Kidney Institute, Ohio
"Billing for consults and follow-ups are remarkably easy with the pMD app! I’m so used to it taking forever, but the instant capture feature, in particular, will really speed things up during my rounds. Plus, I won’t be weighed down by all of those face sheets since now I can just snap a picture and send it off to the billing team on the fly."
Peggy Kalathil, Nurse Practitioner, Apex Cardiology, California
"pMD is great. It seems to be much faster than our previous system, which was often really tedious. I love that the diagnoses carry over from day to day, which will save me a ton of time moving forward."
Dr. James Wong, Facey Medical Group, California
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine
“My administrative work was taking away from making medical decisions. Often, I find myself spending 8 hours on my days off entering charges because it is so time-consuming. With pMD, I like that I can do it from my phone so I can enter charges in real-time. I am looking forward to saving time!“
Dr. Theodore Nelson, Facey Medical Group, California
Hospitalists/Internal Medicine