Telehealth with pMD®

Amid recent public health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and subsequent broadened access to Medicare telehealth services, many practices are looking to implement technology solutions in order to help patients who need routine care, safely triage patients with symptoms, and keep vulnerable populations or those with mild symptoms in their homes while maintaining access to the care they need.

pMD® Secure Messaging™ and Video Chat functionality can support your practice when it comes to reliable, time-sensitive patient communication and remote care delivery. This functionality is currently already available to all pMD users at no additional cost.

In order to get you started, we’ve compiled some FAQs and resources below:

How are other groups using pMD to provide telehealth services?

How can I enroll my patients?
  • Invite them individually for critical patients or ahead of scheduled appointments
  • Need to send a mass notice to all your patients? What about a way for your patients to contact your practice to coordinate a time for a telehealth visit? We can help get you set up!

How do I initiate a video call?

What does the patient see?

Can patients contact their doctor after the virtual visit?
  • You’re in control and can close patient conversations after the virtual visit or when an episode of care has concluded.
  • App to app communication means calls and video chats are secure and provider phone numbers are never exposed. Maintain your privacy and control of the communication.
  • Customizable chat routers allow patient inquiries to be delivered to the appropriate staff based on request type.

Will we get paid for this?
  • pMD will automatically create a receipt you can use for documentation of the timing and duration of the call.
  • On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 CMS announced new rules for telehealth reimbursement. “Under this new waiver, Medicare can pay for office, hospital, and other visits furnished via telehealth across the country and including in patient’s places of residence starting March 6, 2020.” Read more here.
  • When submitting claims, the primary way charges are identified as Telehealth is by the place of service (POS 2) and a modifier to indicate synchronous telemedicine service (-95, although some payors may still use -GT).
  • Each payor has different rules. Medicaid and commercial payor rules are state-specific and vary as a result. Consult with your local payors and Medicare contractor.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

COVID19 and pMD telehealth

For help setting up patient communication or to contact pMD customer support, please give us a call at 800-587-4989, x1 or click the Contact pMD link from either the pMD mobile application or to send us a message.