One-Click Virtual Visits: Patient FAQs
How do I join a video meeting with my provider from my computer?

Your practice will generate an email that contains a link to join the video meeting. The email will come from “pMD Notifications.” Open the email, click on the link, and you’ll be brought directly to the video meeting - no setup required!



Can I use pMD for telehealth visits on my mobile device?

Yes! You can use your mobile device for pMD telehealth visits in two ways:

  • Download the pMD application from the App Store or Google Play store and use your cell phone number to log in.

  • If you don’t have a compatible device or are unable to download the mobile app, your practice can text and/or email you a one-time link to join a video call from your mobile web browser.


I joined the video meeting. Now what?

Great! Your provider will be on the call when you join the meeting, and you’ll be ready to begin your telehealth appointment.


I missed the video meeting with my provider. What do I do?

If you missed your virtual appointment, you can contact your provider’s practice through the pMD app to reschedule.


We also recommend contacting your practice directly by phone, especially if you do not have the pMD mobile application installed.

If you have a medical emergency or need urgent care, please call 911.


Are pMD video meetings secure?

Yes! pMD is fully secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant. Your health information is always safe when using pMD.


I can’t see/hear my provider, or they can’t see/hear me. Where do I update my video and audio settings for pMD on my computer?

Find our instructions below for enabling web browser permissions so you are able to participate in pMD telehealth visits:

Web Browser Setup for Video Calls

Please note: pMD video calling is not available on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.


Is there anything I need to do after my visit has ended?

Nope, you’re all set! For a post-call summary or to contact your practice, please download the pMD mobile application from the App Store or Google Play Store.


Still have questions or need additional assistance?

You can reach pMD’s 24/7 support at 800-587-4989 x1 or
Last modified: July 15, 2020