Health Care Week in Review: Fitbit Deepens Reach into Health Care, Insurers Expand ACA Offerings, Health Care Faces AI Obstacles, No-Nitrate Deli Meat Labels Are Misleading

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Here's The Latest in Health Care:

• Fitbit, a wearables company, is expanding its reach into health care with a new premium subscription service. The service offers personalized health and wellness insights based on health data collected from its 27.3 million users. The company also plans to roll out a one-on-one coaching service in 2020 in order to help consumers manage chronic conditions.  Read More

• Even as the overall number of people with individual insurance has dropped, insurers plan to expand their Affordable Care Act plan offerings for next year. Rates were relatively flat this year, so premium increases for 2020 are likely to be moderate in many markets.  Read More

• While artificial intelligence (AI) may have the potential to discover new methods of treatment, a new report examines the obstacles health care faces in implementing AI. Organizations looking towards AI solutions would have to consider the following hurdles: machine learning needs free and open access to large quantities of good health care data, hospitals need to be able to find and respond to threats by building robust security into data operations, data needs to be easily shareable.  Read More

• Deli meat labels using words like "no nitrates added" or "uncured" may be misleading, according to a new report. While these labels could make people think these meats are healthier, using natural curing agents, such as celery powder, pose the same health risks as traditionally cured meats because the nitrate and nitrite levels are essentially the same.  Read More

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