Health Care Week in Review: Habitual Tea Drinking Improves Cognition, Hackers Get More Innovative, Combating Youth Vaping, Apple Launches New Research App

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Here's The Latest in Health Care:

• A recent study has shown that adults who are regular tea drinkers tend to have better organized brain regions than non-tea drinkers. Regular tea drinking has been found to have positive effects against age-related cognitive decline.  Read More

• As hackers become more innovative and begin to finely tune their techniques, health care organizations are more and more at risk of having their data stolen and sold on the black market. Most medical records contain all the pertinent information needed for identity theft, such as full name, address, date of birth, phone number, emergency contact, Social Security number, and more.  Read More

• The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finalizing a policy that will enable it to remove many non-tobacco flavored vaping products from the market. This is in response to the rising use of e-cigarettes by young people and reports of recent deaths and illnesses tied to vaping.  Read More

• Last year, the Apple Watch received FDA clearance for its electrocardiogram feature. The watch now falls under the classification of a medical device and is capable of alerting the user to abnormal heart rhythms. Apple will be using its new Research app on the watch to crowdsource health data from its users for research studies.  Read More

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