So, Do You Have Any Product Feedback For pMD?

Product feedback connects us directly to our customers and helps us to develop products which best serve their needs. Product feedback also provides valuable insight into our customers’ current pain points as well as their vision for the future. This feedback helps pMD to continue to expand our product while also aligning closely with the goals of our customers. Below are a few key ways in which pMD works to ensure that product feedback is collected, prioritized, and action is taken!

Promote a culture where employees are customer-facing and always listening for feedback:

Here at pMD, we love to visit our customers. In a recent blog post by my colleague Chris, he discussed some of the great benefits experienced by visiting our customers on site. At pMD, every team member is always open and eager to hear customer feedback. We enjoy traveling to visit our customers because this allows us to meet face-to-face, discuss our product, and learn new ways in which we can help. Each team member is trained on the “5 Whys” methodology of gathering product feedback. This practice helps us to understand the root of the customer’s request and what product gaps or desired product enhancements the feedback is reflecting.

Organize product feedback thoughtfully and strategically:

We love to use our own software internally as this allows us to test first-hand how the product is performing. As you might now be guessing, we also use pMD to track and organize our product feedback. Each piece of feedback is carefully analyzed and assessed. Once the feedback is fully vetted, we document and categorize the feedback based on helpful criteria. For example, we tag each feedback request based on categories such as “Product Feature” and "Project Size”. This allows us to easily report all of the feedback we receive and detect certain trends and patterns.

Act on product feedback and close the feedback loop accordingly:

When a customer takes the time to share their valuable feedback, we want to be sure that action is taken. As described above, we document product feedback in a way that allows us to easily analyze patterns as well as pinpoint specific requests. With this data, we are then able to take meaningful action. Based on product feedback, we often pivot our product roadmap or perhaps add a new feature to the list of enhancements we want to build.

Product feedback is also a very beneficial tool for our development team as we define the scope of any new feature. We never want to build a feature based on our assumptions. It is much more valuable to receive direct customer feedback throughout each stage of the feature development lifecycle to ensure we are on the right track. Customer feedback is a critical part of our agile workflow and our customers’ input is fundamental to our success as we develop new features and product enhancements. Additionally, as a final step to this feedback loop, we then communicate these new features out to our customers to ensure that the developed feature is meeting expectations.

We hear you:

Your product feedback is vital in helping us to move our products forward and build the best possible solutions. Product feedback is essential in driving what features we develop, when we develop them, and how they are developed. We document and curate this feedback in a way that is thoughtful, organized, and allows us to define patterns, trends, and also any urgent bugs which might need to be addressed. With this, we are able to maintain a product roadmap that ensures our customers’ needs and goals are our top priority. We are incredibly grateful for all of your amazing feedback. Please continue to share your ideas with us. You are the essential piece to making pMD the amazing product it is!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our MIPS registry, charge capture, secure messaging, and care coordination software and services, please contact pMD.

To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our charge capture and MIPS registry, billing services, telehealth, and secure communication software and services, please contact pMD.

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