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pMD's engineering teams are very different than others in the software industry. In a previous blog post, I wrote about the special responsibilities all software engineers have to their users: establishing and maintaining a culture of empathy with them. This is absolutely critical in keeping the software in line with the users, providing a trustworthy guide for product development. This principle also guides how we manage and hire teams here at pMD.

When I first joined pMD, I had come from a series of typical software shops where I received specifications from another department and had the clear instruction to spend my workday implementing the request. When I started at pMD, I was taken way out of my comfort zone by regularly speaking with customers and visiting them onsite on a monthly basis, and immediately given a large and growing list of responsibilities to derive my own “specifications” out of those interactions. The discomfort soon gave way to an appreciation of how it fed back into the product and guided what we build as a team and as a company.

As a core cultural value, it also guides how we recruit and hire developers. In many ways, this poses a challenge. Sometimes it feels like looking for an orange in a sea of apples. Yet this also creates a competitive advantage for the folks that want something different and desire to have a well-rounded experience in product development. Not every developer wants or needs to spend time regularly speaking with customers, which is ok, and this at times creates a challenge in reducing the pool of applicants who have strong engineering skills. Yet in our experience, it has also been an advantage. By drawing candidates towards the team and providing something different and compelling in an otherwise homogeneous space, this practice has helped us recruit and retain some great engineers who have shaped and will shape pMD’s future.

So, if you're a software engineer looking for something more and value interacting as well as learning from your users, we have some great open positions!

Interested in joining the pMD team? Check out pMD's careers page for more information! To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our MIPS registry, charge capture, secure messaging, and care coordination software and services, please contact pMD.

To find out more about pMD's suite of products, which includes our charge capture and MIPS registry, billing services, telehealth, and secure communication software and services, please contact pMD.

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