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iOS 8, Apple’s newest operating system to be released with the iPhone 6 this fall, contains some exciting and unprecedented features in the password department. With the introduction of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S, we oohed and awed over the TouchID password feature. We no longer had to enter in a 4+ digit pin every time to keep our iPhones secure - the phone simply scanned our thumbprint and verified our identity. Pretty innovative technology.

Now, Apple will take TouchID to the next level with iOS 8 extensions and could allow third-party applications, like pMD, to take advantage of this powerful feature. What does this mean for health care providers who are increasingly using their iPhones in their work? For one thing, it’ll help cut down on their extensive list of passwords to remember for both work and personal applications. We hear from our doctors using mobile charge capture about the constant hassle of keeping track of numerous passwords among their various health care systems and the time spent having to retrieve forgotten passwords. It’s even common for some systems to require a password change every couple of months! The iOS 8 password features will also be a huge benefit for health care companies who are developing mobile software faster than you can remember your EHR password.

If iOS 8 can simplify the password process and make them even more secure, then that’s a win for both doctors and health care software companies alike.

Source: The Verge