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Feature Releases at pMD: A Lesson in Teamwork

At pMD, we make it a high priority to release features that have a positive impact on our customers and are also relevant to the current health care climate. The Product Operations team at pMD specifically focuses on making sure that our products are evolving to meet our customers’ needs, that our customers are aware of new features, and that the overall pMD team is connected with the development team when new features are released. Features can have a significant impact on our customers, so the Product Operations team is always working on making our releases as efficient as possible. The inspiration of a feature may come from many sources, which can include product feedback from customers and research by the pMD team into the health care landscape. The decision of which features to build can also be a very collaborative process, since pMD employees from all departments work directly with customers and provide helpful feedback to the development team. Once our developers are ready for the feature to be available to customers, they notify the Product Operations team. 

Once the Product Operations team is notified of a feature, the team creates an interdepartmental release plan. With the many moving parts, it is not uncommon for all departments of the pMD team to be involved in the feature release. For example, Product Operations collaborates with Marketing and Customer Success to create effective customer communication tools. Product Operations also prioritizes internal education so that all team members, regardless of department, are up to speed on all new features. Product Operations also works directly with customers who are possible candidates for a new feature. Many times this may take the form of beta testing. Beta testing allows customers the ability to try out the feature and provide feedback before it is released to the greater customer base. The Product Operations team acts as the intermediary between beta testers and the development team, ensuring that the feedback reaches the developers so they can continue to improve on the feature. 

Once a feature is successfully released, this doesn’t mean that the feature is tucked away and forgotten. The pMD team will continue to follow a feature to make sure that it continues to be a useful and effective tool for our customers. pMDers will frequently be asked to work with customers to learn the use cases for the features and what customers like about the feature. pMD also takes product feedback very seriously, and takes the feedback into consideration when making updates for our features. 

Feature releases at pMD continue to be a collaborative and exciting process. Not only do all departments have an impact on new features but so do our customers! The dynamic relationship between the pMD team and our customers continues to set apart our process and product. Interested in learning more about pMD’s newest features? Check out the latest from our blog, news page, and LinkedIn page!

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