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Here's The Latest in Health Care:

• Recently published in JAMA, new research finds that sepsis accounts for more 30-day readmissions and associated costs than any other commonly tracked medical condition such as heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and obstructive pulmonary disease. Sepsis contributes to as many as 50% of all U.S. hospital deaths, according to previous research. To help providers improve patient care and outcome for sepsis patients, JAMA also published updated sepsis treatment guidelines. Read More

• A Reagan-era policy, known as the Mexico City policy, has been revived by President Trump. The rule requires not only hospitals or clinics to refrain from providing education on the benefits and availability of abortion but also includes any international organizations supporting those clinics to stop promoting abortion or advocating abortion rights anywhere in the world — regardless of whether or not they use non-American money to do so. The policy spells out a few exceptions, including cases of rape and treating women who have had botched abortions. Read More

• Controversial scientific experiments have successfully resulted in part human, part pig embryos. Scientists grew embryos inside a sow, containing a 'low' amount of human tissue. The hope is to one day utilize this technique to allow for whole organs in the pig to be grown of human cells, tackling the increasing problem of organ transplant shortage. However, ethical concerns focused on the possibility that the human cells could create animals that had human brain cells or tissues, blurring the line between the species. Read More

• Finding creative and holistic ways to assess and treat a patient often times may prove to be challenging from a revenue standpoint when there is no code to reflect that treatment. It’s essential for codes to be correct, both for reimbursement and for population health. In turn, accurate population health data is essential for ensuring that the patient's home and clinical needs are being met. Read More

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